These are the common question from every srilankan who is badly affect from the electricity fare hike in recent past, The electricity fare revision was badly harmed to the domestic/home user; who using Electricity consumption from 50 to 700 Units, where it is bit attractive to industrialise users more than 700 units.

Therefore many companies are coming with the new products to reduce electricity consumption, here is another best way to reduce your electricity.

Finco Green Energy Solution is offers a Solar Power system at an attractive price from Rs. 90,000.00 upwards to reduce your electricity consumption for future.

Call Green Energy Solution for more details and other information 0777 329 173 I 0777 736 153 I 0777 360 211

How to Reduce Electricity Consumption in Srilanka

How to Reduce Electricity Consumption in Srilanka

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