Solar Power System to your home by OKTAN

OKTAN Marketing Service is an dedicate solar power system supplier for your home or Places of Worship, Tourist Hotels, Business Centers, Offices & Factories at an affordable price.

Now you can be a proud &. Privileged owner of your very own private power plant and enjoy these multiple benefits of Light your home, A/C your room, iron your clothes, use your fridge, TV, computer & every electrical appliance you have. Even charge your electric car… Completely Forever !

And Earn up to Rs. 22.00 on each unit of electricity you sell to the Electricity Board or LECO. An attractive, impressive income for years to come. Trouble free … totally secure &. It’s guaranteed by the Government of Sri Lanka.

OKTAN Solar power electricity generation systems [net metering systems] 100% eco friendly, safe, secure … just fix, forget and reap the benefits for a lifetime !

For more details contact to OKTAN Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd No.109/B, Oruwala Athurugiriya, Sri Lanka Tel: 011 2 798 616 /071 3 886 886 or see below image

Solar Power System to your home by OKTAN
Solar Power System to your home by OKTAN

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