Brand New Peugeot 508 Now available for Rs. 11.5 Million for Permit Holders

Car Mart (Pvt) Ltd brought you all new Peugeot 508 for Rs. 11.5 Million for Permit Holders. The Car is a winner of the ‘Style Award’ at the 2018 carwow awards, The all-new Peugeot 508 is a radical saloon that doesn’t compromise on design. Packed with advanced technological Innovations, on outstanding driving experience is guaranteed. Now offered with free maintenance, including all parts, consumables, and labour for 3 years / 60,000Km*. Request an all-new 508 test drive today so you can experience the unique blend of style and innovation yourself.

  • Night vision
  • Peugeot l-cockpit
  • Sporty and elegant award winning design
  • Free maintenance, including all parts, consumables, and labour for 3 years*


For more details contact to Car Mart on below numbers ot see below image

Udawatta: 0762 706 706

Wazeem: 0768 201 128

Shehan : 0766 208 206

Sasha ; 0766 306 306

Kanishka : 0768 006 506

Udltha : 0766 508 508

Brand New Peugeot 508 Now available for Rs. 11.5 Million for Permit Holders

Colombo Motor Show 2017

Asia Exhibition Organised an Seylan Colombo Motor Show 2017 from 18th to 20th August 2017 at BMICH on 10th Consecutive Year.

This Colombo Motor Show is one of the few highlighted event held in BMICH every year and attracts much more automobile enthusiastic at BMICH.

Colombo Motor Show 2017 consists of below booths

  • Banks & Finance
  • Auto Products & Services
  • Bike & Car Stunts
  • Custom-Built Bikes
  • Detailing & Upholstery
  • Passenger Cars
  • Off Road Vehicles/Suvs/4×4
  • Custom-Built Vehicles
  • Designers/Modifiers/Tuners
  • Bikes, Trikes & Quads
  • Paints & Coatings
  • In-Car Entertainment
  • Tyres, Wheels & Rims
  • Petroleum Products
  • Lubricants

For More Details about the Colombo Motor Show 2017 contact on 0716996644,  0719997712, 0719997717 or see below image

Colombo Motor Show 2017

Peugeot 2008 SVU now available in Sri Lanka; Price starting from Rs. 8.1 Million fully duty paid

Carmart Limited an sole importer for Peugeot in Sri Lanka launch Peugeot 2008 SUV with price tag of Rs. 8.1 Million for fully duty paid and Rs. 5.9 Million for a permit holders.

The new 2008 SUV builds on its SUV strength and character with high-tech black and chrome headlights* and 3D LED rear lights with a 3-claw design – giving the car a strong visual signature both front and rear even from 100m away.

Its striking new vertical front grille, adorned with the Peugeot lion, and horizontal bonnet are complemented with a rear sports spoiler; wheel arch extensions*; front & rear scuff plates* and roof bars.

The sophisticated and sleek interior incorporates a chic and innovative interior lighting ambience featuring LED instrument dial surround*, LED track – laser cut headlining* or a panoramic glass roof with light guides*. The introduction of new vibrant paint finishes, including Ultimate Red from Active level, will ensure real road-presence for the new 2008 SUV.


Instinctive Driving Experience

Experience new driving sensations in the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®. The compact sports steering wheel offers precise steering and improved manoeuvrability whilst the 7” multifunction colour touchscreen puts all the functionality at your fingertips. The head up instrument panel provides all the driver information and can be viewed without taking your eyes off the road. It all adds up to an intuitive and instinctive driving experience.

The new 2008 SUV comes with a wide range of innovative technology to further enhance the unique driving sensations:

  • Grip Control®: which optimises traction in low-grip conditions and adapts to the terrain by acting on the front wheels by using the electronic components already present on the vehicle. Versatile and adaptable to all road surfaces, five modes (Standard, Snow, Mud, Sand & ESP off) and available with Mud & Snow tyres.
  • Active City Brake: makes it possible to avoid an accident or reduce its severity if the driver fails to react by triggering an emergency brake (in urban conditions less than 20mph).
  • Park Assist: using ultrasonic sensors and steering management which take over and manoeuvre the car in and out of a selected parallel parking space.
  • Reverse Parking Camera: lets you view the area behind the vehicle as you manoeuvre.
  • CarPlay® functionality: providing voice activation for the driver, meaning compatible and safe applications, such as Google Maps and call features, can be activated and used without removing your hands from the wheel.


Uncompromising Quality

The high quality materials evident through touch and finish in the new 2008 SUV are a reference in this market sector.

Reliable and robust and with technology designed to be useful on a daily basis, the new 2008 SUV is offered with a range of modern and efficient engines – developed to keep your fuel costs and CO2 emissions under control.

The engine range includes our award-winning PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engine, in conjunction with the new EAT6 automatic gearbox, delivering maximum pleasure behind the wheel for less.

And our intelligent BlueHDi engines deliver the cleanest diesel engine possible with exceptional fuel economy.


Exterior Style


New two-tone black and chrome headlights provide definition and structure to new 2008 SUV. Integrated LED daytime running lights add finesse to the new design and provide excellent visibility.

Rear Lights

Instantly recognisable as a Peugeot, the tailgate is framed by full LED rear light clusters with a 3D ‘claw’ design. This trademark design has become an integral part of Peugeot’s style identity and features on the entire new 2008 SUV range

New Paint Finishes

New 2008 SUV’s striking exterior design is complemented with vibrant new paint finishes: Ultimate Red and Emerald.

The contours of the bodywork are enhanced by a choice of nine paint colours, including two solid shades, five metallic colours, one pearlescent and the new Ultimate Red layered varnish.


New wheels are available across the range including 16’’ Hydre Alloy Wheels on Active level and either diamond cut 16’’ Aquila Alloy Wheels or 17” Eridan Anthra Alloys on Allure. Customise your GT Line with 17” Eridan Black Alloy Wheels at no extra cost.


Interior Style

Peugeot i-Cockpit

The innovative layout in the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® makes driving intuitive, agile and safe as the ergonomic driving position helps focus your attention on the road ahead.

The compact sports steering wheel sits lower than a traditional design and means that your arms are both lower and closer together. This not only reduces driver fatigue but offers more precise steering and improved manoeuvrability.

The head-up instrument panel allows driver information to be viewed above, rather than through, the steering wheel and is therefore accessed without taking your eyes off the road. In addition, the large multifunction colour touchscreen places all the functionality at your fingertips.

Sophistication and Luxury

The new 2008 SUV has a sophisticated and sleek interior with a seductively high level of finish.

The lighting ambience has been created with particular care. The inside of the new 2008 SUV is bathed in natural light thanks to the generous amount of glass featured in the car’s design. This adds to a sense of freedom and space enjoyed by the driver and their passengers.

The finely crafted décor works in harmony with ultramodern mood lighting to create a refined and elegant atmosphere. Chic and innovative, the Peugeot LED Track* provides ambient lighting from the laser cut headlining while the panoramic glass roof** is equipped with high-tech light guides. The head-up instrument panel features LED dial surrounds* which come on automatically as soon as the side lights are switched on, adding an extra touch of luxury to the interior lighting ambience.

An Eye for Detail

The modern, clean design of the new 2008 SUV’s interior blends perfectly with its exterior. Each detail has been fine-tuned and all the materials used are luxurious to the touch. A simple demonstration of this meticulous craftsmanship is provided by the fluid, graphic lines of the dashboard.

Space and Convenience

Spacious and practical, the boot has a low loading height of 60cm and the 1/3-2/3 modular rear seats allow you to convert the boot volume from 410 litres to 1400 litres.

Pressing the button at the top of the backrest is enough to tilt the back allowing the seats to fold down automatically into a completely flat floor.



Grip Control

Grip Control® is an adapted traction control system which responds to most terrains and weather conditions. It acts on the front wheels by adjusting wheel spin and torque to optimise traction in low-grip conditions.

Versatile and adaptable, this system has control built in. The Grip Control® dial located on the centre console lets you choose the appropriate mode for the surface you encounter. Coupled with 17” Alloy wheels and Mud & Snow tyres, it is now compatible with the EAT6 automatic gearbox. Grip Control® uses electronic components that are already installed in the car meaning that it adds no extra weight and therefore no excessive fuel consumption, unlike a traditional 4×4.


Grip Control® offers five driving modes:

  1. Standard
  2. Snow
  3. Mud
  4. Sand
  5. ESP Off


Engines and Eat6 Gearbox

Designed to produce drivability and performance, the PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engines in the new Peugeot 2008 SUV combine efficiency with cutting-edge technology resulting in greater driving pleasure with lower running costs.

New 2008 SUV also features the 6-speed petrol automatic gearbox which uses quickshift technology allowing for faster gear changes – and is the new benchmark for driving enjoyment.

Our BlueHDi diesel engines deliver high performance, impressive fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. Every diesel version of the new 2008 SUV emits under 97g/km of CO2 – meaning no road tax.


High performance, versatile and efficient PureTech and BlueHDi engines offer a responsive driving experience on new 2008 SUV without compromising on fun and enjoyment.

The compact steering wheel in the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is linked to a specific suspension system, which is adapted according to engine. The weight-optimised drivetrain combines simplicity and reactivity, offering the perfect balance of comfort and road holding to guarantee real driving pleasure.

Park Assist

Park Assist* makes life easier by assessing the size of parking space available to ensure that it fits the dimensions of your new 2008 SUV. Ultrasonic sensors and steering management take over to manoeuvre into a parallel parking space for you. Acceleration, braking, gear changes and use of the clutch in a manual transmission are left in your control. Exiting the parking space is just as easy – as Park Assist* will do this for you too!


Peugeot Mirror Screen® brings you CarPlay® functionality, providing voice activation for the driver, meaning compatible and safe applications, such as Google Maps and call features can be activated and used without removing your hands from the wheel.

Reversing Camera

The reversing camera* automatically activates when reverse gear is engaged and allows the driver to view the area behind the vehicle while the manoeuvre is taking place.



Active City Brake

Active City Brake* is a new technology which makes it possible to avoid an accident or reduce its seriousness if the driver fails to react. It works in urban conditions, at speeds of less than 20 mph. A short range sensor is fitted to the top of the windscreen and can detect other vehicles that are driving in the same direction or stationary. This will automatically trigger an emergency brake to stop the vehicle and avoid a collision entirely, or limit the consequences of an accident by reducing the speed of impact.

Electronic Stability Control

All versions of new 2008 SUV have a high level of active safety and are equipped with ESP (Electronic Stability Control) as standard. This comprises Traction Control (ASR), Stability Control (CDS), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Anti-wheel lock braking system (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBFD).

ESP is combined with Hill Assist*, which briefly immobilises the vehicle, giving you time to move your foot from brake to accelerator when starting the car on a slope.

Body Structure

The new 2008 SUV has an ultra-light body structure designed to absorb as much energy as possible from any impact. This minimises the consequences for passengers, pedestrians and vehicles.

As well as enhancing safety, this robust yet lightweight structure gives you livelier handling, optimised fuel consumption and greater driving pleasure.


The new 2008 SUV includes six airbags as standard, offering extra protection for you and your passengers if you’re involved in an accident.

  • Two front airbags to protect the head and thorax of the driver and front passenger in the event of a frontal impact.
  • Two front side airbags to protect the driver and front passenger in the event of a side impact.
  • Two front and rear curtain airbags to protect the heads of the front and rear occupants.

In addition, front passenger seat airbag deactivation is available across the new 2008 SUV range,  so that baby can travel in the front seat.

ISOFIX child seat anchor points

Keep your little ones as safe as possible in the back of the new 2008 SUV, where there are two three-point ISOFIX fittings for child seats.

Two of the anchor points are at the back of the seat cushion and then thirds is in the back seat panel.

Cornering Assist Fog Lights*

In low beam or high beam, this function allows the front fog lights to illuminate the inside of a bend when the vehicle speed is below 25 mph. This gives you extra visibility when driving in town, on winding country roads, at junctions or when you are parking.

Peugeot Connect SOS

Peugeot Connect SOS* is technology that could prove vital in an emergency.

  • Automatic emergency call: if the airbags inflate or the seat belt pre-tensioners are triggered, the vehicle automatically makes an emergency call on behalf of the driver. Peugeot Connect SOS* then locates the vehicle, establishes telephone communication with its occupants and arranges for the appropriate emergency service to be dispatched.
  • Manual emergency call: whether the victim or the witness of an emergency situation, the driver can call Peugeot Connect SOS* quickly by pressing the SOS button located on the dashboard (and holding for 3 seconds).

For more details contact to Peugeot Sales team on 0766 408 408, 0766 208 208, 0766 308 308, 0766 508 508 or Car Mart (Pvt) Ltd, 424 Union Place, Colombo 2

Click here for Peugeot 2008 Brochure

Or see below image

Peugeot 2008 SVU now available in Sri Lanka; Price starting from Rs. 8.1 Million fully duty paid
Peugeot 2008 SVU now available in Sri Lanka; Price starting from Rs. 8.1 Million fully duty paid

New Vehicle Prices after Budget for 2016

As expected the new government budget for 2016 introduce new valuation system for imported vehicles, this valuation lead to increase prices of imported vehicles by Rs. 200,000 up to Rs. 2.5 million.

The new valuation system was introduced recently taking full option manufacturers price as the tax base and the Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said  in budget proposal that this is to further strengthen this process of collecting the payable taxes said that the unit rate of excise duty for the vehicles on the basis of cubic centimeters and duties on the percentage basis on certain vehicles would be revised.

Automobile sellers has indicated the main selling automobiles like Nissan leaf, Suzuki WagonR, Suzuki Alto, Suzuki K10, Toyota Aqua, Toyota Prius and Toyota, Nissan Van prices will be increase as follow

Nissan Leaf Electric Vechile by Rs 2.5 Million

Wagon R by Rs. 400,000/-

Auto & K10 by Rs. 250,000/-

Toyota Aqua by Rs. 500,000/-

Toyota Prius by Rs. 700,000/-

Van by 2.5 Million

Meanwhile, 2016 budget has reduced excise duty to 2.5 percent for the vehicles which are run entirely on Solar, Hydrogen or Helium.

And the Vehicle Entitlement Certificate for each vehicle was also introduced and therefore motor cycle and three wheeler is unchange, Rs.15,000 for a motor car and Rs.10,000 per vehicle for all other vehicles would have to pay as fee

Peugeot 508 Diesel Hybrid 4 Now available in Sri Lanka for Rs. 8.9 Million

Colombo Motor Trading Company offers Peugeot 508 Diesel Hybrid 4 for Rs. 8.9 Million (Rs. 89,00,000) in Sri Lanka, Peugeot 508 Diesel Hybrid 4 comes with best mileage of 61.4 mpg (21.74 Km per L) and 119g Co2 per Km.

Peugeot 508 Diesel Hybrid 4 promoted as 4 valuable reasons to own Peugeot 508 Diesel Hybrid 4,

  • All road styling
  • Signature lighting
  • Quality & Reliability
  • Diesel Hybrid 4 Technology

Peugeot 508 Diesel Hybrid 4 comes with HYbrid4 technology, combining the 163hp Diesel 2.0 HDi engine with a 37hp electric engine and allow you to choice of four driving modes to ensure a delightful driving experience – Auto, Sport, 4WD and ZEV.

And features of Sun Roof, Head Up Display, 18″ Alloy Wheels, All LED Lights, Multifunction Steering, Cruise Control, Electric Seats and Reverse Camera.

For more detail about availability and permit holder prices contact to Colombo Motor Trading Company at 70, Galle Road, Dehiwela, 0777 27 86 86, 0112 723 849 or see below image for more details

Peugeot 508 Diesel Hybrid 4 Now available in Sri Lanka for Rs. 8.9 Million
Peugeot 508 Diesel Hybrid 4 Now available in Sri Lanka for Rs. 8.9 Million

Track your vehicle fleet in real time with GPS Fleet Management Solutions

David Pieris Information Technology Limited introduces Fleet Management Solutions for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Fleet Management Solutions is a well recognized vehicle management services in western countries, now it is available in Sri Lanka for you to maintain your fleet well.


Special Features of GPS Based Fleet Management Solutions from

  • Driver Behavior Monitoring
  • Reports: Distance/Parking/Mileage
  • 2 Analog Input Detection
  • Ignition Detection
  • Track on Demand
  • Track by Time and Distance Interval
  • Listen-in (Voice Monitoring) or Two-way Audio (Optional)
  • Inbuilt Motion Sensor
  • Engine Immobilization (Optional)
  • Speeding and Movement Alarm
  • Geo-fence /GPS Blind Area/Low Battery /External Power Cut Alarm


February Special Package Deals!

  • Below 5 Units Price -Rs. 27,000/-
  • 6-10 Units Price – Rs. 25,500/-
  • 11 – 25 Units Price – Rs. 22,500/-
  • Above 25 Units Price -Rs. 18,000/-

Hurry! Offer valid until 28th February 2015

  • Above prices are excluding of VAT
  • Ex-stock subject to prior sale
  • Above prices are excluding license & Installation


For more detail see below image or contact to Sales on 0774 375065 / 0779 700555

Track your vehicle fleet in real time with GPS Fleet Management Solutions
Track your vehicle fleet in real time with GPS Fleet Management Solutions

New Vehicle Valuation and tax scheme will increase the prices of vehicles by Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 500,000

As news stated the Customs Director General Jagath Wijeweera inform the customs department is deciding on the value of brand new vehicles instead of accepting the declaration by the importers.

This has decisions has make in the detail investigation on vehicles importers undervalued the vehicle valuation while imports, its including few leading companies too.

This approach has reduced tax incomes to the government which is a considerable amount in total. Therefore the customs has set up valuation committee to determine the value of the vehicle and thereby impose the valuation tax.

The New taxation systems are expected to lead to a vehicle prices increase between Rs. 400,000.00 to Rs. 500,000.00.  But this system will help government to raise their tax revenue to the government.

It is expect to be applies for those who imported and yet to clear them.


Factors to Consider before and after implement this New Tax System – Personal Opinion

Before implement this new tax scheme

  1. Makesure it is not to impact to the law budget vehicles which are mostly purchases for the self-businesses or small businesses like three wheels, Small cars for Budget taxi and motor bikes.
  2. Understand the weakness and wholes in old tax systems and make alerts to income tax department or customs to be aware of those lopes whole.
  3. Consider the cost of living index and increase accordingly, rather increase just because of maximise revenue
  4. Take actions against those who violate and get penalties for their wrongful behaviour

After implementation this new tax scheme

  1. Makesure its not harms to low income or middle income class who dreams to buy a small cars or basic model of vehicles
  2. Rectifies all the lopes whole and avoid any fraud to comes in future
  3. Educate importers and customs about the new vehicle import tax system and avoid any under pricing in future
  4. Be tight with rules and regulations and need to take actions against those to violating this new impose tax systems.

Auto and Transport Show – from 25th to 27th April 2014

Ministry of Transport organised an exhibition and Auto transport show from 25th, 26th and 27th April 2014 at BMICH.

The exhibition will inclusive of International Bike Stunt, Vehicle show, Go Cart Racing, 4X4 offroad Show, Live DJ, Gaming Zone, Road Safety Campaigns and win Free Air Tickets too.

See below image for more information

Auto and Transport Show – from 25th to 27th April 2014
Auto and Transport Show – from 25th to 27th April 2014

MCSL Auto fair 2013 on 13th to 15th December 2013

With the Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence MCSL Financial Service Limited offers an MCSL Auto Fire 2013 at Rajagirlya Municipal Grounds from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm (Front of UC).

The auto fair will open for 13th to 15th December and on the spot vehicle auction will be held on 15th December at 10.30 am.

For more information see below image

MCSL Auto fair 2013 on 13th to 15th December 2013
MCSL Auto fair 2013 on 13th to 15th December 2013

Colombo Motor Show 2013 at BMICH on 6th to 8th September 2013

The Asia Exhibition and Conventions organises a Colombo Motor Show 2013 at BMICH from 6th September to 8th September 2013 from 10.00 Am to 10.00 Pm.

The event is with wide range of automobiles showcasing in srilanka. such as latest cars vans and SUV and the Vintage cars of Sri Lanka too.

Click Here to see Colombo Motor Show 2012 Photos

For more information contact organising committee on 0719997712 | 0716861805

Or see below image

Colombo Motor Show 2013 at BMICH on 6th to 8th September 2013
Colombo Motor Show 2013 at BMICH on 6th to 8th September 2013

Peugeot 3008 SUV Prices in Sri Lanka – Rs. 5,550,000.00 (USD25,000 for Permit Holders) – Car Mart Limited

The Car Mart Limited Srilanka offers you the Peugeot 3008 SUV for Rs. 5,550,000.00 and USD 25,000 for Permit Holders with extra features of Leather Interior, Electric Driver’s Seat, and Directional, Bi-Xenon Headlamps.

And enjoy special features of Peugeot 3008 SUV

  • Dual rear LCD Screens with Bluetooth headsets
  • Motorised HUD with Distance regulation
  • Panoramic glass roof with electric sunblind

Starting price Rs 5,550,000/= including 2 years of free maintenance

For more information see below image or email on your inquiry to


Peugeot 3008 SUV Prices in Sri Lanka – Rs. 5,550,000.00 (USD25,000 for Permit Holders) – Car Mart Limited
Peugeot 3008 SUV Prices in Sri Lanka – Rs. 5,550,000.00 (USD25,000 for Permit Holders) – Car Mart Limited
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