University of Colombo MBA Alumi Budget 2016 – Discussion with Finance Minister Hon. Ravi Karunanayake

The MBA Alumi Association University of Colombo organized a forum of Budget 2016 with the Finance Minister, Hon. Ravi Karunanayake & key industry leaders at the Post-Budget forum. Take part of this forum and knew unseen background of Budget 2016 and thoughts of industrial leaders.

Date: 24th November 2015

Time: 9am to 12pm

Venue: Hotel Galadari

Ticket Price: Rs. 3,500/-

This would usefull for businessmen, Financial analyst and those who key concern on budget 2016.

For more details contact to The MBA Alumi Association University of Colombo on 0772 224 994 or see below image

University of Colombo MBA Alumi Budget 2016 – Discussion with Finance Minister Hon. Ravi Karunanayake
University of Colombo MBA Alumi Budget 2016 – Discussion with Finance Minister Hon. Ravi Karunanayake

SriLankan Airline New Business Strategies of MRO and Domestic Flight services

SriLankan Airlines will negotiate with an Asian based air service company to begin a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) centre at the Mattala airport in Hambatota.

SriLankan Airlines Chairman Ajith Dias states proposal for an MRO at the Mattala international airport was in the pipeline for several years but it never got off. We are now in talks with an Asian counterpart to get this project of the ground at least now and this MRO will help the bottom line of the airline to a great extent as they could harness big business due to SriLankan Engineering’s track record.

He further said Srilankan Airlines are going to re-evaluate to begin domestic operations next year by acquire two 40 seater aircraft for this operation and hope to operate regular flights to selected domestic airports out of total 12 domestic airports in Sri Lanka. and with increased tourism we see great potential in this project.

Commenting on the re fleeting of the airline by the end of this year they will have seven new aircraft increasing the total fleet to 20. In the next two years we will get eight more. Subsequently all ageing A340 aircraft will be retired and Sri Lankan will have a fleet less than 3 years of age. All these aircrafts will be for SriLankan Airlines and not for Mihin.

With the new aircraft the national carrier will add more frequencies to key destinations. The airline may not look at new routes but will increase frequencies to existing destinations that include China, London and India.

Korean company keen to start Mega City project in Sri lanka

Top officials from one of the world’s leading township developers, Korea Land and Housing Corporation were in Sri Lanka looking for a township development project to the value in excess of USS 5 billion.

The team met senior officials of the Megapolis Authority last week and informed that they are here on a fact finding mission to build a mega township development project which would be one of the biggest in South Asia.

The official said We are keen to create a new city in the Western Province in an area of around 300 hectares of land. He further said that with the new political developments, Korea Sri Lanka relations have reached a new dimension and they were also very impressed with the concept of Megapolis. This is the new trend of the world and we are happy to note that this is being followed by Sri Lanka even at this late stage.

The official said that they would clear the given land and have modem infrastructure in place for a ‘Mega City’ and then invite Korean and other investors from around the World to build housing, recreation, commercial and other facilities in it.

The company, then plans to link the proposed ‘City’ with a speed train which too would be included under the project. And ministry also said that they have similar projects located 50 km off the capital and they are connected with a speed rail link. Due to this link a resident in the ‘Township’ could get to the Capital in less than 20 minutes.

He said this proposed ‘Mega City’ would be self sufficient in every need of a modem population. ‘The project would have its own sewerage and garbage clearing system. They would also generate electricity from this waste and give it back to the Mega City.”

“Security too would be a prime concern and special cameras would be installed to even track each vehicle entering and departing. This would be based on vehicle registration number plates.”

Another first for Sri Lanka would be the special bus and speed train service where the station and the bus stand would have the route, arrival and departure times of each bus/train on a digital screen. He also disclosed that Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modhi too had requested them to build six similar models in India and they are currently engaging this.

Thousand public locations to get free Wi-Fi in Sri Lanka

The Information and Communications Technology Agency (ICTA), which implements the government’s ICT policies, will be launching the ‘Free Wi-Fi’ project in partnership with all telecommunication operators, in the coming months, to let citizens have further accessibility to information and participate in e-governance.

Thousand public locations will get Wi-Fi free of charge. This has been finalized. It is not a plan or a promise, because some said it is not economically possible or it was a ploy to get young votes,” Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Ajith Perera stated to Media.

He noted that access to information is no longer a luxury but a critical need, similar to access to water, electricity and telephones used by youngsters in rural villages up to top corporate. This will open up new employment opportunities and new markets may appear.

The access points would be fixed at locations of importance, such as universities, public parks, libraries and highly frequented railway stations and bus stops.

We are going to implement at 250 locations within the 100-day programme and the rest to follow within two to three months. But our dreams go beyond these 1,000. We want free Wi-Fi to be available everywhere in the country.

DM News

Rs. 212 Million fine on power pirates last year

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CRB) collected Rs. 212 million as fines from power pirates during raids conducted last year, Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said.

The minister said 3,199 people were found guilty of power pirating CEB sources said some had altered electricity meters while Others had tapped power illegally.

Minister Ranawaka said the government has taken measures to provide electricity to 96 percent of the people considering access to power is a right of the masses. “Illegal power tapping causes damages to the CEB as well as to the national economy.” he said. Ministry officials requested the public to inform of power pirates on 2422259.


New Price of Hybrid electric Car in Sri Lanka- After Budget


Vehicle Importers Association Chairman Mahinda Sarathchandra stated to media that prices of vehicles below 1000 cc would come down only by Rs. 25, 000 in the wake of the 15% tax reduction announced in Thursday’s mini budget while all hybrid cars would go up by as much as Rupees one million.

The custom duty for less than 1000cc vehicle is 172.5% which had been imposed on cars below 1000 CC was reduced to 155.25% which would result in a decrease of Rs. 25, 000 for cars below 1000 cc.

And he stated that however prices of hybrid Electric cars would go up by a huge amount due to the new tax system. he said the price of a Prius hybrid car would go up by Rs. 975, 000, Axio hybrid car by Rs. 725, 000 and Honda Fit hybrid car by Rs. 700, 000 because of the new taxation. He said the tax revisal would have an impact on vehicle importers.

Lake House Media Library – News from 1832 to now

Unearth the facts, the writings, the images of events and people of Sri Lanka in the 20th Century, and even before, in the foremost media library.

Use our collection of:

  • Newspaper and periodical hard copy archives from 1832 and digital copies of all ANCL publications since 2012
  • Photocopies and soft copies of news articles and advertisements
  • An indexed collection of published and unpublished photographs & negatives since 1950
  • Certified copies of advertisements and news articles of our publications
  • Over 37,000 newspaper clipping files of prominent personalities
  • Over 8000 newspaper clipping subject files on.
  • Politics, Social, National & International events, History, Cultural trends. Sports and a whole range of other subjects

Open for our valued customers, researchers, scholars, students and media professionals from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4pm excluding Public Holidays

For more details contact to chief librarian for further details on 0112429491 or 0112429429 Ext 491,492,493

Or see below image

Lake House Media Library – News from 1832 to now
Lake House Media Library – News from 1832 to now

Presidential Election Result 2015- Start Releasing Now

Sri Lanka Presidential Election Results are start Releasing on Department of Election Website and Other News sites.

If you would obtain upto date Sri lanka Presidential Election See Below Links


Click here for obtaining Presidential Election Result 2015 from Department of Election

Click here for obtaining Presidential Election Result 2015 from Daily Mirror/ Tamil Mirror/ Ada/ Lanka Deepa

Click here for obtaining Presidential Election Result 2015 from Ada Derana




Central Bank Introduce New Rs. 10.00 Coins with 25 District representations

Today, Central Bank Announce it is honour the people of the 25 districts of Sri Lanka by Launching a new series of Rs.10 coins

These new coins will be in circulation throughout the country, and could be used for payment in any part of the country.

See below images for how its represent each district as  and you could buy these 25 different Rs.10 Coins as collection as below

  • Coin Pack with 25 coins Rs.2,000 (with box) Rs.1,000 (with pouch)
  • Single Coin Card Rs.50/-
  • Coffee Table Book Rs.4,000


Those available for sale at

  • Economic History Museum: No.54,Central Point Building, Chatham Street, Colombo 1
  • Anuradhapura : No.341, Stage 1, Anuradhapura
  • Matara: No.35, Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Matara
  • Matale: No.805,Trincomalee Street, Mandandawala, Matale
  • Jaffna: No. 105, Arasady Road, Jaffna
  • Trincomalee: No. 103, Post Office Road, Trincomalee.
Central Bank Introduce New Rs. 10.00 Coins with 25 District representations
Central Bank Introduce New Rs. 10.00 Coins with 25 District representations

Sri Lanka army is into Economic Supportive development of Dairy farming

The Sri Lankan army, involved in business and economic activity since the May 2009 end of the conflict, is aiming to be one of the country’s largest milk producers.

As it expands its contribution to GDP growth – not through salaries, wages and expenditure on military hardware but real economic activity, the army has established its own Directorate for Agriculture and Livestock to promote agriculture and dairy industry.

This department is currently negotiating with an investor to import 10,000 cows with the capacity to produce 60 litres of milk per cow per day, from an Australian company.

A comprehensive plan has been crafted to increase milk production at its Kandakadu Agriculture Farm in Welikanda spanning over 11,140 acres and transforming it to become the biggest farm in South Asia. The milk production would be made available to MILCO for distribution.

Amidst the controversy last year, spilling into 2014, of contaminated milk from imported products, a campaign was launched to increase local milk production to reach self-sufficiency, and the army’s effort is in line with the national plan.

Sri Lanka annually requires around 900 million litres of milk but has the capacity to produce only 300 million litres, just 25-30 per cent of the total need. This is despite 30 per cent of the workforce of Sri Lanka being engaged in animal farming,

The milk food import bill costs US$400 million (or more than Rs. 49 billion) a year and the government’s plan is to attain self-sufficiency in milk by 2016. Several initiatives been directed towards this target through government and private sector efforts.

The army’s latest initiative is commensurate with its role of changing the landscape of Colombo and suburban areas and other cities including Kandy as well as entry into the hospitality and tourism sectors with the advantage of cheap labour and skills of security forces personnel. While there has been some criticism of the army’s role in business and allied activity particularly since it provides stiff competition to others which offer more costly services, the military hierarchy has somewhat deflated this criticism through showpiece infrastructure development like the Colombo Racecourse, the Arcade Independence Square, beautifying parks, playgrounds and the creation of walking, cycling and jogging tracks in Colombo and the suburbs.

The Kandakadu farm was taken over by the army from the control of the LTTE and reopened in 2011. The army is in the process of using the whole land area for agriculture, livestock and diary development. So far 300 acres have been cultivated while the dairy section of the farm currently has 200 milk cows.

According to military sources, the army will provide the skilled labour for the planned joint venture project with an Australian company which will set up cool rooms.

Meanwhile in another project to enhance local milk production, the Economic Development Ministry recently signed up with the Export Finance Insurance Corporation ( EFIC) of Australia and the Rabobank, Netherlands to provide funds to import 20,000 cows. Under this, the ministry will import 20,000 cows from Wellard Rural Export Pvt. Ltd, Australia at a cost of nearly $ 74 million (more than Rs. 9.6 billion).

In addition to the Kandakadu farm, the army has farms in Ella- Kantale, Kuttigala, Diyatalawa, Paanaluwa, Habarakada, Ekala, Kandakadu, Udayarkattukulam, Menik Farm, Nachchikuda, Kohilawaguruwatta, Palali and Wellakulam areas totalling 2196 acres.

Those farms grow paddy, corn, vegetables, fruits, coconuts, sugarcane, peanuts, oranges, arecanut, cinnamon, banana, jak, seasonal crops and produce dairy products. In addition, some of those farms carry out animal husbandry, poultry and dairy cattle activity.

Troops of the Sri Lanka Army General Services Corps are actively engaged in these projects island- wide and sell the harvest to the public at reasonable price.


Trainer aircraft lands safely at Ratmalana airport minus a wheel

A Cessna 152 private training aircraft which lost one wheel in midair landed safely at the Ratmalana Airport last morning. The pilot was flying over the southern expressway when the aircraft encountered the snag. the pilot informed flight control at Ratmalana that he was coming in to land minus a wheel.

Emergency teams were on hand on the runway as the plane came in to land and even though it overshot the runway tlie plane came to a stop safety Air force spokesman Wing Commander Glhan Seneviratne said the pilot was unharmed but in a state of shock.

The aircraft belongs to a pilot training school in Ratmalana run by Millennium Airlines. The wheel was later found near the Gelanlgama Interchange on the Expressway. It was collected by the police and handed over to air force authorities.

Police said the wheel had fallen outside the expressway and no one was hurt nor any vehicles damaged.

Registration of Advertising Organizations/companies for the year 2014-2015 in Colombo District – Applications calls by CMC

Applications will be received by CMC for the registration of advertising organizations/companies dealing with designing, Fabrication, installation and Displaying Advertisement Hoardings of size more than 15 sq.ft. in the city of Colombo, till 31st July 2014.

It should be noted that only advertising organizations/companies registered in Colombo Municipal Council are eligible to submit applications for displaying Advertisement Hoarding of size more than or equal to 15 square feet within Colombo city.

The registration will be valid from 01st July 2014 up to 31st December 2015.

Application forms and other documents for registration could be collected from Contract Branch of Municipal Engineer’s Department at Town Hall, Colombo 07 till 15.00 hrs on 30th July 2014, on request with payment of Rs. 1,154/- (inclusive of VAT S’ NBT) in cash as the non-refundable form fee.

Advertising organizations/companies who were earlier registered for this purpose in Colombo Municipal Council shall also submit fresh applications, if they intend to register for the year 2014-2015. (Applicants who have obtained applications for 2014 earlier will be issued free applications)

“Registration of Advertising Organizations/Companies for the year 2014-2015” shall be clearly marked on the top left-hand corner of sealed envelope carrying the applications.

Applications should be addressed to Municipal Commissioner, Colombo Municipal Council, Town Hall and Colombo 07 and sent by registered post to reach the office on or before 31st July 2014. Late applications will be rejected. (Applications cannot be submitted by hand).

The Council reserves the right to accept or reject any application without giving any reason whatsoever.

Further details could be obtained from Chairman/The Secretary of the Advertising Committee (T.P: 0112685055) of Colombo Municipal Council.

Municipal Commissioner,

Colombo Municipal Council,

Town Hall,

Colombo 07.

Registration of Advertising Organizationscompanies for the year 2014-2015 in Colombo District – Applications calls by CMC
Registration of Advertising Organizationscompanies for the year 2014-2015 in Colombo District – Applications calls by CMC

Samsung Gear Fit sales top 250,000 units

Launch stocks of the Samsung Gear Fit wearable fitness tracker are said to have sold out. with a reported 250,000 units being shifted in just 10 days of launched.

With the wrist-mounted Samsung Gear Fit having launched alongside the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone earlier this month, latest reports out have claimed all 250,000 Fits available on day one have now been shifted.

Going head-to-head with the likes of the Nike Fuel-Band SE and Jawbone UP24, the Samsung Gear Fit acts a fitness and wellbeing tracker, with an inbuilt heart rate sensor featuring alongside the device’s steps, distance and calorie burn tracking credentials.

.london domain is available from 29th April 2014

This year the internet is changing. For the first time in a generation London businesses have an opportunity to claim a web address that associates them with London, one of the greatest cities on earth, and make their web address more relevant and memorable. It is why we are supporting the new Dot London domain.

It is hard to imagine that 25 years ago few of us had heard of the internet now we take it for granted: watching films on demand and buying the weekly groceries.

To date companies have marked their presence online with generic internet domains like .com or From April 29 London businesses will be able to choose something more relevant and memorable – a domain uniquely associated with the city and its powerful global brand. However, a web address ending in .london says more about a business than just where it is – it is a statement about who they are and the aspirations they pursue.

As companies we rely on the web as a shop window for delivering goods and services. But it is also a tool for making connections. Twenty-five years ago it was about connecting computer networks. Today it is about connecting with people, communities and customers – and being relevant to them.

As the internet changes so businesses must evolve. We are all signing this open letter in support of the new Dot London domain and for all the benefits we believe it can bring. We would urge others to support it as well.

Sri Lanka Tecno 2013 on 11th to 13th October 2013 at BMICH

The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka organizes the Sri Lanka Tecno 2013 on 11th to 13th October 2013 at BMICH.

The Tecno 2013 Sri Lanka, meet the professional and fitness the best global practices of engineering and technology

For more information contact to Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka or see below image

Sri Lanka Tecno 2013 on 11th to 13th October 2013 at BMICH
Sri Lanka Tecno 2013 on 11th to 13th October 2013 at BMICH

Apple TV for Rs. 13,500.00 in Sri Lanka

Covert your LCD TV into Smart TV with Apple TV now for Rs. 13,500.00, are you ready t experience the new technologies as like Smart TV of your Ordinary LCD TV.

Visit Abans today and obtain your Apple TV solution for Rs. 13,500.00 and experience much benefits of

  • FULL HD 1080p & Wi-Fi
  • Play games on your television from your iPod touch, iPhone & iPad
  • Air Play (wirelessly displays your iPod, iPhone, iPad & Mac Book’s in your television)
  • Internet Radio, YouTube
  • Watch TV shows Listen to the latest music
  • Purchase the latest movies online

Visit Abans – Your Trusted Authorised Reseller: Liberty Arcade: 077 3732977, Colombo 03 : 011 2376226, Crescat: 011 2433710, MC : 077 494062 or see below image


Apple TV for Rs. 13,500.00 in Sri Lanka
Apple TV for Rs. 13,500.00 in Sri Lanka

Seven Colombo housing schemes to be renovated

The renovations of seven housing schemes in Colombo will commence within the next two months Under the Nagamu Purawara housing development project.

housing schemes, namely the Gunasinghepura housing scheme, Bloemandhal Housing Scheme, Samapura housing scheme, Mihindu Mawatha housing complex, Sucharitha Mawatha housing complex, Palliyawatte and Sirimapura housing complex, at a cost of Rs. 299 million.

The Gunasinghepura housing scheme consists of 312 houses and 208 shops. This housing scheme is to be renovated after 30 years at a cost of Rs.133.5 million.

The Bloemendhal housing scheme was established in 1957 consists of 396 housing units.


People’s Bank Mobile Banking Facility available now

The State Bank of People Bank has taken steps to adopt the new Technologies along with Online Banking facility with Mobile Banking service.

Register today for Mobile Banking with your nearest people’s Bank and enjoy Mobile Service.

Click Here to see More details about the People’s Bank online Banking

Click Here to see More details about the People’s Bank Mobile Banking

People’s Bank Mobile Banking Facility available now
People’s Bank Mobile Banking Facility available now

Cyber Security Summit 2013 – 25th June 2013

Sri Lanka is the world 8th highest in cyber attacks recorded according to Kaspersky’s List; Cyber criminals are likely to attack developing countries with fewer internet security defences and growing numbers of internet users. Awareness and knowledge is the key to prevention and protection.

Cyber security summit 2013 organised by CICRA and Daily FT on 25th June 2013 at Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo.

 Programme Schedule:

  • Leadership Forum with Breakfast (by Invitation only) from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m.
  • EC-Council Cyber Security Summit 2013 from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Tickets: Rs. 10,000/- per person
  • “Night Hack’ Informative Evening with Live Demonstrations followed by Cocktails from 6.30 p.m. onwards Tickets: Rs. 5,000/- per person
  • Combo Package for EC-Council Cyber Security Summit 2013 and ‘Night Hack’ Tickets: Rs. 12,500/- per person


For Inquiries, call: 0117209577 or visit

See below image for more information

Cyber Security Summit 2013 - 25th June 2013
Cyber Security Summit 2013 – 25th June 2013

Place a Classified Advertisement on Sunder Observer or Silumina via e-mobile

Just dial #429# on your Dialog, Mobitel or Etisalat phone and follow the easy instructions it’s as easy as sending a SMS! It’s not just quick, it’s instant! Your phone is now your gateway to classifieds.

Save your valuable time and money with e-mobile adz for more information contact 011-2445445,

Or see below image


Place a Classified Advertisement on Sunder Observer or Silumina via e-mobile
Place a Classified Advertisement on Sunder Observer or Silumina via e-mobile

Dailog 4G Networks Now in Galle

Dialog, the leading telecommunication service provider in srilanka introduced 4G LTE Networks to main cities in Sri Lanka.

The Dialog 4G LTE services are now available in the city & suburbs of Colombo, Kandy, Jaffna and Galle.

Transform your Home or Office into a High Speed 4G Zone for just Rs. 1,400/-** per month

  • Wi-Fi Built-in
  • 2 Data Ports
  • 1 Voice Port
  • Connection Fee Rs. 7,790/-
  • 4Mbps Home Plan with 25GB


* Some conditions will apply. Taxes applicable.

For more information call dialog on 0117 100 100 or see below images

Dailog 4G Networks Now in Galle
Dailog 4G Networks Now in Galle

Nissan to recall 841,000 vehicles due to steering wheel glitch

Nissan Motor Co Ltd will recall about 841,000 vehicles worldwide including Nissan March Model, as a result of a steering wheel glitch. These cars were produce in Britain and Japan between 2002 and 2006.

It is pulling back vehicles in Japan, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. The bolt used in the steering wheel of these cars may not have been properly tightened and at worst the steering wheel may not function, as stated by Nissan.

While there s No accidents, injuries or deaths have been reported Nissan will fix the glitch by either tightening the bolts or replacing the steering wheel with a new one. The repair will take about 40 minutes.

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Samsung Galaxy S IV Released – Soon it will available in Sri Lanka

Samsung released the latest version of its flagship Galaxy Smartphone Galaxy S4 on April 26,2013, armed with eye motion control technology that pauses a video when the user looks away, comes with a faster chip and is thinner and lighter than the previous S3 model.

It is expected to be available in Srilanka from the first week of May for those who made pre orders, and the price starts form 104,900 upwards.

Click Here to see the Specialisation, Features of the Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IV Released – Soon it will available in Sri Lanka
Samsung Galaxy S IV Released – Soon it will available in Sri Lanka

Nokia Lumia 950 the New Upcoming Smartphone from Nokia

Nokia Lumia 950 is an upcoming mobile from Nokia. It is a full touch screen display mobile and powered by high processor. at this time Nokia cannot Write about  the exact  specifications of the Nokia Lumia 950 but there are some  announced  specifications.

Nokia Lumia 950 Smartphone based on Windows 8 operating System. And some of the Specification of Nokia Lumia 950 are include

  • Full touch screen mobile
  • Latest high technology Processor
  • Double camera
  • Flash
  • 2 GB RAM

Price of Nokia Lumia 950 is not officially declared yet.

Nokia Lumia 950 Screen Features

The latest review shows that Nokia Lumia has some exiting features like 4.8-inch touch screen and HD Pure Motion to boost its performance.


Nokia Lumia 950 Processor

And also on the inside it will be provided with quad-core processor Snapdragon 2 GHz magnitude, which will be combining with its new technology of Adreno GPU 320 and 2 GB RAM LPDDR3.


Nokia Lumia 950 Cover

The Casing uni-body made of titanium steel would use on Nokia Lumia 950.


Nokia Lumia 950 Camera Features

The next impressive thing to be included in this phone is the camera, will use main camera 16 MP Preview with flash lamp Xenon, whereas the front camera is 2 MP with the battery capacity to support with 3100 mAh.


Nokia Lumia 950 Memory Card

Lumia has a microSD slot, which can be expanded to a capacity of 128 GB.  And will be released in later this year

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Prices and Features in Srilanka

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Prices and Features in Srilanka
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Prices and Features in Srilanka

Samsung unveiled an eight-inch tablet with phone call capability to rival Apple’s recently launched iPad mini and to concert its market dominance by offering devices in a variety of sizes.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 features an eight-inch screen and it is a similar to the 7.9 Inches rival of Apple i Pad Mini, which is Table with the ability to make phone calls.

The new device, now being marketed by Samsung as a “tablet”, is powered by Google’s Android software and will be showcased at the four-day Mobile World Congress in Barcelona beginning on February 25, the company said in a statement.

Like previous incarnations of the Galaxy Note, the device comes with a stylus pen allowing the user to write or draw on the screen, which can be split in two to run various programs at the same time.

The firm has recently shifted its focus to its Galaxy Note, which turned out to be far more popular than the larger Galaxy Tab.

Samsung and Apple accounted for more than half of all smart phone sales in the final quarter of 2012 – 29.0 percent for Samsung and 22.1 percent for Apple – according Sources

Click here to see the technical features and other facilities of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 in Srilanka.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 expected to be price as Rs. 100,000 upwards

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High-quality Megapixel Camera in Srilanka for Rs. 20,500.00 upwards

The David Pieris Information Technology Limited introduces the High Quality Megapixel cameras in Srilanka with better image view than CCTV Camera.


Benefits of High-quality Megapixel Camera

  • High-quality Megapixel Image
  • Truly Works on IP Infrastructure
  • Advanced Video Analytics and Intelligent Video Management
  • Two-way Audio
  • Supreme Night Visibility
  • Real Time Remote Viewing
  • H.264 Compressed Storage Utilization


Cash Price Rs. 20,500/- Upwards (Exclusive of Taxes)


For more information contact
David Pieris Information Technologies Limited
753, Pannipitiya Road,
Tel : 077-9 700 555, 011 4 700555


For more information see below image


High-quality Megapixel Camera in Srilanka for Rs. 20,500.00 upwards
High-quality Megapixel Camera in Srilanka for Rs. 20,500.00 upwards

Sri Lanka’s 1st 4G LTE Network Now in Kandy

Are you a Kandy resident , here the Dialog 4G LTE networks coming to you, its just available in the city & suburbs of Colombo and coming soon to your neighbourhood Transform your Home or Office into a High Speed 4G Zone for just Rs. 1,400/-** per month

  • Wi-Fi Built-In
  • 4 Data Ports
  • 2 Voice Ports (Optional)
  • Connection Fee Rs. 7,790/-

** 4Mbps Home Plan with 25GB

For more information call 0117 100 100 or see below image

Sri Lanka's 1st 4G LTE Network Now in Kandy
Sri Lanka’s 1st 4G LTE Network Now in Kandy

Nations Trust Mobile Banking – New Innovation in Srilankan Banking Industry

Nations Trust Bank Srilanka introduces New Mobile Applications for the any smart phones as with your busy life styles Banking Service.

Enjoy banking at your convenience with Nations Mobile Banking. Register to download our easy-to-use digital mobile app. now available for any smart phone and experience a new way of banking that suits your busy lifestyle.

You could enjoy services of

  • Fund Transfers
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Mini Statement Balance Inquiry on Savings
  • Current Accounts
  • Loans and I easing Facilities
  • American Express’ Card Balance Inquiry

For more information see below image

Nations Trust Mobile Banking - New Innovation in Srilankan Banking Industry
Nations Trust Mobile Banking – New Innovation in Srilankan Banking Industry