KFC Srilanka was launched in 1995 and since 18 Outlets island wide by Cargills by international brand with Srilankan tastes by Developing a Host of New Dishes to suit local palates like Buriyani and Kotthu along with the signature KFC Meals.

See below Prices are Updated KFC Dine in and Delivery service Menu Separately,

Dine in Menu

SnackerRs. 180.00
Veggie BurgerRs. 270.00
Zinger BurgerRs. 360.00
TwisterRs. 360.00
Chicken Submarine
RegularRs. 210.00
LargeRs. 380.00
2 Pc ChickenRs. 450.00
Chicken Buckets
8 Pc ChickenRs. 1,600.00
12 Pc ChickenRs. 2,300.00
Hot Wings Bucket
35 Pc Hot WingsRs. 2,000.00
60 Pc Hot WingsRs. 3,340.00
Hot Wings
3 Pc Hot WingsRs. 190.00
6 Pc Hot WingsRs. 360.00
Hot Drumlets
3 Pc DrumletsRs. 190.00
6 Pc DrumletsRs. 360.00
Chicken PopcornRs. 310.00
Chicken StripsRs. 310.00
Colonel’s Fries
RegularRs. 150.00
LargeRs. 190.00
Chicken Buriyani
RegularRs. 170.00
LargeRs. 270.00
Chicken Fried Rice
RegularRs. 180.00
LargeRs. 270.00
Biscuit PuddingRs. 110.00
Mini SundaeRs.110
Soft Ice CreamRs. 35.00
Veggie Burger MealRs. 490.00
Zinger Burger MealRs. 590.00
Twister MealRs. 590.00
2Pc Chicken MealRs. 585.00
KFC KrushersRs. 160.00


KFC Delivery Menu

SnackerRs. 180.00
Chicken Submarine
RegularRs. 210.00
LargeRs. 380.00
Veggie BurgerRs. 270.00
Zinger BurgerRs. 360.00
TwisterRs. 360.00
Chicken StripsRs. 310.00
Chicken PopcornRs. 310.00
Hot Drumlets
3 PcRs. 190.00
6 PcRs. 360.00
Hot Wings
3 PcRs. 190.00
6 PcRs. 360.00
Chicken Buriyani
RegularRs. 170.00
LargeRs. 270.00
Chicken Fried Rice
RegularRs. 180.00
LargeRs. 270.00
Chicken Bucket
8 PcRs. 1,600.00
12 PcRs. 2,300.00
Hot Wings Bucket / Box
20 PcRs. 1,100.00
35 PcRs. 2,000.00
60 PcRs. 3,340.00
Chicken Pieces
1 PcRs. 230.00
2 PcRs. 450.00
4 PcRs. 850.00
KFC Fiery Grilled Chicken
1 PcRs. 230.00
8 PcRs. 1,600.00
12 PcRs. 2,300.00
ColeslawRs. 120.0
Onion SambolRs. 50.00
Butter BunRs. 40.00
Pepsi, 7 UpRs. 100.00
Mango NectarRs. 80.00
Biscuit PuddingRs.110.00


Terms & Condition

Limited Delivery areas only

Minimum Order Value Rs. 300.00

Delivery Charges Rs. 150.00 Applicable


KFC Not Satisfied Customers

If you are the Customer with not Satisfying with KFC Foods and Outlet services, now you could give your comments and feedbacks to the Cargills.

Click Here to Give your Feedback about KFC Srilanka 


The Chicken Fried Rice Available at all the KFC Outlets of Srilanka

  1. Majestic City – Bambalapitiya
  2. Majestic City Food Court
  3. Hampdon Lane
  4. Union Place
  5. Kiribathgoda
  6. Ja-Ela
  7. Kandy
  8. Kotahena
  9. Moratuwa
  10. Mt.Lavinia
  11. Nugegoda
  12. Rajagiriya
  13. Fort Cargills
  14. Pelawatte
  15. Maharagama
  16. Jawatta

See below image for more information

KFC Delivery Menu Pg1

KFC Delivery Menu Pg1

KFC Delivery Menu Pg2

KFC Delivery Menu Pg2

KFC Dine in Menu Pg 1

KFC Dine in Menu Pg 2

KFC Dine in Menu Pg 2

47 Comments for this entry

  • gihan anthony says:

    hi please be kind enough to mention the items of delivery menu on the site.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Gihan,
      You may able to Order All the items in Menu, but the Home Delivery are taken to quoted time of 30 Minutes; therefore they will not offer a good which will be obsolete after 30 Minutes(which is KFC Standard).
      Thanks And Best Regards,

  • A.Shivashankar says:

    Hay i called your hotline just now thro select Tamil (Option 3) the person asked me to speak in English or Sinhala, if you dont have any tamil speakng agents pls remove the option # 3 & asked all cx to select only English or Sinhala rather waste our time & our call chargers, pls do needful.



  • pirashna thurka says:


  • Yashan says:

    can i know where is the KFC family restaurant near to Ragama???

  • balasaravan says:

    thank god for kfc being so near at most times. My home’s in bambalapitiya and office is near kotahena, need i say more? come birthdays, promotions, surprises, and etc its always kfc to the rescue. Kind of wish they bring back the potato puree, miss that loads 🙁

  • chathurika says:

    What is the kfc outlet nere bandaragama?

  • shazna says:

    i like kfc meals.

  • Rahmathullah says:

    I am working in Qatar. Please tell me whether I can order Kfc products online for delivery to my home in Negombo.

  • Dino says:

    Dear KFC,

    Please let me know the price for additional Cheese for a Chicken large submarine…. ???

  • aneesa says:

    please let me to know when ur’ll opening wattala baranch
    bcz i use to eat kfc once a week


    please deliver ur shakes as well,i love kfc meal because im a regular coustomer in union place branch,good luck

    • Prasanna says:

      Hi Bhagya Prasad,
      KFC is delivery most of the KFC Foods into home delivery, where they unable to home delivery the products which are expired (according to their standard time), or damageable while delivery.
      Best regards,

  • Supun Liyon says:

    All I can say is this. KFC Standard has falling drastically. They charge ridiculously high prices when compared to the prices they offer at other countries. May be that’s their way of ripping people off. And the foul smell you get while eating the Chicken? I had to eat that knowingly that I might end up falling sick. I have been a KFC customer ever since 1990 when I was in OMAN and so none of the management can Bullshit me about the quality of the food. Simply SL KFC is a disgrace. Sorry for having to speak the truth!

  • Lakshith says:

    Nugegoda kfc has a very low quality when it comes to burgers , the burger is not neat at all , the green leaves which are supposed to be inside the burger are scattered all over the inside of the box ,the burger doesn’t have a quality at all i’m only talking about the nugegoda kfc ,please send someone to check it ,i love the kfc chicken and everything but neatless burgers are just so disappointing,same goes with the submarine they have ..hope you consider this matter ,try to keep up the standereds in every kfc

  • Lakshith1 says:

    Nugegoda kfc has no quality when it comes to burgers and submarines,please pay more attension to your branches

  • A.R.M. Shafee says:

    While on my visit to the KFC outlet in the Katugastota Road branch earlier today i was highly disappointed as i was in decent terms,cheated.On the ad given in the outlet it has been indicated that for an 8 piece bucket a scratch and win chance has been given.But after my purchase the cashier holder by the name of “Manori” said that the chance was not possible.I am very disappointed and outraged to complain of this and i request a more efficient response from the outlet.Please do not cheat as such as we have trusted upon your company for years and may not hereafter.
    The invoice number-B09615
    If you wish to contact me- +94777802885

  • harshakapriyanjith says:

    i like kfc

  • shani says:

    By now i rly dnt go to kfc as t z so carelez n the bugers are so disgusting when where I go I have. To stay for more than 30 min to get my order and the buger is dam worse than dog shit and the chicken its just like a finger of a small kid dam I never knew That kfc is such a disgusting place and please pay your attention on Maharagama n nugegoda kfc outlets immediately.

  • Ahil says:

    no stock..
    Chicken bucketing today right???

  • alexi perera says:

    When I got to know of the KFC promo yesterday 15th may i told most of my friends, But to their disappointment and mine when we went to Jawatte and hampdon lane outlets they said that all there outlets were out of chicken and that they have ordered it but was not sure as to what time it will be available again.
    when a international chain like KFC has a promo they should plan it better and not disappoint the customer. shameful marketing.

  • Arstory says:

    Nugegoda branch sucks al da time very low quality delivery service

  • yasiru says:

    how can i oder online from kfc.

  • ian says:

    Hi prasad, is the batter, slaw, buns or any other component in the menu made using cows milk as an ingredient? my wife and i do enjoy having kfc but our infant has developed an allergy to dairy products. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks!

  • ian says:

    sorry about the above post, its for ‘prasanna’.



  • denuka peiris says:

    it is with great dissapointment that i would like to draw your attention to the following facts. i’m a regular customer at kandy and katugastota kfc, and i mostly use delivery service.but when compared with kfc outlets in colmbo and specially kiribathgoda, i happen to notice that the kandy and specially katugastota branch services are very poor, and the meals served greatly dissapoint the customers. specially on my way to colombo last week i tried the popcorn rice at kiiribathgoda branch and it was soo nice and fresh and really tasty.i was very much surprised at the high standards of that branch and determined to taste it agian, dropped in at th katugastota branch and the meal they served was horrific!! urghhhh… i was utterly dissapointed. the rice was too big unlike the real one, and not well cooked. it was as if serving a dog its meals.so poor standards and quality. though its supposd to be yellow rice it was half cooked, and it semmesd as though the remainings and the leftovers had been packed in as pop corn rice back in katugastota!!! is this how you people serve your customers?seriously you people should be ashamed of your service and for ruining the name KFC. also kandy delivery services are sooo poor. by the time the meals are deliverd its soaked within the boxes and hardly edible!!



  • houty singh says:

    The prices same as above mentioned you convert in to qatar prices it wil be start from 2 Riyals

  • Cindy says:

    What should i provide inorder to order food at kfc through credit card

  • Damith says:

    I’m from athurugiriya. I think you had better open a new KFC at Athurugiriya. there are so many high class families in athurugiya. specially athurugiriya millanniumcicy. so just think a little about that.

  • Satheesh says:

    Jawatta kfc has very very poor delivery service. It is said that they deliver within 30 minutes. Today, we orderd at 11.50am. but received the meals at 1.10pm. See, how fast their delivery. Tried several times to the same delivery number to check the status or cancel the order, but no response at all. Only their recording was going on. In the recording only, they say our calls are very important to them. Very funny and its waste of our money & time.

    Also after received the meals only, noted that there is no plastic spoons, tissues (tomato sauce sachets some time)what they usually offer. Why can’t you all offer the standard & unique service at all times?
    We ordered large chicken fried rice in which there should be 4 chicken pieces usually. but there was only one piece. Your service & products vary outlet to outlet and time to time. I decided not to order kfc meals hereafter.

  • Mrs.karunanayake says:

    I visited kfc wattala today around 1 pm. my son of age 2 years wanted to use the toilet and i noticed that there was no water and i asked for assistants and the reply was no water since the people use water to wash their feet.It was so sad to hear such a reply because how can a toilet be used without water in SRI LANKA. I wanted to speak to a manager and i told that to the person who later fixed a bidder shower i was surprised to notice that there was no manager for 2and a half hours and i walked out. i need a reasonable feed back soon. sad to say not looking forward to visit KFC WATTALA 🙁

  • Nalaka says:

    KFC has large varieties not like others like Cool Drinks. Thanks. Good service but not much outlets.

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