Getting a discount will always draws the customer’s attention and from what universal trade link has done with offering their customer chance a good chance of getting the materials in a lower rate. And by that I mean the 50% discount for door locks and 20% discount on taps & fittings. This is a unique opportunity for other provincial dealers as well as to probing customers because in these days, nothing is cheap,

Especially when you see that these products are  used in housing,  building a house these days becomes more and more of a nightmare with all the cost that adds to all the materials that are in use  in housing including the kitchenware and bath ware, and where this offer fill be dragging prospect just by it s first looks. And having over 100 models to select from is a huge advantage for the consumer to choose this for his likings. And also it is a great offer with giving the brass items to a whole sale rate to the dealers and consumers alike.

Another thing customer is keen on is quality and reliability. On this occasion the Universal trade link is a reliable source and also these items should be good in quality as well as cheep in otherwise the customer will lose its trust of the company. Minding that this can be a great business move and a marketing strategy for the company not only to build its customer sales but also to make profit through quantity sales.

See below image for more information

Universal Trade Link Discounts upto 50% for this Season – April 2013

Universal Trade Link Discounts upto 50% for this Season – April 2013

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