AUPP, Australian Unified Pathway Program,  which related to ASMA and MMC in Australia, Sows higher reliable roots when it comes to academic education institutes in South Asia, Being a Multinational program, and also an Australian based one, builds the trust in its students which  they need when conducting a Student migration program.

In South Asian countries, Lots of students are tent to migrate not only as a academic plan but also as a life and carrier plan as well. AUPP addresses the right age, which is After Advanced Level students in Sri Lanka, Where Most of them will be expecting to have migrate and starting to build their professional education and carrier path. And offering Study programs in UK, AUS, and NZ, Will be a good break-trough for them as these are the major countries that Most Sri Lankan students apply.

AUPP covers the field of

  • Information Technology (IT),
  • Information Systems (IS),
  • Management (BBA)
  • Accounting study,

Which are most popular subjects in Modern Sri Lankan younger student’s generations. And also they will provide them an excellent carrier path in modern economic world which they are intend to enter.

The next best thing is that they advice Migration,  providing Visa services and Visa counseling and  most importantly, they passes student trough a course set of  settlement in Foreign countries before they begin  their life at a whole new environment. This is the best advantage they have since the most foreign education program conducting institutes in Sri Lanka does not provide these services.

On the other side, there are lots of other institutes that has conducts similar courses in Sri Lanka and there are lots of foreign education institutes in Sri Lanka, like IDM, ACBT, ICBT, and so on. All of these programs offer foreign education and student migration programmes. Best thing that AUPP can do at first, is to build trust in Sri Lankan student population and prove the validity of the course that they are about to follow.

For more information about the degree programmes and other details see below image or contact AUPP on 0112 868431 or 0115 733884

Degree Programmes with AUPP Just After AL’s

Degree Programmes with AUPP Just After AL’s

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