Are you looking forward to build your house with modern and unique, here is an offer from LEX DUCO to your house for 8.0 Million 2000sq.ft on your land with Free design consultancy service

Special features of Lex Duco?

  • Our designs: Our Chartered Architects work on 3 rules “Elegance”, “Give Budget”, and “Clients requirements”.
  • Value of Money: Our Chartered Structural Engineers and Quantity Surveyors use value engineering techniques to generate the best value for.
  • Construction Quality: Our dedicated construction team works on 2 principles “The Best Quality Construction” and “On Time Completion”.
  • No Sub Contracting: We do not sub contract or outsource our work, every case is handled by our in-house construction team.

It’s never too late for a right decision.

Call 0777 662 883/ 0771 662 883

Lex Duco (Pvt) Ltd

66, Dutugemunu Street, Kohuwala.

LEX DUCO House Builders in Sri Lanka

LEX DUCO House Builders in Sri Lanka

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