People’s Bank Excelsior

People’s Bank Excelsior

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People’s Bank brought you a premier banking experience with People’s Bank Excelsior. It is a comprehensive range of banking solutions designed to match your needs, ambitions and lifestyle.  

There will be a dedicated Excelsior Ambassador at every People’s Bank branch to serve you, Excelsior will be your key to overcoming challenges and reaching your goals. 

Credit & Debit Cards 

Free Joining Fee & 1st Year annual Fee (2nd Year Onward Annual fee refund subject to Credit Card Retail Usage ( If the previous year Credit card retail usage exceeds LKR 750,000/-.) 

Daily Usage limits 

Cash withdrawals ( local currency only) LKR 250,000/- 

Purchases / POS ( Local currency only) LKR 400,000/- 

Cheque Book 

Your branded chequebook sets you apart and helps you manage your payments with ease. 

Foreign Currency Transactions 

Preferential rates when carrying out foreign currency transactions. 


Free travel insurance for Excelsior Credit Cardholders with a free Lounge Key access membership 

Added Advantages 

You are entitled to a preferential reduction on the standard commission on bank drafts and letters of credit once a year. 

One supplementary credit card with a waiver of the joining fee and first annual fee. 

Preferential rates over and above the published rates from People’s Insurance for Vehicle and Property Insurance.  

For more details see below image or contact to People’s Bank on 0112324169  

Details Source: people’s Bank website.

People’s Bank Excelsior
People’s Bank Excelsior

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