The hospitality management is define as “the management involve with the hospitals management”. The hospitality management is not different from the business management, but the hospitality management more concern about the relationships and marketing with management backgrounds.

The hospitality management is focus on

  • Hospital Administration
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information technology
  • HRM [human resource management]
  • Strategic decision making
  • Quality controls
  • Public relationships
  • patient care
  • personal care
  • basic first aides

I have seen some small level hospitals in the market which suffering because of lack of management skills. Some of the semi government hospitals also suffer sick of lack of management[Hospitals].

I have a plan to takeover such lose making hospital ventures and developed accordingly, I have target a hospital which providing a worst service now[hope until i buyout],

These are some strategies to Run A Successful Hospitals to be

  • Providing an of the excellent services,

Hospital is a place where earn through service they provides, the services are depend on the panel of the doctors and the board of directors. Most of the time people scold the hospitals are earning through get fear to the patient. But the reality is the hospital business is a most reputed business than the other businesses.

  • Excellent patient care,

The Patient care [customer] service is a key success factor of the business.

  • Panels of doctors,

The panel of doctors are also a main pillar of the hospitality business. The specialized and the patient friendly doctors are having a good demand for their consultancy services. The qualifications of the doctors also value added to the hospitals to build their brand name.

  • Affordable charges,

The fee collecting from the patient should be a sensitive factor in hospital businesses.  The hospital needs to develop a good names and capture the minds of customers,therefore they should charge lesser rates in initially.

This is a part of relationship marketing, to reduce the profits in first few arrivals and make them to feel the hospital is friendly service, therefore the money loose in the patients can collect thorough their developments of customers services.

  • Long term strategies,

The strategies to develop a long term business plans, than the short term focus.  The short term business plans will show good profits in initial stages but in future is questionable about their success.

The future plans should accordance to the mission and vision statement of the hospital.

  • Skilled supportive staffs,

The skilled supportive staffs are also a pillar of the successful business. The quality of services by the support staffs are added value to the hospitals and make the patient to feels free.

  • Locations

The location is an important factor of the business. Especially the hospital should have an easy access to the location. The location also is a peaceful and the widely available of transportation facilities to reachs hospital easily.

  • The ward facilities,

The ward is where the patient stays and getting the medical assistance. These ward facilities are necessary service to the patients.To be successfully to provide service of 24 X7, the ward facility is important to be access. 

  • Track record of the services

The track records of the services important to be maintain their standards and the levels of business.

  • Level of acceptance of the standards and regulations

Some of the standards are optional to follow to provide a  good service to the patients. The level of the acceptance of the requlations and standrads are the critical success factor of business.

The success of the hospitality is depending on the success of the capturing patient minds, and how fast the patient gets their good health backs.

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