IATA/Airline Cabin Crew Course by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Srilankan Airline

International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Srilankan Airline
International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Srilankan Airline

Srilankan Airline Invites the interested Candidates to enrolling the following programme The Programmes are conducted by Srilankan Airlines and Certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

IATA/Airline Cabin Crew Course

Course Commencement: February and October
Duration: 2 months Class Rooms Training
Course Fee: LRK. 120,000.00 (inclusive of 12% VAT)

Installment Payments

In Registration: Rs. 10,000.00
1st Installment: Rs. 65,000.00
2nd Installment: Rs. 45,000.00

Application Closing Dates:

February Programme: 31st January
October Programme: 31st July

For More information:  http://www.srilankan.com/iaa



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85 thoughts on “IATA/Airline Cabin Crew Course by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Srilankan Airline”

  1. I want to follow this cabin crew course in this year. how is your job guarantee? please inform me. I followed a Airline Diploma Course last year. please send details.

    1. Hi Dilini Lakmali,
      Yes, you can , this course will educate and improve your public relation skills and make you as perfect Cabin Crew.
      But there is not Job Guaranteed by Srilankan Airline, if you really interested by Srilankan Airline or Any other Airlines Cabin Crew, this Certification will Add value to you,
      Best regards,

  2. I’m interest in cabin crew course by sri lankan air line.My height is 5″8 & weight is 47kg, Did my weight is a problem for appliyng for this course….

  3. I finished my AL exam in bio stream…i want to follow this course..if i do this course may i have a job in sri lankan or any other airways?im very interrested in this job…can I have information plz?

    1. Dear Milinda,
      yes this course is very useful for you, but its not guaranteed you for the job in Srilankan Airlines, but its help you to be cabin crew,

  4. to join to cabin crew is my dream i want to follow cabin crew course this job is apart of my life i love it to join to sri lankan airline and i need more detail privet sooo can i have a number to contact same one in the sri lankan airlines plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Dear Sulochani,
      there are few Institutions carried out cabin crew courses in Srilanka, the Srilankan Airline is one of them,
      you can see above image or visit to Srilankan Airline website for more information.


  5. I like to join sri lankan airlines cabin crew team. im 5’7 tall, have a tatto on my leg & im waiting for my A/l results . will it be a problem ?

  6. Dear sir,
    I done my A/L exam in 2012 in Maths stream,after that I’ve followed an English course in Diploma Level and also now I’ve applied for food and beverages and front office intermediate level courses at Ceylon Hotel School,as well as that I’ve trained on food and beverages field at the Taj Samudra Hotel with work experience.I want to know will F & B course be an another qualification for me when I applying for cabin crew and should I have that Diploma course certificate which the conducting by IAA.Not only that could you tell me the BMI number of they expect from candidates………………
    Thank you

  7. sir
    i already sent my online application to IAA cabin crew course april intake.still got no reply.now the site says that places are unavailable for april intake.is there any chanse i can join with this course in april

  8. I like to join sri lankan airline cabin crew. i just want to know when the nearest IAA cabin crew batch will be take and how do i apply to that ?

  9. Dear sir,
    My younger sister working in sri lankan airlines cabin crew. Because i like to join wit cabin crew. I m 17 years old. I done my O/L exam in 2012. please help to me. My only dream is Cabin Crew. my height is 5″8′ n weight is 70kg.

  10. I want to apply for the cabin crew course. How do i get the application. I done my o/l exam and diploma in computer’ my height is 5 ‘7’ and weight is 45′

  11. hello sir,

    I have completed my A/L exams in Kuwait & i have passed in it. I have done arts. can I do cabin crew. I know english, tamil, arabic, hindi. little sinhala & french.

  12. i heard that they are recruiting cabin crew from the ground staff only. is that true?then course will not be essential ?

  13. Dear sir/ madam
    i finished my a/l exam in bio steam i want to follow this course? may i have in srilanka or any other hostesses
    Im very interreted in this job can i have infomation plz

  14. Dear sir,
    i finish my A/l 2011.
    i like to learn Cabin creew. but my O/l english result is Normal “S” pass. can i apply. this course

  15. Dear sir
    Im a bachelor im 31y old can i apply the cabin crew course ? after that can i apply for sri lankan air line or other air lines for the cabin crew vacancies becouse of my age please give reply thank you

  16. Dear sir, my future is an air hoster..so i want to know does it belong to sri lankan cabin crew together to do?

  17. Dear sir,
    I am interestded in IATA cabin crew course. I Sucessfull completed E-TICKETING DIPLOMA in Mr.Deepal perera’s ticketing academy. but my O/l english result is Normal “S” pass. can i apply. this course

  18. I wont to do this cabin crew training, and I has know four language(Sinhala,tamil,hindi,english)so if there is any vacancies pleas inform me.and this is my mob.no,0097xxxxxxxxxxx

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