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  • Holiday Bungalow in Nuwara Elia – Grand Lake View

    You and your love one, family or friends may looking forward to spend a weekend or long holidays from your busy work schedule. Nuwara Elia is one of the best choice for this season. But finding a suitable accommodation within reach of central attraction and finding it within your budget around Nuwara Elia is a […]

  • Nuwara Eliya Horse Racing Festival 2016

    Horse Racing Festive is one of the main event in Sri Lanka Tourism calendar, Nuwara Eliya Horse Racing Festival will be held in every year in seasons of March, April, August, September, October, November and December. The event is main attraction of Sri Lanka Tourism for foreigners and local tourist. Where thousands of tourists are […]

  • Nuwara Elia Horse Racing Festival 2015 – Starts on March 2015

    Sri Lanka Turf Club Race Course in Nuwara Elia announces their Nuwara Elia Horse Racing Festival – 2015 on 21st March 2015. Thoroughbred Horses (Class I) 7 Furlongs Thoroughbred Horses (Class II) 7 Furlongs Thoroughbred Horses (Class III) 7 Furlongs Thoroughbred Horses (Class IV) 7 Furlongs Thoroughbred Horses (Class V) 7 Furlongs Thoroughbred Horses Maiden […]

  • John Keells Hotels looking forward to starts up a Hotel in Nuwara Eliya

    John Keells Hotels is currently looking forward an options of opening a property in Nuwara Eliya. It was pointed out that they were looking for expansion into the hills with a hotel project but there were no more details has been released. The hotels sector of the Keells group has no presence at present in […]

  • Little England Nuwara Elia attracts large crowd

    Large holiday crowds are in Nuwara Eliya enjoying the April holidays. The activities centre around Lake Gregory which has been developed by officials of the Urban Development Authority. The weekend recorded one of the largest holiday crowds with all schools closed for the vacation. This is a period where all leading hotels, guest houses and […]

  • Horse Racing Festival; Nuwara Elia 2014 – 6th, 15th and 19th April 2014 Race event at Nuwara Elia

    This April, Nuwara Eliya will pulsate with energy as thoroughbreds compete for prestige. The premier event of the season, feel the adrenaline rush and raw anticipation as it spills from the tracks on to the r0arin6 crowd.  An all-round annual celebration showcasing the best of fashion. Cuisine and entertainment with plenty of prizes and surprises. […]