Softlogic announces special promotions for the Samsung Refrigerators with 10 Year warranty and enable you to save 20% more Energy.
Samsung Refrigerator RFG28MESL for Rs. 499,990.00 or Monthly Rs. 27,777.00

Samsung Refrigerator RS21HZLMR for Rs. 339,990.00 or Monthly Rs. 18,883.00

Samsung Refrigerator RS21HUTPN for Rs. 279,990.00 or Monthly Rs. 15,555.00

Samsung Refrigerator RS21HSTPN for Rs. 246,990.00 or Monthly Rs. 13,722.00

Samsung Refrigerator RT5582ATBSL/TL for Rs. 249,990.00 or, Monthly Rs. 13,888.00

Samsung Refrigerator RT36FDJFASL for Rs. 103,900.00 or Monthly Rs. 5,772.00

Samsung Refrigerator RT33FAJFASL for Rs. 95,900.00 or Monthly Rs. 5,328.00

Samsung Refrigerator RT26FAKMASE for Rs. 82,900.00 or Monthly Rs. 4,605.00

Samsung Refrigerator RA1914  Rs. 44,900.00 or Monthly Rs.2,494.00

For more information see below image call Softlogic or see below image

Samsung Refrigerators with 10 years warranty from Softlogic

Samsung Refrigerators with 10 years warranty from Softlogic

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