For two hundred years and more, top quality in just about anything has been made in Germany. The same brilliance of concept, unity of style, perfectionism, functionality and durability is German quality Whether it’s high-tech personal and domestic appliances or the world’s finest fitted kitchens from Hacker kitchen germanMade.

Come to the opening of the new Hacker kitchen germanMade showroom on 24th August to discover the ultimate in quality kitchen systems – and stand a chance to win Bosch home appliances with the purchase of your Hacker kitchen.

Drop in any time and stay a while. Quality this high takes some time getting used to.

Visit Fine Furniture (Pvt) Ltd, No. 593/1/1, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya or see below image for more information

Hacker Kitchen Wears in Sri Lanka

Hacker Kitchen Wears in Sri Lanka

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