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  • National Fuel Quota to be increase from 4th April 2023

    Government has announced that the National Fuel quota (Pass) has been increase for the new year festive season the below increment will effective from today onwards. National Fuel quota increased as below. Vehicle Category Present allocation per week proposed allocation per week Three wheels (Special) 10 L 15 L Three wheels (General) 5 L 10 […]

  • Gas prices as at today in Sri Lanka

    Litro Gas and Laughs Gas announces that they have reduce the Gas prices effective from today midnight. The New Prices and the reduction value as below Litro Gas Price as Today Cylinder Capacity Old price New Price Reduction 12.5kg LP Gas Cylinder 4743 3738 1005 5kg LP Gas Cylinder 1904 1502 402 2.3 Kgs Gas […]

  • Wild Elephant Census in Sri lanka to be held in 2023

    Most of us, having a question how elephants are in Sri lanka? as per now the official information available date 2011 which is 5,879 elephants. but unofficial counts said there are about 7,000 Elephants in 2019. Ministry of Agriculture, Wildlife and forest conservation said it has been decided to conduct a survey on wild elephants […]

  • Kreate Design Singapore Invest 1 Billion in Lotus Tower

    Kreate Design (pvt) ltd of Singapore along with global investor are looking forward to invest USD 1 Billion in Lotus Tower in next 3 years. The company mainly focus on full-fledged casino and an entertainment area including water sports.  The MoU have singed recently in Colombo Sri Lanka, the company have already paid USD 56 […]

  • Lunugamwehera National Park renamed as Yala National Park Zone VI

    On 25th November 2022, Minister of Wildlife and Forest Conservation unveiled the name board of Lunugamwehera National Park as Zone VI of the Yala National Park.  Lunugamwehera National Park Consists of 27,185.85 Hectares and this park is rich in biodiversity and major elephant migration route between Yala to Udawalawe National Park.  Therefore 1,260 Square kilometer […]

  • Fuel (petrol & Diesel) for Health sector workers

    Health ministry and Power and Energy ministry has taken steps to provide Fuel (petrol & Diesel) to health care sector employees on specific day.   At present it has been decided to allocated selected petrol stations on every Friday.  Health staff members can obtain below Fuel (petrol & Diesel)   Motor Car & SUV 40 […]

  • Tea Re-Planting Subsidy for small tea estate owners – Ministry of Plantation – Application closed on 31st March 2022

    State Ministry of Company Estate Reforms, Tea Estate related Crops, Tea Factory Modernization and Tea Export Promotion of Ministry of Plantation invites applications. Avoid years of delay after uprooting Tea Bushes and Plant Tea using Compost Fertilizer   Let us cultivate Tea using Compost Fertilizer devoid of grass growth For Tea re-planting / new cultivations […]

  • Police officers and Public can contact to National Police Commission below issues

    National Police Commission independent commission have a power to hear your complaints and suggest the recommendation for the party to take actions about the below issues against Police force of Sri Lanka. This commission will hear the matter from the police officers who affect by follow Police and the public who affected by Police on […]

  • Suspension of Operation of Pilotless Aircraft including Drones; If Violated fine will be Rs. 6.3 Million & 2 Years Imprisonment

    Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka announced the following messages to everyone in Sri Lanka, Pursuant to Section 80 of the Civil Aviation Act No. 14 of 2010, an aircraft capable of being flown without a pilot shall not be operated within the territory of Sri Lanka, except under the authority and in accordance with […]

  • Indian government to fund dual carriage line to North Sri Lanka

    The Railways Department has decided to develop the Northern Railway Line as a dual carriageway under a project funded by the Indian Government. General Manager Railways stated the railway line from Polgahawela to Kurunegala would be developed with double line under Stage 1 of the project and from Kurunegala to Maho under Stage II. The […]