Effective use of Linkedin for business growth

The programme is designed to provide a detailed understanding of Linkedln. The speaker will share different options in Linkedln which can be used for effective marketing campaigns and how to target the correct audience for business growth. Also she will share some of her case studies to provide a deeper understanding on Linkedln as a brand building platform


Programme Content

  1. Linkedln as a marketing platform
  2. Linkedln branding strategy
  3. Profile optimization
  4. Content planning & creation
  5. Lead generation in Linkedln
  6. Linkedln marketing tools
  7. Case studies
  8. Planning Linkedln campaigns
  9. Kick-starting the Linkedln campaign


Resource Person: Alexandra Galviz (Authentic Alex)

Linkedln Top Voice UK 2017&2018

Linkedln Local Co-Creator

Linkedln Personal Branding


Key Takeaways

  • Learning to generate leads in Linkedln
  • Kick start in Linkedln so you can generate leads almost immediately


For Whom

Marketing / Brand executives and those holding higher positions, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals

Event Date: 23rd January 2019

Time: 9 Am to 5 Pm

Venue: Hilton Residence

Investment: LKR 14,500/Nett

For more details contact to SLIM Trainings on 0702 003 300 / 0703 11 00 11 or see below image

Effective use of Linkedin for business growth

License to Sell – SLIM Training Programme

“License to sell” is a unique programme designed by Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing to elevate the standard of Executives, Distributors, Sales Representatives, any individuals who like to start a career in sales and anyone who likes to develop their skills in sales.

Programme Structure

“License to Sell” contains 11 modules. Each module works independently from the other in order to make it easy for the student to join. The student has to attend all the modules to get a better understanding of sales & to obtain the certificate.

Duration of each module is 2 hours and each session will be conducted once a week. The total duration of the programme is 22 hours.


The Modules

  1. Personal grooming & personal Branding
  2. Creating a winning attitude
  3. Developing confidence
  4. Leveraging technology for better prospecting
  5. Productivity, multitasking & time management
  6. Social media for sales
  7. Meeting the client & sales presentation skills
  8. Handling objections
  9. Closing techniques
  10. Building relationship
  11. Basic finance for sales


Class : Every Wednesday

Time: 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Location: SLIM Home

For more details contact to SLIM Trainings on 0703 069 031or see below image

License to Sell – SLIM Training Programme

Financial Intelligence for Marketers by SLIM Trainings

SLIM Trainings organise a programme with a scope of educating marketers about the Financial needs and this programme designed with financial formulas and ratios which are relevant for marketing and sales budgeting/planning.

Trainers will assist the participants in understanding financial reports and how to extract the relevant data for planning/forecasting.

The programme covers

  1. Understanding financial jargon
  2. Key elements of budgeting
  3. Financial formulas relevant for marketing and sales
  4. Understanding financial statements
  5. The importance of financial data in a boardroom discussions
  6. How to analyse financial data for planning
  7. How to use finance data in presentations

Resource Personals are

Chaaminda Kumarasiri (FCA, FCCA, ACMA, MCSI, FMAAT, MBA [Fin], B.Sc. Accy. [Sp.])

Mihindu Rajaratne (MBA (Sri.J),Chartered Marketer, Dip.M(UK))

For more details and entrollment contact to SLIM Training on 0702 003 300 / 070311 0011 or see below image

Financial Intelligence for Marketers by SLIM Trainings

Value added Tea and Spices Exports workshop on 11th June 2016

Sentro Consulting Private Limited announces that they organized a Value added Tea and Spices Exports workshop on 11th June 2016 at Satin Hall, Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo 01 from 9.00 Am to 5.50 Pm.

The programme will consist of

Introduction of Export of tea 9.00 am to 10.15am
Tea Break 10.15am to 10.30 am
Export of bulk and value added tea 10.30am to 12.30pm
Buffet lunch at harbour’s room restaurant 12.30pm to 1.00pm
Export of spices 1.00pm to 3.15pm
Tea Break 3.15pmto3.30pm
Marketing of agricultural products 3.30pm to 4.30pm
Terms of delivery, shipping and logistics 4,30pm to 5.00pm
Risk management 5.00pm to S.30pm


* * * Free list of 50 tea, spices and other agricultural product importers in United Arab Emirates



Mr.Niraj De Mel

Director – The Mel’s Ceylon (Pvt) ltd. former Chairman of Sri Lanka Tea Board & Tea Exporters’ Association.

Mr.Dhamika Gunasekara

Secretary – The Spices Export Council


Investment: Rs. 8500/-

For Further Information, Please Contact Sentro Consulting Private Limited at Level 1, No. 02, Rockwood Place, Colombo 07 or call 0117 711700,0112 698686

Or see below image

Value added Tea and Spices Exports workshop on 11th June 2016
Value added Tea and Spices Exports workshop on 11th June 2016

People Management SLIM Workshop on 20th March 2014

Human resource is the most precious resource in any organization. It is the only resource that can command and control the other resources. The people factor for organizational performance is of extreme importance due to this reason.

Every manager is a people manager. Ensuring proper employee care will lead to better customer care. This program is all about strengthening the people management knowledge & skills among functional managers. It will systematically guide the participants to grasp what, why and how aspects of people management. In an era where people have become the key competitive advantage, such an enhancement of knowledge and skills with the required attitude is of utmost importance.

At the end of this Programme the Participant can:

  • Clearly describe the fundamentals of managing people
  • Cleverly apply several key tools to strengthen their people management skills
  • Committedly interact with others in collectively applying the people management practices


Programme contents

  • Evolution of HR
  • Why you need to become a people manager ?
  • Balancing results and relationships
  • Attributes of a people manager
  • Key workplace challenges
  • Commitment toward humane results
  • Personal plan for progress


Resource Person – Dr. Ajantha Dharmasiri

For registration or reservation contact to Franki: 0727-774-587 / Thilini: 0727-296-926

Or see below image

People Management SLIM Workshop on 20th March 2014
People Management SLIM Workshop on 20th March 2014

Customer Service Excellence – SLIM Workshop on 22nd March 2014

Course Objectives

  • To understand how vital their role is in projecting a professional, business-friendly image of themselves and the organization they work for
  • To establish standards of excellence which focus on developing exceptional customer service
  • To differentiate your company from others by going the extra mile with a personal touch
  • To implement a common service language to connect effectively with others through simple and clear communication
  • To improve customer satisfaction scores
  • To implement GMP: (Good Management Principle)



  • The ultimate truth – nature of customers
  • Spirit of attitude
  • Under pressure -watch your pulse
  • Branding through image building
  • Recipe for enchanting customers
  • Implement good management practices

Target Group

Executives, sales personnel, customer service representatives and anyone in customer focused positions

Resource Person – Kanthi Basnayake

Kanthi Basnayake is a Corporate Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, and Behavioral Coach with several years’ exposure in training more than 1000 Individuals from various organizations in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Kanthi has been personally trained and coached in various arenas by many internationally renowned trainers. Her trainings are exhaustive and Include mindset management and skill sets enhancement.

Venue: Taj Samudra

Time:     9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Date:     22nd March 2014

For more details contact SLIM now or call Franki: 0727-774-587 / Thilini: 0727-296-926 or see below image

Customer Service Excellence – SLIM Workshop on 22nd March 2014
Customer Service Excellence – SLIM Workshop on 22nd March 2014