For a Brand which starts it’s promotion in Sri Lanka, York does well claiming that it has been used all around the world

Being a US based product and Furthermore, being a Organization that has been for over 135 years will really build faith and confidence on customers on buying it

And Metropolitan being the service provider and distributor in Sri Lanka, will be a huge added advantage because when it comes to selling electronic Items and maintaining them, Metropolitan has its reputation throughout the country. Giving away the outlets where you can buy them on a map is also a good eye grabbing idea

The Price starting from LKR 60,000.00 is modest, and also should come with and installment plan and providing a vast range of thermal units is one of the key features that will affect on sales.

It is also a good thing to mention its modern design and also key features especially like low noise, Sleep mode and on/off timer is essential in the local market. Giving a one year warranty for the equipment and 5 years warranty on compressor will really motivate customers on buying it

There will be customers who would like to try this with these comments in hand, both personal and business alike

for more information see below image

York Air Conditioners in Sri Lanka Rs. 60,000.00 Upwards

York Air Conditioners in Sri Lanka Rs. 60,000.00 Upwards

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