Indian government to fund dual carriage line to North Sri Lanka

The Railways Department has decided to develop the Northern Railway Line as a dual carriageway under a project funded by the Indian Government.

General Manager Railways stated the railway line from Polgahawela to Kurunegala would be developed with double line under Stage 1 of the project and from Kurunegala to Maho under Stage II. The railway line from Maho to Omanthai would also be developed under stage III. the four Indian companies had forwarded tenders to undertake the project and the evaluation of tenders would be finalised soon.

He said the decision was taken to award the contract to the Indian companies as the project would be funded by the Indian Government. He further said that the main line to up- country would be developed as a dual carriageway from Kadugannawa to Kandy under a project funded by the Indian Government.

2.116 Million Tourist Arrived to Sri Lanka in Year 2017

Tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka reached an all-time high of 2,116,407 in 2017 according to the latest data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

The arrival figure for 2017 represents a 3.2 growth or 65,595 more arrivals over the preceding year when the figure crossed the 2 million mark for the first time.

The higher number of arrivals has been achieved despite serious set-backs to the tourism industry right throughout 2017. The first setback was the partial closure of the country’s main airport from January to April and then southern half of the country experienced devastating floods that cut off access to many resort areas resulting in adverse international media publicity that had an impact on forward booking.

This was followed by an unprecedented dengue epidemic centered around the commercial capital Colombo that lasted several months which too resulted in negative reports on international media resulting in at least one country issuing a travel advisory based on the

Further flooding and a severe drought in the central and northern parts of the country in the latter part of the year added to the climatic woes suffered by the tourism industry during the year which according to industry sources impacted forward bookings.

According to SLTDA data, arrivals in December grew from 224,791 in 2016 to 244,536 in 2017 reflecting an 8.8 growth rate which augurs well for the winter season ahead.

India continued to be the top source market with 384,628 arrivals (up 7.8%) followed by China with 268,952 (down 1%) and UK 201,879 (up 7.3%). Of the total number of arrivals 2,085,272 reached the country via B1A in Katunayake, 5,491 via MRIA in Mattala, 10,569, via Colombo Harbour, 14,099 via Galle Harbour and 976 via other ports according to statistics from the Department of Immigration and Emigrations.


Tuticorin, Colombo Ferry Service will start again sooner

The procurement process initiated in January had only attracted two proposals and the Ceylon Shipping Corporation and Cabinet Appointed Negotiating Committee had recommended that the previous procumbent process be cancelled and fresh bids be called for.

It was pointed out that not much interest had been generated towards the project initially due to inadequate publicity provided to it.

The Ferry Service which used to operate prior to the war came to a standstill with the breaking out of hostilities in the North. In 2011, the government decided to relaunch it but was soon stopped due to less traffic.

But the Foreign Affairs Ministry this year said it will also consider freight service in addition to passenger services, to make it more economically viable. The ferry service is an important project for both countries across the Palk Straits as an initiative which will not only increase connectivity between the two countries but also one that would be both culturally and economically significant.

Andhra Pradesh to set up industrial corridor in SL on sea foods, pharmaceuticals and tourism sectors

The Andhra Pradesh Government of India is contemplating setting up an industrial corridor in Sri Lanka, the Indian Express reported recently.

Officials also said Sri Lanka was the best bet for AP for conducting trade in sea foods, pharmaceuticals and tourism sectors as Sri Lanka is strategically located. And the news said the Sri Lankan government may allocate land to the AP government in Jaffna or Trincomalee for this purpose.

The Sri Lankan government is also planning to invest in AP in the textile and aviation sectors through a mutual trade agreement. “The MoU will be signed shortly for implementing the AP special economic zone in Sri Lanka. There are good opportunities to invest in the pharmaceutical and tourism sectors in Sri Lanka,” Industries Minister Reddy said.


Mahatma Gandhi scholarships awarded to 150 G.C.E (A/L) students

The Mahatma Gandhi Scholarships for 2016-17 were awarded to 150 Advanced Level school students from all 25 districts across Sri Lanka.

The Mahatma Gandhi scholarship, a merit cum means based scholarship instituted in 2006-07 for Sri Lankan students and its awarded annually.

Scholarship recipient receives cash assistance during their 2 years of Advance Level studies and the scholarship amount from Rs 2,000 to 2,500 per month from 2015-16 onwards and accordingly; this year’s awardees will receive Rs. 30,000 annually during their two years of advance level studies.

this scholarships were offered based on the students G.C.E (O/L) Performance and the interview held in April 2017 by Education Ministry and Indian High Commission officials.

India to supply locomotives, train sets to Sri Lanka

Indian Railways has got the export order of supplying 10 locomotives and six DMU train sets to Sri Lanka. The total size of the order is INR 700crore.

Rail India Technical and Economic Service (RITES), the subsidiary of Indian railways, which had already been working as a consultant in Sri Lanka has got the order. Indian Railways have already provided locomotives and train sets to Sri Lanka and had also undertaken construction of rail lines in Sri Lanka.


India Looking forward to invest on Trincomalee Oil farms and renewable energy

Over USS2 billion investments from India is envisaged within the next three to four years, said Indian Minister for State Commerce and Industry of India. She said that these investments would be in oil farms in Trincomalee, renewable energy, infrastructure and in other new areas of business.

Indian and Sri Lankan relations are now at its best and there are more investors who want to invest in Sri Lanka. They are looking for more opportunities here, she emphasized. She further stated that the Indian Petroleum Corporation together with Lanka Indian Oil Corporation would invest in the Trincomalee oil tank farm.


India’s $10 billion gap in foreign exchange may put rupee under pressure

The Indian banking system has left a $10-billion position unhedged amid foreign exchange deposit redemptions, making the rupee vulnerable to a sudden depreciation in the next few months.

On the other hand, such a drop would act as a booster for exports and possibly narrow the trade deficit although imports of oil and other commodities would become costlier, said experts, some of whom suggested the gap may have deliberately been left uncovered.

Three years after the Reserve Bank of India sought to shore up the rupee through foreign currency nonresident-bank (FCNR-B) deposits, the country is bracing for an outflow as these get redeemed. The rupee was at 66.72 a dollar on Friday.

Experts baffled by RBI move, The Indian currency was at 66.68 a dollar a week back and may weaken to 67.50-68.00 a dollar by December, dealers said.

According to a note prepared by one of India’s top private sector banks, there’s a $9.5-billion gap between $22.4 billion of FCNR-B maturities and $12.9 billion of forward contracts for October and November.

“There is high possibility of a systemic rupee depreciation in the coming months on account of FCNR-B outflows,” said KN Dey, executive director at Mecklai Financial. “The rupee has been steady for almost 10 months and a fall will boost exports and in turn, reduce trade deficit.”

Export push, A fall in the rupee should make Indian goods more competitive in the global market. Indian exports revived in September to grow 4.62 per cent on year to $22.8 billion with 18 of 30 exporting sectors showing growth.

This was the second instance of growth this year after June when exports rose 1.27 per cent after declining 18 months in a row. With a 2.5 per cent fall in imports to $31.2 billion, the trade deficit stood at $8.33 billion in September.

The hedging shortfall will generate dollar demand in excess of what flows in regularly via overseas investments and non-resident deposits, said a senior bank executive.

The rupee, therefore, is likely to come under pressure, having remained in a tight band since January despite the Chinese devaluation.

Citing RBI data for August end, the bank report cited above said forward long contracts for September were worth $2.9 billion against $2.1 billion in FCNR-B repayments, but those in October-November are at $12.9 billion against $22.4 billion of maturing deposits. For December and beyond, forward longs stood at $13.3 billion versus $2.3 billion in repayments.

(~ News – BBC~)

Solar Power and Wind Power replace Coal Power Plant in Sampur – Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy

The Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy stated to the media that President Maithripala Sirisena had held talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and together they had agreed to put a stop to the construction of the project in Sampur. Subsequently, the Indian government had extended willingness for a wind power plant instead of a Coal Power Plant in Sampur.

And the villagers in Sampur stated to the media that they were not against the setting up of a solar power plant or a wind operated power plant instead of the proposed coal power plant which was recently ordered to be stopped owing to environmental concerns. And they further stated that they believed that setting up a solar power plant or a wind power plant would not have a negative impact on the environment that a coal power plant would have had, just because they were opposed to the coal power plant coming up in Sampur, they were not against the development projects carried out by the government.

It’s a good movement by the government of srilanka to looking forward with renewable energy options than the coal power plant options. But the huge question ahead is how government is going to solve energy requirement of country in long run.

Indian Government will build 4000 houses for plantation workers

The construction of 4,000 housing units for needy families in the Plantation Sector, sponsored by the Indian Government, is slated to begin in March, Estate Infrastructure Development Minister P. Digambaram said.

The minister said the construction of the houses for estate workers in the Central Province and Badulla district will be flagged off next month possibly by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself during a likely official visit to Sri Lanka.

The 4,000 houses is part of a 50,000 housing project implemented by the Indian Government for the former conflict affected people in the North and East Provinces and needy families working in the estate sector in the Central Province and Badulla district. With a commitment of over US$ 270 million in grants, it is the flagship project of India’s developmental assistance to Sri Lanka. It is perhaps the largest such project undertaken by India anywhere in the world.

Minister Digambaram said around 35,000 houses in the North and East under this project has been already constructed, it was yet to get off ground in the estate sector. The minister also said the delay in implementing the project in the plantation areas was partly due to the inefficiency of the political authority who earlier held sway in the upcountry plantation areas.

The minister said soon after he had assumed office, he had taken steps to hold talks with the relevant officials to speed up the building of houses for needy people in the estate sector.

He said choosing housing recipients will be done in a very transparent manner which ensures that there are no discrimination due to political or other factors.

Ramayanaya tour in Sri Lanka

The Ramayanaya trail will be re – launched by the Sri Lanka Convention Bureau together with SLTPB and Srilankan Airlines in the coming months. The 14 sites accessible out of identified 52 Sites will be heavily promoted through various itineraries and packages.

The traditions of the Ramayana form an integral part of the shared cultural heritage of India and Sri Lanka. Major part of the Ramayana Episode has taken part in Sri Lanka and therefore Sri Lanka has special significance in the Ramayana Epic where pilgrim tourism can be promoted from India.

The sites include the places where Sit ha Devi has travelled to, consisting of archaeological areas, caves, mountains and temples which are of immense interest to Hindus. Sita Eliya, Ravana Ella, Hakgala, Maligatenna, Roomasala, Sitawaka and Kelaniya are some of the prominent localities associated with the Ramayana traditions.

During the last few years, India became the primary tourist and MICE tourist generating market for Sri Lanka . To cater to Indian market, Sri Lanka Tourism structured many new tourism products. Facilities for Corporate meetings and Incentives were among them.


Sri Lankans to pay less at National Museum in New Delhi

The government of India has reduced the entrance fee to the National Museum of New Delhi for Sri Lankan nationals to INR 10.00 from the current rate of INR 300.00 , the Indian High Commission announced to news.

The High Commission said in a statement that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken the decision during the visit of Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena to India, after noting that Sri Lankan Nationals visit the museum in large numbers to pay homage to the Kapilavastu Relics.

In pursuance of the Prime Minister’s announcement, the entry fee to the National Museum for Sri Lankan nationals had been reduced and brought on par with the fee paid by Indian Nationals. The new rates will come into effect from April 1. Sri Lankan nationals will thereafter have to pay a nominal entry fee of INR 10 (against INR 300 currently) to view the rich and varied collection at the National Museum. Sri Lanka is the only country to be accorded this special status.


Why Indian visits to Sri Lanka (Few Reasons to visit Sri Lanka)

Srilanka is a fast growing tourist destination in South Asian country which attracts more Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages and Typical Sri Lanka cultured wedding Packages.  In addition to that Sri Lanka cater to all needs of your tourism in nature, Beaches, Wild life safaris, cultural tours, Sri Lanka History tour, Honeymoon Tour, Education Tour and Shopping tours within this tiny island.

But for last 20 years Indian Tourist to Sri Lanka is keeping as higher number of foreign tourist arrivals, these days the Indian tourist arrivals denoted about 16% of total tourist arrivals of Sri Lanka tourism.

There are few reasons for Indian Tourist to visit Sri Lanka

Cost of Air Travel Cost (Flight to Sri Lanka)

Flights are quite affordable, A Delhi-Kochi return fare for weekend would cost INR 16,905 while a Colombo return would cost INR 22,576. Plus,  of course a ‘foreign’ tag to boast about.

VISA Process

The Emigration and Travel Approval or ETA, equivalent to a visa, is online and comes in minutes. Immigration clearance in Colombo is a breeze with travellers getting a free SIM card.


Booked online with no advance required – all payments on arrival. The rates for decent three to four star hotels range between INR 7,000 and 12,000 with breakfast and wifi free.


Freely available and fairly cheap. Unlike Kerala you don’t have to hide beer in coffee mugs at bars

Getting around

The expressway to the city from the airport is a smooth drive. Cars can do up to 120 kmph on the southern expressway though many prefer the longer, more scenic route. Highway to Jaffna also good.


Quite cheap with plentiful seafood, and so are taxis and public transport


Not on the scale of Bangkok but Colombo does offer quite a few international brands at bargain prices. Also does great linen and handlooms


India’s 66th Republic Day in Sri Lanka by High Commission of India – Colombo

On the occasion of India’s 66th Republic Day, a Hag hoisting ceremony would be held at India House (No. 86, Kumaratunga Munidasa Mawatha, Colombo-3) on Monday, January 26th, 2015 at 0830 hours.

All Indian nationals and their families are cordially invited to participate in the function and are requested to reach the venue latest by 0800 hrs. To facilitate entry into India House, they are requested to bring their passport or any other photo identity document. Parking for vehicles would be available in the University of Colombo grounds opposite India House.

India’s 66th Republic Day in Sri Lanka by High Commission of India – Colombo
India’s 66th Republic Day in Sri Lanka by High Commission of India – Colombo

Shipping and Air travels are plans to Commence between India to South India

Plans are underway to have shipping and an air link between in India and Jaffna soon said Consul General of India in Jaffna, V. Mahalingam stated in Jaffna International Trade Fair 2014.

These two important links could improve people-to-people contacts and substantially improve trade and economic relations, and he stated that “We look forward to a ferry service between Talaimannar and Rameswaram. These two happening at an early date which will give a great boost to economic development of Northern Sri Lanka.”

“These kind of international fairs are important to showcase the various strengths of the country while air and sea links would have a far greater reach to the common people and encourage in developing better relationship with each other.”

Efforts to complete the infrastructure around the Atchuvely Industrial Zone to encourage the entrepreneurs of Northern Province to set up their units at the Industrial estate will be completed by end January 2014

“Since the operationalization of the India – Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2000, trade alone has multiplied by as much as 8 times, crossing the milestone of USS 5 billion in 2011-12. The FTA has thus proved to be a real engine of growth for bilateral Commercial interaction.”

In 2011-12, India’s imports from Sri Lanka went up by almost 45% to cross USS 720 million, making Sri Lanka the largest source of merchandise from the South Asian region for India. This is a big jump from USS 45 million imports in 2000-01, when Sri Lanka occupied the fourth rank as an import source for India in the region. There is no doubt that the FTA brought significant benefits to both sides.

“As against global two way trade of US $ 30 billion with Sri Lanka in 2011, the overall trade has come down to US$24.5 billion in 2013.I am confident as the world economy picks up, India Sri Lanka trade also will continue to grow.”

India become Visit Visa Country for 180 Countries around the world

Tourists travelling to India from 180 countries will no longer have to queue at their local consulates to obtain visas; most foreigners currently have to wait several weeks before learning whether they will be allowed to enter India after submitting their applications at visa processing centres, a major deterrent for potential visitors.

Under the new scheme, many tourists will be allowed to apply online and then receive the green light within five days, before picking up their visa at the airport on arrival into India.

Visitors from countries which account for the bulk of India’s tourists – such as the United States, Britain and France – that have had to go through the time consuming process of applying in person will be among those to benefit from the changes to regulations.


Indians Born and Grew Microsoft New CEO Satya Nadella

India on Wednesday cheered the appointment of Satya Nadella as the new chief executive of Microsoft, Nadella, who became the giant company’s third CEO on Tuesday, was born and grew up in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad and studied at Mangalore University before shifting to America to further his studies and career. “India makes a power point, said a proud front-page headline of the Times of India newspaper about the 46-year-old cricket lover’s appointment.

Asoka: Interweaving Archaeology with the Emperors Story at BMICH on 31st January 2014

BCIS in collaboration with the India-Sri Lanka Foundation is organizing a public lecture on “Asoka:Interweaving Archaeology with the Emperors Story” on Friday, 31st January 2014 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm at the BMICH Committee Room A.

Lecture will be conducted in English by Prof. Nayanjot Lahiri from University of Delhi and simultaneous interpretations are available in Sinhala and Tamil.

Entrance to the lecture is FREE upon registration. Call us on 0112- 69 73 55 to reserve your seat

For more details see below image


Asoka Interweaving Archaeology with the Emperors Story at BMICH on 31st January 2014
Asoka Interweaving Archaeology with the Emperors Story at BMICH on 31st January 2014

Pilot Vacancy for Indian at Air Asia

The Air Asia is providing valuable services for young people. Specially the Air Asia start Hiring

  • India based captains and
  • India based first officers

For the Air Asia Operations in India, those who are interested can logon to only Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed in Bangalore for more information see below image

Pilot Vacancy for Indian at Air Asia
Pilot Vacancy for Indian at Air Asia


How to Become Pilot in Sri Lanka

Aspired to be an airline pilot? We will help you achieve your dream of becoming a pilot through our expertise services faster than any country in Asia ever before. We pioneer in the field of aviation in assisting you obtain your world class pilot license, despite any part of the globe you come from, with international recognition, yet with an attractive and affordable package to suit your requirement. Dream big being connected to us and our professional and friendly service will keep them alive by giving it your hands.

Contact us now

Phone: 0094-7-277-255-40

WhatsApp: 0094-75-0123-999

Make a missed call or send a SMS as “PILOT SL” to 0094-7-277-255-40 to obtain a call from our consultants.


Colombo – Kilinochchi Train Service Starts from Mid September 2013

Srilanka Railway is preparing to operate railway services up to Kilinochchi from Mid September 2013, and 87% of the Omanthai to Palai railway track have been complete and expected to complete the 100% by End September 2013.

This would be great Development to residents in Northern Province and suborns.  It is encourage to business communities to buildup their business relationships with north and South in terms to develop better trading in Northern Province.


India Launches its Own Air Craft Carrier Vikrant

India launched its first indigenously-built aircraft carrier on Monday, a landmark moment in the $5 billion project that seeks to project the country’s power and check the rising influence of China.

The Air Craft Carrier Vikrant is 40,000 tons weight itself to named India as a 5th Nation having Air Craft Carrier building capacity inclusive of Britain, France, Russia and the United States.

The Government of India is looking forward to used support in land wars, defending strategic supply routes in the gulf and elsewhere.

And it is to strength the defence of the India far falling islands and safeguard Indian interests in Africa and Asia.

Click here to see the India Air Craft Carrier Vikrant Design

India Launches its Own Air Craft Carrier Vikrant
India Launches its Own Air Craft Carrier Vikrant

12 Students selected for Scholarships to study in India in 2013

The High Commission of India in Colombo announces there  are 12 Students were selected to continue the educations in India with Indian Scholarship scheme.

The students are

  1. Theja Kalpani Senanayake,
  2. Dulanjalee Samaranayake,
  3. Kusali Umanga,
  4. Tharsika Selvaratnam,
  5. Tashanti Siriwardana,
  6. Lipuri Lesanika Perera,
  7. Dinushi Kaushalya Jayawardhana,
  8. Nipuni Kaushalya Kodippily,
  9. Suneetha Priyadarshani,
  10. Gimhana Komangoda,
  11. Aruni Wimansha Mawela
  12. Dulani Perera

See below image for the Student who got scholarships to study in India with officials

12 Students selected for Scholarships to study in India in 2013
12 Students selected for Scholarships to study in India in 2013

HSC (+2) March 2013 examination results release on 9th may 2013

Tamil Nadu, India HSC +2 March 2013 examination results will be released on 9th may 2013 at 10 am morning.
Be ready to check your result via online by just Clicking here

All the very best for all

Colombo –Tuticorin Passenger Ship Service will Re-starts this year – April 2013

The Passenger ship service between Colombo- Tuticorin will restart with using smaller ships with a capacity of 150 to 250 passengers. The Tuticorin VOC Port Trust Chairman, Nadarajan said passenger ship service between Colombo and Tuticorin was terminated due to losses as there were insufficient passengers for the 1000 person capacity ships

Factors to Consider before implementing the Passenger Ship services between Colombo- Tuticorin

  • Most of the passengers travels to India via Chennai due to cost effective, therefore the Passenger service ship should be low cost than an air travels
  • Easy access and adequate transportation faculties at Tuticorin to Chennai
  • Offer valued added services (Luxury) on requirement
  • Value for Money
  • Minimum time for transportation
  • Wide range of ticketing officers via agents and delaers for Colombo Tuticorin tickets

Hope the service will be restart at minimum price and delight the ship travelers.

Srilanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai may shift to Trivandrum, Kerala Soon

The Sri Lankan Government looking for possibilities to move its Deputy High Commission in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to Trivandrum, Kerala state.

The move comes after the anti-Srilanka sentiments in Tamil Nadu in recent days. with the help of  central government of India the High Commissioner assure that police in Tamil Nadu had been advise to provide maximum protection, so srilankan and They would not face any untoward incidents as past.

AirAsia India is Ready to Fly

AirAsia has found an Indian partner to open an AirAsia India operation in India for Domestic and International operations.

The AirAsia has teamed up with India’s Tata group and Hindustan Aviation to set up a new airline to be known as AirAsia India.

In the deal, the Indian parties will take 51 % equity stake while AirAsia will hold the remaining 49 %. Which is the equity it normally takes in its foreign joint ventures.  Of the 51%, Sources said Tata Group will have 30% stake and Hindustan Aviation 21% equity stake.

The three parties is said to have signed the partnership agreement this week and have submitted a proposal to the Indian government to seek a domestic air services licences also this week.

St Anthony’s Kachchathivu on February 23, 2013

The Defense and Urban Development Ministry with supervision of Sri Lanka Navy made facilitations to place to hold the annual feast of St Anthony’s Church in Kachchathivu Island on 23rd February 2013.

Over 10,000 Indian Devotees are expected in this year St. Anthony’s Church festive this year. This is one of the traditions festive from ancient where Sri Lankans and Indians are take parts of the festive.


TechCamp Mumbai 2013 – Digital Capacity of NGOs focus on Youth Development in South Asia

The U.S Consulate centre, Mumbai organizing TechCamp Mumbai 2013 a South Asia regional conference on February 19- 21st 2013. The event will be focus on the theme of youth empowerment through 140 international technology experts for highly motivated NGO participants from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Maldives.

The TechCamp Mumbai 2013 will provides low or no cost new and online technology training to help them address some of the most pressing social changes in south asia.

See below image for more information about TechCamp Mumbai 2013 and process to participate.


TechCamp Mumbai 2013 – Digital Capacity of NGOs focus on Youth Development in South Asia
TechCamp Mumbai 2013 – Digital Capacity of NGOs focus on Youth Development in South Asia
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