Softlogic extended their helping hand beyond business perspective, if your home appliance purchases from Softlogic or Softlogic Max are damaged due to recent floods; bring those to the special service clinic in place between 2nd to 17th June 2016 at a softlogic showroom near you.

Softlogic offers your free inspection and labour on your damaged home appliances and if it is needed to replace any parts Softlogic will offer you 50% off on the price parts. In worse case; if the home appliance is beyond feasible repair you could trade in discount at 25% on cash sales.

Showroom Dates
Kotikawatta 2nd and 3rd June
Kaduwela 2nd and 3rd June
Gampaha 6th and 7th June
Kirindiwela 6th and 7th June
Chilaw 9th and 10th June
Dippitiya 9th and 10th June
Bulathkohupitya 13th and 14th June
Ruwanwella 13th and 14th June
Pitigala 16th and 17th June
Kalutara 16th and 17th June


For more details contact to Softlogic Service Hotline on 0115 541 900 or see below image

Softlogic Free Service for flood damaged home appliances

Softlogic Free Service for flood damaged home appliances

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