Paan Paan Menu – November 2013

Paan Paan an Subsidiary of Expo Lanka(Pvt) ltd in Sri Lanka to offer range of breads and Muffins to Srilankan Bread lovers.

The Paan Paan published its range of products as below


French Baguette – Rs. 125 per loaf 350g

Traditional French bread. Best eaten the same day.


Multi Seed Low Gl Bread – Rs. 275 per loaf 350g

Our prime product A delicious and nutritious bread Contains pumpkin seed, linseeds, sunflower seeds with wheat bran & oat flakes.


Purple Wheat Bread – Rs. 250 per loaf 370g

Made from South African purple wheat.


Country Herbs Bread – Rs. 150 per loaf 300g

A tangy bread for those who like a bit of spice. Made with minced onion, whole basil, dried marjoram, parsley & chives.


Paan Paan Whole Meal Health Bread – Rs. 145 per loaf 400g

Made from whole meal Dour with added grains of soy. linseeds, wheat Hakes, barley, oats, corn, kibbled wheat, kibbled rye and millet.


Bartusa Bread – Rs. 385 per loaf 350g

Soft Spanish Bread made with a touch of black pepper. Topped with cheese, bell pepper and black olives. Our Chef Jagath’s creation.


Ciabatta Sandwich Bread – Rs. 80 each 125g

Traditional Italian Bread made with fermented dough and olive oii. Fill with desired filling and grill it to a delicious completion


Focaccia Sandwich Bread – Rs. 90 each 125g

Italian bread made for sandwiches. Made with butter, olive oil, eggs. Garlic,rosemary and olives. Fill it with desired filling and grill it lightly to bring it to a delicious sandwich.


Muffins and Buns

Orange & Poppy Seed Muffin Rs. 85 each

Made with orange and poppy seeds which gives a distinct flavor


Chocolate Chip Muffin – Rs. 75 each

Rich chocolate flavor with real chocolate chips in


Blue Berry Muffin – Rs. 85 each

Made with Belgian Blue Berries.


Coffee Bun – Rs. 50 each

A Delicious bun with a coffee topping

for more detail see below image

Paan Paan Menu – November 2013
Paan Paan Menu – November 2013

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