The Institute of Human Rights has been conducting the diploma programme in Human Rights for the past 15 years in English, Sinhala and Tamil. This programme delivers an understanding of Human Rights, in a local and international context.

This is an interactive course that explores the concept of Human Rights, discusses the ‘rights’ dimension of global and local events and trends, and builds a community of individuals to participate in making a change.

The programme is delivered by a panel of Human Rights academics, activists and professionals working with government, non-governmental and academic institutions.

The course duration is eight months and is structured towards raising awareness on concepts of Human Rights, the mechanisms in place, issues relating to rights of vulnerable groups of persons and contextual issues relating to Human Rights.

The aim of the course is firstly, the facilitation of attitudes of tolerance and understanding and secondly the empowering of civil society.

For applications and details contact: O11 2502703 / 0112502810 or 154, 2nd Floor B, Havelock Road, Colombo 5  or


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