Ramayanaya tour in Sri Lanka

The Ramayanaya trail will be re – launched by the Sri Lanka Convention Bureau together with SLTPB and Srilankan Airlines in the coming months. The 14 sites accessible out of identified 52 Sites will be heavily promoted through various itineraries and packages.

The traditions of the Ramayana form an integral part of the shared cultural heritage of India and Sri Lanka. Major part of the Ramayana Episode has taken part in Sri Lanka and therefore Sri Lanka has special significance in the Ramayana Epic where pilgrim tourism can be promoted from India.

The sites include the places where Sit ha Devi has travelled to, consisting of archaeological areas, caves, mountains and temples which are of immense interest to Hindus. Sita Eliya, Ravana Ella, Hakgala, Maligatenna, Roomasala, Sitawaka and Kelaniya are some of the prominent localities associated with the Ramayana traditions.

During the last few years, India became the primary tourist and MICE tourist generating market for Sri Lanka . To cater to Indian market, Sri Lanka Tourism structured many new tourism products. Facilities for Corporate meetings and Incentives were among them.


Department of Wildlife Bungalows are Open for Public

Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) announced that WNPS Bungalows in Yala, Wilpattu and Udawalawe is now open for Non members of WNPS at same fee as now and WNPS members will obtain at a special rate.

The Bungalows in Yala, Wilpattu are cater upto 10 passengers and Udawalawe for 8 Passengers.

For more details contact to Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) on 0112 887390

Or see below image

Department of Wildlife Bungalows are Open for Public
Department of Wildlife Bungalows are Open for Public

TV programme ‘Bachelor’ (French version) Shooting expected to be in Sri Lanka for Episode 9-10

The New Tourism and Sports Minister Navin Dissanayake has invited the leading French TV channel NT 1 from France to film and telecast the prime time TV programme ‘Bachelor’ (French version) in Sri Lanka in line with the global trend of marketing tourist destinations via film tourism.

Minister Navin Dissanayake voiced “The popular TV series Bachelor that will be aired in France will be filmed across the world and I am happy that we have been able to get Sri Lanka into the choice set.”

Episode 1-2 is to be filmed in Spain, 4-5 in Paris, 6-8 in the Alps and episode 9-10 in Sri Lanka. This is a big win for the country and we must pursue this strategy as a public-private partnership project as the beneficiaries must be the private sector Minister Naveen Dissanayake said.

The Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau Rohantha Athukorala commented “The programme Bachelor (French version) attracts a viewership of 1.3 million in France and as the minister mentioned it commands a prime time belt.

Why Indian visits to Sri Lanka (Few Reasons to visit Sri Lanka)

Srilanka is a fast growing tourist destination in South Asian country which attracts more Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages and Typical Sri Lanka cultured wedding Packages.  In addition to that Sri Lanka cater to all needs of your tourism in nature, Beaches, Wild life safaris, cultural tours, Sri Lanka History tour, Honeymoon Tour, Education Tour and Shopping tours within this tiny island.

But for last 20 years Indian Tourist to Sri Lanka is keeping as higher number of foreign tourist arrivals, these days the Indian tourist arrivals denoted about 16% of total tourist arrivals of Sri Lanka tourism.

There are few reasons for Indian Tourist to visit Sri Lanka

Cost of Air Travel Cost (Flight to Sri Lanka)

Flights are quite affordable, A Delhi-Kochi return fare for weekend would cost INR 16,905 while a Colombo return would cost INR 22,576. Plus,  of course a ‘foreign’ tag to boast about.

VISA Process

The Emigration and Travel Approval or ETA, equivalent to a visa, is online and comes in minutes. Immigration clearance in Colombo is a breeze with travellers getting a free SIM card.


Booked online with no advance required – all payments on arrival. The rates for decent three to four star hotels range between INR 7,000 and 12,000 with breakfast and wifi free.


Freely available and fairly cheap. Unlike Kerala you don’t have to hide beer in coffee mugs at bars

Getting around

The expressway to the city from the airport is a smooth drive. Cars can do up to 120 kmph on the southern expressway though many prefer the longer, more scenic route. Highway to Jaffna also good.


Quite cheap with plentiful seafood, and so are taxis and public transport


Not on the scale of Bangkok but Colombo does offer quite a few international brands at bargain prices. Also does great linen and handlooms


Kalpitiya to become a tourist destination

Kalpitiya area will be developed as a tourist destination, Wayamba Development Authority Chairperson stated recently.

He said Kalpitiya and Arugambay are two of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Wayamba is still at basic; level and much more have to improve in the tourism industry of the area.

Three tourist information centres are located at Kurunegala, Badagamuwa and Yapahuwa.

He states tourist hotels in Kurunegala are small. Wayamba has archaeological sites of four kingdoms, European colonial monuments, birds and wildlife sanctuaries and such areas should be developed as tourist hotspots.

The main target of the Wayamba Development Authority is to attract foreign as well as local tourists and boost hotel accommodation. He said there are less hotels in Kurunegala and this would affect tourism. A large number of youths will benefit if tourism industry in the area is developed.


New Luxury buses for Arugambay and Passikuda

The Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) will launch two super luxury bus services along Arugam Bay-Colombo and Pasikuda-Colombo routes from this week.

SLTB Chief Operations Superintendent said the bus fare will be Rs. 1,100 per person on the Colombo-Arugam Bay route while the bus fare per person would be Rs. 1,000 on the Colombo-Pasikuda route.

Meanwhile, a new supper luxury bus service was introduced on the Colombo-Badulla route last week the bus fare per passenger is Rs. 750 per journey.

Super luxury buses already operate on the Kandy-Kurunegala, Kalpitiya-Kandy, Kalpitiya-Colombo, Colombo-Puttalam and Colombo-Chilaw routes.

The number of buses will be increased according to the needs in the future. He said that buses of a high standard were purchased by the SLTB with passenger safety in mind. Well-experienced drivers and luxury coaches are a must to operate transport services on long distance routes. We have trained drivers in this regard.

We plan to add more super luxury buses to the main towns and cities including the North and East on both expressways in due course

Tourist Guide Lecturers as interpreters for foreign investors in Sri Lanka

A one day workshop for Professional Tourist Guide Lecturers and other related professionals will be held on June 21 from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm at the main Library of the University of Colombo.

The first ever training course relevant to this field in Sri Lanka, the workshop is organized by the Department of Economics of the University of Colombo and the Russian Tourist Guide Lecturers’ Association. Many tourists visiting Sri Lanka are on the lookout for investment opportunities in the country. Such tourists are also a major and reliable source that could provide details of investment opportunities available in Sri Lanka to their home countries. To inform professional tourist guides largely engaged with tourists regarding investment and business opportunities in the country, would in turn help attract foreign investments to the country. As such, the main objective is to inform them in this regard

Participants’ knowledge on investment opportunities in Sri Lanka, government incentives and policy consultation for foreign investments, positive thinking, leadership skills and communication skills are expected to be improved. As they would be educated in healthcare, health safety, sustainable and environmental standards, their practical knowledge in preparing project reports would also be improved.

Promotion Officers of the Sri Lanka Investments Board, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority officials and University Lecturers too would engage as resource persons of the workshop. A valuable certificate for participants who successfully complete the one-day program would be issued by the Department of Economics of the University of Colombo.

Those interested in this regard, may obtain further details by calling Asanka Senanayake on 0718716755 and the Chairman of the Russian Tourist Guide Lecturers’ Association on 011258266 or 0716060995.