LG has introduced a line of Commercial Air Conditioners with VRF technology that can achieve up to 60% of higher energy saving.

Muliti V Space III

Multi V Space III is the advanced VRF system with new air flow technology which is suitable for high-rise buildings.


Multi V Mini

Multi V Mini is mainly designed for space saving in luxury premium residencies.


Muliti V IV

Multi V IV is designed with exceptional efficiency for any commercial & residential purposes.


Multi V Water IV

Multi V water IV is highly efficient, eco-friendly system using various heat sources such as soil, ground water, river as renewable energy for cooling & heating of a building.


Washable Multi V

Washable Multi V water is designed with Shell & Coil type heat exchanger which can be washed separately from the rest of the equipment. This unit can be connected to open type cooling tower.

And many more ranges of

  • Wall Mounted 2.2-7.1 kW
  • Ceiling Cassette 1.5-14.1 kW
  • Ceiling Concealed 1.5 – 28 kW
  • Ceiling Suspended 5-14.1 kW
  • Floor Standing 2.2-7.1 kW

Prices starts from Rs. 450,000/- Upwards for more information contact to Abans Limited – Central Air Conditioning & Engineering at 128, Airport Road, Ratmalana.

Tel: 0114216012-4, Fax: 0114216015,

E-mail: lgmultiv@abansgroup.com

Or see below image

LG Range of Commercial Air Conditioners Prices in Sri Lanka

LG Range of Commercial Air Conditioners Prices in Sri Lanka

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