Sampath Bank Interest rate for Loans

Sampath Bank announces lesser interest rates for the Loans and Leasing options.

Sampath Bank Housing Loan 12.5% A.R
Sampath Leasing 12.5% Upto 3 Years
Loans for Government Pensioners 13% A.R

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Obtain a loan or leasing in minimum time with minimum documents. Walk into your nearest Sampath Bank branch for more details or call 0112 30 30 50 or see below image

Sampath Bank Interest rate for Loans

As low as 13.5% Interest rate for Sampath Leasing

Sampath Leasing at Sampath Bank, Sampath Bank extend an exclusive service that you can always count on. Sampath Bank offer you the finest leasing deals in town, combined with competitive rates and flexible service. Sampath Bank are pleased to be your partner in the quest of fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.

Key Benefits

  • Financing up to 70%.
  • Quick, flexible and hassle-free service.
  • Flexible repayment plans to suit your budget.
  • Added convenience, with initial arrangements made over the phone and easy access via our islandwide branch network.
  • Monthly rentals are fixed. Hence, no fluctuations in rentals, unless there are changes in statutory charges applicable.

Leasing Solutions cover the diverse sectors given below:

  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Professional Services
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Health Services
  • Tourism



  • Lease Agreement
  • Personal guarantee and /or any other acceptable securities

Leasing an unregistered Japanese or European vehicle for 7 years and pay just Rs. 1,988/- per month for every Rs. 100,000/-

For more details see below image or contact to Sampath Bank on 0777 66 33 77

As low as 13.5% Interest rate for Sampath Leasing
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