Hosting itself far from suburbs and surrounded with a total green experience with a hint of modern technology, on Embedding with 3 Grand villas, 7 luxury villas and 16 silk rooms, cocoon resort is truly a place where someone would prefer to plan their vacation away from all of the metropolitan mind set and from city chaos.

Providing itself with 4 types of accommodation, and matching 4 different economy stats, this  resort gives several options to the customer to chose, depending his personal and financial intention, the image previews  in the website of the resort are stunning, and very tempting to try and to feel the experience. This is the type that someone who would want to go and vanish on its privacy.

Not too far from the capital which is also important, it’s a sanctuary which you can find only within one and half hours, making it a very suitable rest place after a long week. And the staff’s Instinct about afternoon tea and the 5 year old can stay with their parents is a majestic complementary which most families will admire.

They offer lots of indoor sports which is ideal, like table tennis, badminton and gym. And also outdoor activities like cycling swimming and bird watching is also impressive. What they lack is more exiting outdoor events like adventure sports and cultural events. And also more activities and variety like adding a honeymoon suite, if not it only will stay a resort.

Cocoon Resort – the reality of Life

Cocoon Resort – the reality of Life

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