The Apple iPod Nano is one tap wonder in the world with multi touch and music. The Apple iPod Nano gives you many benefits,

To listen Music

  • Multi touch  display
  • Enjoy to listen music unlimited music for 24 Hours,

To be Fitness Measures

  • Real time feedback on your workout
  • Nike + iPod Compatible cardio Machine to keep track on workout

Clock Faces

  • You can use it as wrist watches with 18 difference clock face design to choose

Enjoy making your own DJ

  • By using Apple iPod you can enjoy making own DJ with mixture of music.

FM Radio

  • Use Apple iPod nano as FM Radio tuner shows the artist, Songs or Programme.

Offer in Srilanka for Apple iPod Nano

The Abans Srilanka made an offer for Apple iPod Nano with the special discount of 30% from its usual price of Rs. 24,590.00. Now you can obtain your Apple iPod Nano for Rs. 16,731.00 in Srilanka.

For More information contact Abans on 011 2433710


Apple iPod Nano in Srilanka for Rs. 16,731.00

Apple iPod Nano in Srilanka for Rs. 16,731.00

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