How to Fill India Visa Application form

There is a huge problem for first time visitor for india to find the correct online application form and other details and documentations to submit.

As we encounter few problem, I post this articles to make it clear to other who wants to filled India Visa Online Application form their own.

There are 2 type of Online Application forms are available

  1. Online Application form for Evisa
  2. Online Application form for Submission in Colombo, Jaffna and Hambantota IVS Center.

Both Application Forms are available on

Online Application form for eVisa to India

Generally eVisa is an online application and payment option available for all Sri Lankan, these online application will automatically submit to Indian immigration and visa confirmation will send by email to you.

You don’t need to visit any of the IVS (Indian Visa Service) Centers for submission.

Detail request in both forms are same but eVisa form need to update your 2”x2” photograph by online and your Passport detail page in PDF format.

You can Obtain eVisa Form for India Visa by Click Here

Online Application form for Regular Visa to India

This Visa application form is same as old format and which is quite same for eVisa too. If you fill this regular visa application. Upon the completion of filling you need visit nearest IVS Centre and handover the application.

This form has an option to upload photo in website and print out in colour or you can take black & white print out and paste your 2”x2” photo.

You can obtain Regular Visa Form for India Visa by Click Here

Few Things to consider when filling Indian Visa Application form

  • Application form is 2 page, you should take print out in single sheet and they will not accept if your print out on both side print
  • you should take bank statement or last update bank book photocopy of detail page and balance available in your account
  • Photocopy of NIC
  • you should carry 2 Photograph, one should paste on application form, other one should be attach with the form
  • Your permanent Address should be on your Identity card
  • you should state your province detail on Province/District/state under contact details
  • if you travel less than 3 month you should state period of visa as 3 month
  • For port of arrival and port of exit you should be state as any port/ all port
  • Visa Fee would be Rs.3000 per Person
  • you have an option of send your passport by courier or send SMS once your passport is ready
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