Damro has announced, that they were manage to innovate a most wanted gas cooker by srilankans, which is cater to low gas consumption compare to other gas cookers available in market.

The Innovex Gas Cooker from Damro gives you a pleasure cooking solutions for  more than 100 days with 12.5Kg gas cylinder for a small family.

Special Features

  • INNOVEX Gas Cookers are specially designed by INNOVEX R&D team to suit Sri Lankan cooking with low gas consumption. (Imported gas cookers in the market are designed to cook foreign food, and consume more gas when cooking Sri Lankan meals)
  • Long lasting stainless steel body
  • Spare parts are readily available even after the warranty period, since INNOVEX Gas Cookers are made in Sri Lanka.
  • Excellent after sales service

For more details see below image or visit to any Damro Showroom or Innovex dealers island wide.


Low Gas Consumption Innovex Gas Cooker from Damro

Low Gas Consumption Innovex Gas Cooker from Damro

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