The Vijitha Yapa Bookshop announces the special promotions with the special prices of recent editions.

Sinhala Translation of ‘Gota’s War” by C.A.Chandraprema for Rs. 600 00

Pub.UK Price £5.64 (Rs. 1,178.00) -36% Off, Save: Rs.428.00 & Our Price: Rs. 750.00

Pub.UK Price £14.99 (Rs.3132.00) – 60% Off Save: Rs.1907.00 Our Price : Rs. 1225.00

A fictionalised account of Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra’s experiences as the ambassador to France: Rs. 890.00

Pub.UK Price £90.00 (Rs.18810.00) -48% off Save: Rs 9210.00 Our Price: Rs. 9600.00

Pub.UK Price £10.99 (Rs.2296.00) -49% Off Save: Rs.1146.00 Our Price: Rs.1150.00

Pub.UK Price £14.99 (Rs.3132.00)- 31% off Save: Rs.972.00 Our Price :Rs. 2160.00

And much more magazines at a special price


Vijitha Yapa Bookshop Sales at Special Price

Vijitha Yapa Bookshop Sales at Special Price

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