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Srilanka Law College

Sri Lanka Law College calls Application for Entrance examination 2011 for Admission of Student Academic Year 2012.

The Applications will be issued till 7th April 2011 and the closing date will be 12th April 2011.

 For further details


Srilanka Law College,

Colombo 12.

Srilanka Law College Website:

Source: Sunday observer 03.04.2011

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  • D.L Saumya Kumari Ariyasena says:

    I am a student of eastern unversity. I like to enter the low collage in sri lanka. i am a bio science student. please pay your attention for this. Thank you

  • i am doing A/L arts stream. already i have done A/L. i like to enter the law college in srilanka. please Accept my details. Thank you

    • prasanna says:

      Dear D.LSaumya Kumari Ariyasena and M.N.F. Fasna,
      Srilanka Law College is professional institute to offering Attorney at Law. To Entering to Srilanka Law College there are few ways are available,
      • Sitting for Law College Entrance Examinations,
      • Studied in Law Faculty and sitting for examinations in Law College to get Attorney at Law.
      • Or be student in Open University LLB (Once Qualified) sitting Exams in Law College to be Attorney at Law.
      Hope the above information’s clear to you,
      If you want more information, feel free to contact,
      Thanks n best regards,

  • M.Fathima Shafra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I Like to enter The Low Collage in Sri Lanka.
    Could you please tell me how to enter this.
    may i enter this year (2011)?
    then what should i do? please help me sir.
    Please Accept my details too.
    Thank You!

  • prasanna says:

    Dear M.Fathima Shafra,
    To get into Srilanka Law College, you have to sit for the Entrance Examination Held by Legal Studies. It’s a competitive exam as well.
    See above Information for more details.

  • shehan says:

    i sat for the law entrance exam this year.i want to know when the results will release and is there any way to check my results through online.

    • prasanna says:

      Hi Shehan,
      As per My Knowledge there is no way to check results in online.
      But the Law College will publish the name list of selected candidates in the law College notice Board.
      You and Visit there and make sure your selected or not.
      And you will receive a result by post as well.


      • Kalpana says:

        Dear shehan & prasanna,
        You can view your results online through the SRI LANKA LAW COLLEGE web site & CFPS website.they will upload the name lists of the selected candidates.last year it was released on 22nd of October.But this year exam was bit delayed,therefore you will have to wait another 2 3 weeks to get results.

    • Madushanka Chandrasekare says:

      No…You Can Check it Online Via Law College Web site.No need to Go to Law College Friend go to this website Within Nov 7 to Nov 24 Results Will Come…..
      Wish You All the Best………

  • mafaz says:

    i did law college entrance exam in 2011 when will release our exam results?

  • osaka praveen says:

    im a law student @ open university, this is really hard to pass the exams in the without having a extral help….

  • N.suluxshiga says:

    its luxshy.i have done my A/L this August IN ARTS STREAM.I want to know weather al result needed 4 the enterence Exam or not.
    could u please help me to know this.also need a clear detail about the sillabus 4 Exam

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Luxshy,
      As per My Knowledge you can sit for Law Entrance Examination with Pending result. But when you enroll to Law College you should submit the A/L Result Sheet and other relevant requirements.
      The Syllabus is contains of
      • Nature of Law
      • Sources of Law
      • Constitution
      • Current Socio- Legal Issues
      And there is a Course book available for Study Supports.
      All the very best,

  • Gerry says:

    Dear Prasanna

    1)I hold LLB degree from Universsity of London and have also compleated soicitor exam in London. I am now over 35 years of age. Will there be any problem for me entering into the Law as regard to my age?

    2)If I am allowed to join the Law college I like to start my course in 2012. So, please tell me when should I submit my application?


    • prasanna says:

      Dear Gerry,
      Yes, you can enroll to Law College as a Student with your LLB Degree. There are no age limites for who has completed their LLB Degree.
      To Enroll 2012 Academic Batch you should presently visit Srilanka Law College and Enroll, and you may need to do all 3 years Examination.
      For More information contact: 011 2 323759
      Thanks n Best regards,

  • Nimmi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have already did the Law College Entrance examination in 2011. When will our exam results release? will it take a long time?

    Thank You

  • Gaanu says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can I know when will be the results are out law entrance examination in 2011?And how we know our results?

    Thank you….

  • nifras says:

    dear sir,
    Now i am study at A/L,i would like to study law, how to join law college now sir

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Nifras,
      There are 4 ways to enter law College,
      • With your A/L result you can enter for Law Faculty of Srilankan University and Follow on Law College
      • By doing Law College entrance Exams and enter into Srilanka Law College
      • By Doing LLB Degree in Open University and enter to law College
      • And Having Recognized Law Degree and Enter Law College.
      All the Students who complete the Universities need to Follow law College Examination to be Attorney at Law in Srilanka.

  • Ashi says:

    Dear Sir

    Is it compulsory to pass A/L examination at first sitting to face or register for the Law entrance exam ??

  • Nimmi says:

    Dear sir,
    I did my A/L in 2008 for 1st time. but i was able to get only 2 pasess. Then I did a/l for 2nd time in 2009 and I passed the exam. so if i pass the law college entrance examination can i enter to the law college.

  • matheivathen says:

    i am follow law entrance exam 2011 ,this exam lot of question out of syallbus, any way which books refer entrance exam sir?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Mr. Matheivathen,
      As per My knowledge only the source is Law College Entrance Course Book, but Recently the Question is Rise from the Current Affairs and International Institutions.
      You May expected to have wider Knowledge to pass the Law Entrance Exams,
      Thanks and Best regards,

  • ayesha.jeewanthi says:

    sir, Is the course book change from year to year? from where I buy pass paper and can search online?

    Thank you

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Ayesha,
      As Per my Knowledge the Recently Course Book were updated, and when you register for your examinations you can obtain the Pass Paper Book,

  • W.J.Mahesh says:

    I like low collage

  • Nimmi says:

    Dear sir,
    I did my A/L in 2008 for 1st time. but i was able to get only 2 passes. Then I did a/l for 2nd time in 2009 and I passed the exam. so if i pass the law college entrance examination can i enter to the law college.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Nimmi,
      I think you cannot, but Don’t Hopeless, Try to Call Law College And ask the Other Alternative Options to Qualifies Law entrance requirement,
      I hope there are some other requirements, other than GCE (A/L)

  • Rizan says:

    Dear sir,
    Have the results of the lastly concluded law entrence exam released

  • I want to know about law entrence exame 2011 result.

  • Nadeeraa Herath says:

    dear sir,
    i sat for law entrance exam this year. in which day will release our exam results.
    regards Nadeeraa Herath.

  • pradeep says:

    dear Sir,

    can you tell me when will the results come.

    thanks & regards,

    Pradeep W.

  • Purani says:

    Dear sir,

    Can you please tell us when will the results come.

    Thank you,

  • sanjeewani says:

    Dear sir,

    Can you please tell us when will the results come.

    Thank you,

  • chris says:

    please may i know when wil be 2011 law college results release?????????????????? please reply this soon as posible.

  • Chandana Udagedara says:

    Law college entrance results will be released on 9th..

  • renushan says:

    Can you please tell us when will the results come.

    Thank you,

  • Nadeeraa Herath says:

    oh god where is our results

  • mafaz says:

    dear sir
    can you tell me when will the result come

  • Gaanu says:

    Dear sir,
    when will the results come….
    thank you.

  • mohamed hair says:

    relesed the result quckly please

  • Chamidu says:

    Dear sir,
    can you tell some good institute for do the law entrance exam course.

  • nipuni abesekara says:

    dear sir,when will they release the results i herd some information about the results cutoff mark is 70.thrue 241 is that true

  • Shihan says:

    can anyone give me the web address where i can see my law entrance exam 2011 results

  • amila says:

    if i pass the law entrance exam can i enter to the law college
    how many student enter to law college in one year by passing the law entrance exam

  • Gaanu says:

    Are they going to release our results today @ noon?

  • sagara says:

    regarding law entrance examination
    in the law entrance examination caurse book,issued by law college the principle of the law college has mentioned “candidates are not required to study any special text” But in the xam they ask very deep knowledge about law, that are in “special text”. This special deep law knowledge is given by law tution businessmans. if we go to that tusion black market, we can get high knoledge, that ask in the xam. we dont know there is a connection between this tutary and law college. however at the end the tution masters pass with dictintions, whoever fail. what do u think about this.

  • Dilhan says:

    Results have released. Congrats all who have passed the exam…

  • chandana says:

    any one know how much is the law college course fee per year

  • maheeka says:

    now i doing lAw entrance .try harder and i hope to go law college..

  • chathurangi says:

    i want to check my i do it.pls help.thank you

  • bazi says:


    im 35yrs,(22/12/1976) is it possible me to enter to the entrence examination in 2012 intake

    regards Bazi.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Bazi,
      About 3 years ago there is not Age limitation, but I heard there is a Age limitation now, but if you really interested to enter law College you have some options,
      Study LLB degree in Outside and enter to law College to Obtain Attorney at Law,
      And cost benefit approaches is Study LLB at Open University and enter law College.

  • fathima hidaya says:

    sir,i did A/l in 2010.already i have selected for the university.after that i did law entrance exam in 2010 august for the first time.last week i got my results.i have got 79 marks and selected for law what can i do for my university studies?i am expecting a good reply from you.

  • chandana says:

    dear sir
    may i know how much is the law college course fee per year?

  • nima says:

    sir,Is there any problem to enter the law college while studying in a university of sri lanka?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Nima,
      Yes, when you’re following Degree in Srilankan Universities, you cannot Study Attorney at Law,
      But as per my Knowledge, you can sit for the Law Entrance exams while studying in Universities. And if you select for Law College, you can postpone your Law College Academic Year till you complete your University Degree, but is also a Limited Time,
      For More information contact to Law College,

  • nima says:

    I like to follow the law entrance exam.But i haven’t a pass for english.can you inform me that what are the valid courses to follow for this problem

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Nima,
      As per my Knowledge you need English pass for GCE O/L Examination,
      If you don’t have there are few Options there, you can obtain those information from law College,

  • M.H.M Nafahan says:

    dear sir

    i was done my law entrance exam in 2011 and i want to know how can i see my result in website. i kindly request you please mention the correct link which i can see my result of 2011.

    thanking you

  • Hamza says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have passed my entrance exams and have to register on the 10th of January 2012. However I am in the Uk at the moment and will be flying back to Sri Lanka at the end of February.
    Please advise about late registration or do i still have to come on the 10th of January.

    Thank you

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Hamza,
      Congratulations, and better you try your best to register before the date itself.
      But you can speak to Law College staff whether you can register through your representative in Srilanka,
      Tel: 0094 11 2473119 or 0094 11 2323759

  • Vindya says:

    Dear sir,
    i did my A/l exam in 2011 and i passed. So now i wish to write law enterence exam. When should i register for it & can you say good institute for follow entrnce exam course? Can i start that course in 2012 janury? Is it there enough time to complete course in succesfull? I did my A/l in bio subject. Wish u a happy nw year!

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Vindya,
      Best wishes for your studies. Yes you can start studying for law entrance examinations. Between the application date will be announced by Law College.
      There are some tuition providers available in Colombo and other places too.
      CFPS is one of the good institutes as per my view.

  • farzana gaous says:

    dear sir, can i follow the law entrance in tamil can i follow? Whom i should contect ? Can u give any information about this?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Farzaana Gaous,
      Yes you can do the exams in Tamil Medium too. Exams are conducted in all 3 languages.
      For all the examinations the law college will inform a date to register for the examinations. You have to register for it, in the applications you should apply exam language as Tamil.
      Best wishes to you.

  • chrisheni shehari says:


    I’m chrisheni. I’m a A/L student who is doing A/L’s in art stream. shall I ready for the “law college entrance examination” plus continuing my A/L exam?

    your reply is highly appreciate.

    • prasanna says:

      Hi Chrisheni,
      Yes you can, Hope your Advance level exams on mid of 2012 and Law Entrance Exams will be after that. If the Above Conditions applies you can sit for the Law Entrance exams with A/L pending Result.
      The same time you can try to get in to LLB Degree and becomes Lawyer.
      Better you decided which way you want to be,
      Best regards,

  • U S C PERERA says:

    Dear Sir

    I am working i want to do i have few quastion
    1.When is the next entance exam for 2012?
    2.How do i register ?
    3.How can i get study material for the exam
    4.Can I go to the Law college while i am working ?
    5.If i pass the excam do i still need get a LLB digree at open univercity?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear U S C Perera
      Answers for your questions
      1] Not Jet Announced By Law College
      2] Law College will Announced to Public about the registration and Closing dates
      3] You have to Fill the Application form which provided by law College once they announced the Date of Applies.
      4] The Law College, Legal Studies are Fulltime 3 year Programme, therefore its Depend on the Working Time of your’s ( Classes will be from Morning to Evening)
      5] if you pass Law Entrance Exam, you don’t Need Open University LLB Degree to Enter Law College, but LLB and Law Attorney at Law are Different. Therefore better to follow if you got Law College Admissions.
      Thanks N Best Regards,

  • chrisheni shehari says:


    1st of all i would like to thank you because of you kind response that you have been done yesterday. please can i know about the defference between LLb degree and law attorney.

    your reply is highly appeciate.


    • prasanna says:

      Dear Chrisheni,
      The LLB degree is an Academic Qualification in the law Field which is not enough to practices as lawyer in Srilanka.
      If you want to practices as Lawyer in Srilanka you need to get Attorney At Law qualification with Law College. Therefore all the LLB Students needs to be do All 3 Years examination to Obtain Attorney At law Professional Qualifications.
      But you have options to finish all 3 years exams within the period of 1 and half years.
      That’s the basic information of LLB and Attorney At Law.
      LLB Degree in University – 3 Years
      Law College Studies – 3 years
      If you do LLB and then come to Law College to obtain Attorney At Law – 3 Years(University) + 1.5 years (Law College)
      Hope you understood,

  • Sohan Gamage says:

    dear sir,
    i’m a 1st year student of university of sri j’pura, i’m attending law entrance classes in order to enter the law college. i need to know whether i would be able to balance both if i get the chance to enter the law college as uni of sri j’pura strictly check for the 80% attendance, and does the law college do the same,

    thank you

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Sohan Gamage,
      According to Srilanka Education system, you can’t follow 2 Government University degrees at same time. Therefore if you got a chance to enter the law college you can’t register as student at Law College too. And the Law College is also strict with the 80% Attendance.
      Therefore in practically you can’t do both at the same time, but there is a way to do,
      If you got a chance to enter Law College, you can register as student in Law College and postpone your academic year by few years later. But that option also for applicable only few years.

  • fathima hidaya says:

    sir ,i didn’t see ur openion in my inbox.sir,can u pls snd that openion to above mail adress.

  • fathima hidaya says:

    sir,can you pls tel about law college fee?

  • fathima hidaya says:

    thnx for ur valuable openion

  • Janani says:

    Dear sir,
    I have few questions to ask.
    1.If I get the LL.B degree,is it compulsory to do the exam in Law College.
    2.What is the best institute for LL.B degree?
    3.And some says that although we get the LL.B degree it’s hard to pass law college’s last exam.(which means we’ll fail)is it true?
    Thank you.

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Janani,
      1] If you have LLB Degree, you are the graduated in Law. And if you want to practices as a Lawyer in Srilanka, you should sit for the Law College examinations.
      2] There are many Institutes offering LLB Degree (UK) . Even Srilanka Open University having Law Degree Programme.
      While to select the LLB Degree Better you Double Check with law College whether is that LLB Degree is Acceptable by Legal Studies in Srilanka.
      3] No, Not like that. There are Many Lawyer are Entering to the Field, don’t thinks its Difficult.
      Hope your Clear,
      Thanks N Best Regards,

  • tharik says:

    iam already have a selected mit from south eastern, but i have not instrate so how write a law exam?

  • Sudath says:

    I heard that the age limit of 35 years has now been removed to enter the Law College. I am a 52 years old professionally qualified accountant. Just tell me how to enter the Law College? How to get the detailed syllabus for the Entrance Exam?. During what time do they conduct lectures at Law College?

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Sudth,
      The Age Limits of 35 Years has been removed by Law College. You can obtain the Syllabus and the Details from the Law College. The Applications Process will be Notice to the Public By News paper.
      Thanks N best regards,

  • Janani says:

    Thank you very much sir.

  • Ajantha Dilani says:

    I really appreciate your guidance with valuable information on this site!!! 😀
    I’m continuing London A/L examination + Sri lankan A Level in commerce stream as a private candidate, … But now I want to pause may London A level and Do the sri lankan A Level in this year (2012) in order to get 3 passes and enter the Law college! I’m so sure of getting 3 passes in this year , but at the same time I want to sit for the Law entrance exam too, in this year itself( I like try it as soon as possible,)If I manage the time to continue Law entrance + Srilankan A level together within this year (2012), Can i Sit for the Law entrance exam in this year?? ( I like to get the risk ;D) In addition, should I fill my A level result in the application form for the Law entrance exam??

    Or alternatively,
    Is it possible to sit for the law entrance exam only with the AS level( London) results?

    and finally,
    can I get ready for law entrance successfully, within 7 months( If I work hard,?? )

    I’ll be really grateful for your valuable advice Sir! 🙂

    Have a nice day!!!!!!! 😀

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Ajantha Dilani,
      You can do your Law Entrance Examination in 2012 itself, when you Apply for the Law Entrance Examination you can Fill the Form as AL result is Pending Status (acceptable by Law College).
      But once you qualified in Examinations when you register in Law College you must submit A/L Result as 3 passes at Least. So, there is no Problem for you to Sit Law Entrance exam this Year.
      All the Best..
      Thank N Best regards,

  • Ajantha Dilani says:

    Oh great, thank you very much sir it is really encouraging!!! But I have one more doubt, Is it possible to be ready within 7 months, According to your opinion, and it is stated that the candidate should be over 18? is it at the time of filling the application form or, at the time when you sit for the exam? 🙂 please I need further advice from you!

    _Thank you very much sir!


  • farzana gaous says:

    dear sir, can i follow the lawentrance exam in tamil medium where i should go to the class can u help me about this

  • AB ARZATH says:

    Dear sir. I need some information.
    when you start entrance exams?
    where we study background of law in tamil medium?
    And how to get application?

    pls sir.

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear AB Arzath,
      Normally the exams will be 2nd half of the year, and the application will be call on March to April period.
      There are many classes are conducted for Tamil medium, mostly around Wellawatta in Colombo.
      Contact Tamil Sangam.
      Thanks N Best regards,

  • ARZATH says:

    Dear sir.
    where we study background of law in Tamil medium?
    And how to get application?

    pleas sir.

  • farzana gaous says:

    dear sir, can u refer the teacher who conducting class in tamil medium .be case i am out side in colombo pleace help me

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Farzana,
      There are many personal classes and group classes conducted in Colombo (mostly on Bambalapitiya and Wellawatta)
      I can’t specially mention a individual name, but if you contact Colombo Tamil Sangam, who was conducted Law Entrance Classes in Tamil medium.
      Thanks N best regards,

  • Mahilini S says:

    Hi ,
    I am writing to request information on admission procedures for a law graduate.I(Srilankan national) graduated at Oxford Brookes University (UK) in 2010.since then i have been working in a law firm to gain experience (UK).

    To become Attorney- at- law in Srilanka, I would like to know the following information:

    1) What must I do to get an admission?

    2) If I plan to start after July 2012, which month I would be able to start my studies and how long it will be?

    3) Where can I get an application form?
    4) If i am not in the country at the time of closing date of the application ,can someone submitt my application form on my behalf?

    4) Do I need to attend the lectures?

    From your previous comment i assume that i need to study for 1.5 years ,but is it for overseas graduates as well?

    I would be very grateful if you could reply to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Mahilini S,
      You can be a lawyer in Srilanka in 1.5 Year, if you have any acceptable or recognized LLB Degree.
      Normally the academic year is starting from January of every year.

      Answers for you,
      1] You don’t need to do Law Entrance examination, but you have to submit the Applications for enrolment with your degree.
      2] Academic year starts from only January of every year.
      3] At Law College, you can communicate with them via Email
      4] No Idea
      5] I think you need not.


  • Prasanna says:

    Dear All,
    Srilanka Law College invites the Applications for the 2013 Academic Year, for More information Keep In touch with

  • Thejani Hewawasam says:

    Dear sir, I also hope to enter the law college in academic year 2013.and i want to know that are you conducting entrance examination classes. if not can you recommend the suitable class for me…plz sir reply me as soon .thank you

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Thejani,
      There are many classes available in Colombo and other parts of Srilanka. and you can follow any of 3 language,
      For Ex:
      English Medium: CFPS
      Sinhala Medium: CFPS
      Tamil Medium: Tamil Sangam
      And many more places,
      Thanks N best regards,

  • S.vijayan says:

    Sir,i am sat for g.c.e.a/l 2011 i was passed the 3 subjects. shall i apply for law entrance exam?

  • Ayesha says:

    Dear sir,

    I couldn’t pass the A/L exam in 1 time.I had only 2 passe.But now I have A/l 3 passe in one and same sitting.can i sit to the law entrance exam?

  • magna says:

    i have pending result in alevel and now i wish to do my law degree through diploma in law at aquanas but its so cost so now im thinking to do my degree at open university sri lsnka if may i join at their if they get low cost

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Magna,

      you can do Law Entrance, the Application closing date will be tommorrow, and if you choice the Open University, its good for you to take LLB Degree in Period of 4 to 5 years and again you have to Go Law College to take yout AAL.

      i will suggest you to do Law Entrance than Any other Diploma’s

      Best regards,

  • sujee says:

    Hello !
    I’m sujee. I was complete my A/L in Srilanka and I finished my B.A sociology in India. Now I would like to do Law. so that i want to conform how many years of course to do? when is the Entrance Examination?? month of may only i can come to Srilanka so how can i send my Entrance examination form??

  • Ishara says:

    I’m doing logic,economics and political science for a/l..could i go to faculty of law if i would pass the a/l exam?please help me for this..

  • s.vijayan says:

    my name is vijayan i was passed g.c.e.o/l examination in 2008. But my english result is S and tamil result also S.after i did g.c.e.a/l exam in 2011. I was passed 3 subjects there are tamil*C , political*S , hindu culture*C.
    i want to ask one quetion? Shall i apply to law college ? Or first of all, can i do llb at ousl and after to follow Attoney at law . please sir could you tell me ?what is the better to do

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Mr.S.Vijayan,
      Yes you can Do Attorney At Law and LLB Open University as well, – Your result is More enough for you to sit Both Examinations.

      i would always suggest Attorney At Law will be best option than LLB at Open University. even if you Follow LLB at Open University you have to do Attorney At Law to become a Lawyer, therefore always better to sit for Law Entrance Examination.

      but Get into law College is not easy, where you have work hard for entrance Exam. and the Application for Law Entrance exams are closed now,

      so better you do Both entrance exams now, if you got LLB go to Open University and if you got Law College admission go to Law College, it is depend on you to do Both or one is better??
      something is better than Nothing,
      all the very best,
      best regards,

  • rushani says:

    dear sir.
    im doing a/l science.i want to do low so what results do u hoping to low.

  • imthiyas says:

    i have o level result two sitting first time 5 subject second time 1 subject inculed english c tamil c can i apply for the entrence exam

  • imthiyas says:

    i have o level result two sitting first sitting 5 subject second sitting one subject incuded english c tamil c and a level also have passed 3 subject can i apply for law entrance exam pls reply

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Imthiyas,
      Its depend on the board,
      Please contact to Law College and speak to relevant person for suitable information,
      Best regards,

  • wishmi says:

    dear sir..
    i did the A/L exam last year (2011) in science subjects..but i couldn’t pass the i’m doing A/L exam in art subjects..if i pass the exam can i apply for the law entrance exam..plz reply..

  • LMC says:

    students who like to do law entrance exam,
    if you like join with our facebook community.

  • sharmila says:

    sir, currently im following a law course in BCAS(BRITISH COLLEGE OF APPLIES STUDIES)can i register with law college after completing the course?? is bcas law degree program recognised by law college??
    can i join law college by completing institute of chartered secretaries and administration xam without doing entrance law college entrance xam ??
    thank you
    waiting to hear from u

  • maleesha says:

    Im a student doing arts stream for A/l , I like to enter the law college and i want learn more about law college,please accept my details. thank you

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Maleesha,
      Great to hear that you like to learn law, between there are many ways you can learn.
      1. Law College by get through the entrance exam,
      2. Get into University academic for LLB and become lawyer
      3. by Open University.

      For Law College and Open University, you need to apply for an entrance examination held once in year, for year 2012 application is closed now.
      So you can apply for next year entrance exams about April, 2013 for the academic year of 2014.

      Thanks N best regards,

  • Nilujan says:

    dear sir!
    iam a AL 1st year arts student, i would like to know about the result needed to enter sri lanka law collage, so can you please tell me the all qualification needed.

    waiting to hear from you…………….

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Nilujan,
      if you done with Art, than you can go to Faculty of Law in University or you needs to have 3c’s to apply law entrance examination

  • Nilujan says:

    dear sir!
    iam a A\L 1st year arts student, i would like to know about the result needed to enter sri lanka law collage, so can you please tell me the all qualification needed.

    waiting to hear from you…………….

  • dear sir,
    if someone get pass law entrance exam,can he/she study in the law college while studying for a degree in a government university?

  • P.A.T fernando says:

    dear sir…..
    can you please tell me about the entrance test 2012?

  • nilujan says:

    dear sir!
    i would like to do external LLB in srilanka low collage ,to complete that i need to know the fees or cost to be paid totally . so please help me to know the total fees sir.

    waiting to hear from you…………….

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Nilujan,
      You can’t Do External Degree in Srilanka Law College,
      You can do external Degrees from
      Open University of Srilanka
      Private Educational Institution with foreign Law Degree which is approved by Legal Studies

      Law College is only Professional Qualification Institute,

      Best Regards,

  • danushi says:

    dr sir,
    i did my a/ls in 2011 in commerce stream and i got s for economics and c for business studies. but i failed accounting so i did a/l exam again this year in 2012. i sat for the llb entrance exam at ousl this january 2012 but results are still pending because of the strike. what i want to know is if i pass the llb entrance exam can do llb by showing this year a/l results? or do i need to do the llb entrance exam again?and the other question is can do llb degree with my last year a/l results? (1s & 1c)

  • christina mariyan fernando says:

    I’m christina. 27 years old.i did my A/L 2004.but i didn’t pass exam. but i passed my O/L very well. now i would like to study law. please tell me sir what i want to do now? please help sir. thannk you.

  • Neela says:

    Dear Prasanna,

    Is it possible to pass the law college exam if you are not a sri lankan citizen? Is it possible to practice as an attorney at law if you are holding a working visa?

  • shanila says:

    dear sir
    Can you please tell us when will the 2011 ll.b results come.

    Thank you,

  • faisal says:

    dear sir
    i did my 12th under the cbse board i took science stream and i am nw looking to get an admission in srilanka law college..can you plase tell me the fees structure and the number of years il hve to study

  • upeksha jayasinghe says:

    dear sir,
    i did my a/ls in 2011 in science stream and i got c for agriculture. but i failed chemistry and i do a/l exam again this year in art stream.(agriculure , media,logic)
    now i would like to study law. i would like to know about the result needed to enter sri lanka law collage, so can you please tell me the all qualification needed.

  • kumara says:

    Dear sir,
    Please be kind enough to inform me
    1. Age limit to enroll LLB in OUSL
    2. Is OUSL conducts lectures on LLB weekends too.

    I am 36 years old government school teacher in Ampara.

    We highly appreciate your comment on this.

    Best regards,

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Kumara
      there is no age limited for LLB degree programmes and any of Open University Degree Programmes.
      you can do at any age, and Law College even remove its age restrictions,

      all the best for your studies.

  • shewani says:

    Dear sir,
    Please advice if the LLB degree by NCAA is acceptable for the law collage? If so do we have to sit for the entrance exam?
    Looking forward for your kind dedication..

    • Prasanna says:

      only some of the LLB Degree only accepted by Law College, if you got ur LLB Degree, you don’t need to do Law Entrance Exams.

      Pls check the University name with srilanka law College about the Acceptability of degree by Law College.

  • I am a student of APIIT Institute. After my LLB Degree how long it will take to do the Exams?? Should i have to attend whole 3 years??

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