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  • DFCC Power Leasing

    Empowering dreams to own your vehicle; Have you put your dream of buying a vehicle, on hold? DFCC Power Leasing makes it simpler than ever, to own the vehicle of your dreams. Pay up to 40% of lease amount as final instalment Purchase a higher value vehicle for a lower rental 3-year extension option for […]

  • Alliance Finance – 11.5% Interest rate per Annum for 9 month Fixed Deposits

    Alliance Finance Company announces a special interest rate for 9 month fixed deposit as 11.5% per annum paid in maturity and 11.66% A.E.R. All banking and financing sectors is offer higher interest rate now due to USD depreciation and Srilanka economy impacts. Most banks offer little lesser fixed deposit interest rate than financial companies because […]

  • DFCC Bank Sinhala Tamil New Year Gift

    DFCC announces a special gift for your money deposits between 7th April to 4th May 2016 for this Sinhala Tamil New Year festive. The promotion is brings you many gifts for your every saving amount from Rs. 10,000/- upwards. Savings Amount Gifts Rs. 10,000/- Buddy Bag Rs. 25,000/- Wall Clock Rs. 50,000/- Gift voucher for […]