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  • Gas prices as at today in Sri Lanka

    Litro Gas and Laughs Gas announces that they have reduce the Gas prices effective from today midnight. The New Prices and the reduction value as below Litro Gas Price as Today Cylinder Capacity Old price New Price Reduction 12.5kg LP Gas Cylinder 4743 3738 1005 5kg LP Gas Cylinder 1904 1502 402 2.3 Kgs Gas…

  • New Gas Prices in Sri Lanka

    As per new Budget proposal for 2016, gas prices are reduced by Rs.150 for 12.5Kg Cylinder. With the budget proposal Litro gass Company has announces their new Gas prices as below Litro Gass 12.5 Kg Cylinder for Rs. 1,346/- Litro Gass 5 Kg Cylinder for Rs. 572/- Litro Gass 2.5 Kg Cylinder for Rs. 273/-