Bajaj unveils Bajaj Car – RE60

The Bajaj Auto, the India’s largest Bike and Auto Manufacturer unveil Bajaj 1st Car to the Market. The Bajaj RE60 has recorded high Fuel efficiency ratio of 35 Km per Liter.

RE60 Stands for

RE – Rear Engined

60 – The car will produce only 60g/Km of Carbon Dioxide.

The 60g/Km of Carbon Dioxides is about half of the other vehicles carbon.

The Bajaj RE60 designed with 700 to 800 cc engine and the top speed of 60 to 70 Km per Hour, which are similar engine capacity of TATA Nano or Maruti Suzuki. Therefore the Bajaj RE60 may expected to compete the Low price car market in India and other countries.


Expected features of Bajaj RE60

Engine Capacity: 800 cc
Engine type: Petrol
Fuel consumption: 35 km/ Hour
Fuel Consumption on testing: 40 Km/ Hour
Maximum Speed: 70 Km /Hour
Carbon emotion: 60g/Km
Weight: 400 kg


Special Features of RE60

  • Eco friendly
  • High fuel consumption
  • Metro use
  • Lesser environment pollutions
  • 4 seating capacity

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