Solar Power Electricity from Admo Solar Energy

Admo Solar Energy is an subsidiary of Vinseth Engineering (Pvt) Ltd brought you a Solar Power energy at an affordable price to your home.

Sri Lanka Government has focus more into renewable energy investment than focusing on environmental polluted energy generations in future. Therefore the government encourage all Sri lankan to get solar power energy as much as possible to reduce the environmental pollution by none-renewable power generations.

Admo Solar Energy brought you 2 best solar inverters from worldwide,

1st is SMA Inverters

2nd is Canadian Solar Inverter

Admo Solar Energy is in stick policy on none compromising on final product their quality and offer best price in market. For more details about the solar power panels and inerters contact to Admo Solar Energy: Vinseth Engineering (Pvt) Limited #68 1/1, Jethawana Road, Colombo 14. Call 011 2 337733 / 077 3 228857 or see below image

Solar Power Electricity from Admo Solar Energy
Solar Power Electricity from Admo Solar Energy

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