Korean company keen to start Mega City project in Sri lanka

Top officials from one of the world’s leading township developers, Korea Land and Housing Corporation were in Sri Lanka looking for a township development project to the value in excess of USS 5 billion.

The team met senior officials of the Megapolis Authority last week and informed that they are here on a fact finding mission to build a mega township development project which would be one of the biggest in South Asia.

The official said We are keen to create a new city in the Western Province in an area of around 300 hectares of land. He further said that with the new political developments, Korea Sri Lanka relations have reached a new dimension and they were also very impressed with the concept of Megapolis. This is the new trend of the world and we are happy to note that this is being followed by Sri Lanka even at this late stage.

The official said that they would clear the given land and have modem infrastructure in place for a ‘Mega City’ and then invite Korean and other investors from around the World to build housing, recreation, commercial and other facilities in it.

The company, then plans to link the proposed ‘City’ with a speed train which too would be included under the project. And ministry also said that they have similar projects located 50 km off the capital and they are connected with a speed rail link. Due to this link a resident in the ‘Township’ could get to the Capital in less than 20 minutes.

He said this proposed ‘Mega City’ would be self sufficient in every need of a modem population. ‘The project would have its own sewerage and garbage clearing system. They would also generate electricity from this waste and give it back to the Mega City.”

“Security too would be a prime concern and special cameras would be installed to even track each vehicle entering and departing. This would be based on vehicle registration number plates.”

Another first for Sri Lanka would be the special bus and speed train service where the station and the bus stand would have the route, arrival and departure times of each bus/train on a digital screen. He also disclosed that Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modhi too had requested them to build six similar models in India and they are currently engaging this.

Indian Government will build 4000 houses for plantation workers

The construction of 4,000 housing units for needy families in the Plantation Sector, sponsored by the Indian Government, is slated to begin in March, Estate Infrastructure Development Minister P. Digambaram said.

The minister said the construction of the houses for estate workers in the Central Province and Badulla district will be flagged off next month possibly by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself during a likely official visit to Sri Lanka.

The 4,000 houses is part of a 50,000 housing project implemented by the Indian Government for the former conflict affected people in the North and East Provinces and needy families working in the estate sector in the Central Province and Badulla district. With a commitment of over US$ 270 million in grants, it is the flagship project of India’s developmental assistance to Sri Lanka. It is perhaps the largest such project undertaken by India anywhere in the world.

Minister Digambaram said around 35,000 houses in the North and East under this project has been already constructed, it was yet to get off ground in the estate sector. The minister also said the delay in implementing the project in the plantation areas was partly due to the inefficiency of the political authority who earlier held sway in the upcountry plantation areas.

The minister said soon after he had assumed office, he had taken steps to hold talks with the relevant officials to speed up the building of houses for needy people in the estate sector.

He said choosing housing recipients will be done in a very transparent manner which ensures that there are no discrimination due to political or other factors.

Shipping and Air travels are plans to Commence between India to South India

Plans are underway to have shipping and an air link between in India and Jaffna soon said Consul General of India in Jaffna, V. Mahalingam stated in Jaffna International Trade Fair 2014.

These two important links could improve people-to-people contacts and substantially improve trade and economic relations, and he stated that “We look forward to a ferry service between Talaimannar and Rameswaram. These two happening at an early date which will give a great boost to economic development of Northern Sri Lanka.”

“These kind of international fairs are important to showcase the various strengths of the country while air and sea links would have a far greater reach to the common people and encourage in developing better relationship with each other.”

Efforts to complete the infrastructure around the Atchuvely Industrial Zone to encourage the entrepreneurs of Northern Province to set up their units at the Industrial estate will be completed by end January 2014

“Since the operationalization of the India – Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2000, trade alone has multiplied by as much as 8 times, crossing the milestone of USS 5 billion in 2011-12. The FTA has thus proved to be a real engine of growth for bilateral Commercial interaction.”

In 2011-12, India’s imports from Sri Lanka went up by almost 45% to cross USS 720 million, making Sri Lanka the largest source of merchandise from the South Asian region for India. This is a big jump from USS 45 million imports in 2000-01, when Sri Lanka occupied the fourth rank as an import source for India in the region. There is no doubt that the FTA brought significant benefits to both sides.

“As against global two way trade of US $ 30 billion with Sri Lanka in 2011, the overall trade has come down to US$24.5 billion in 2013.I am confident as the world economy picks up, India Sri Lanka trade also will continue to grow.”

India become Visit Visa Country for 180 Countries around the world

Tourists travelling to India from 180 countries will no longer have to queue at their local consulates to obtain visas; most foreigners currently have to wait several weeks before learning whether they will be allowed to enter India after submitting their applications at visa processing centres, a major deterrent for potential visitors.

Under the new scheme, many tourists will be allowed to apply online and then receive the green light within five days, before picking up their visa at the airport on arrival into India.

Visitors from countries which account for the bulk of India’s tourists – such as the United States, Britain and France – that have had to go through the time consuming process of applying in person will be among those to benefit from the changes to regulations.


Indians Born and Grew Microsoft New CEO Satya Nadella

India on Wednesday cheered the appointment of Satya Nadella as the new chief executive of Microsoft, Nadella, who became the giant company’s third CEO on Tuesday, was born and grew up in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad and studied at Mangalore University before shifting to America to further his studies and career. “India makes a power point, said a proud front-page headline of the Times of India newspaper about the 46-year-old cricket lover’s appointment.

Asoka: Interweaving Archaeology with the Emperors Story at BMICH on 31st January 2014

BCIS in collaboration with the India-Sri Lanka Foundation is organizing a public lecture on “Asoka:Interweaving Archaeology with the Emperors Story” on Friday, 31st January 2014 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm at the BMICH Committee Room A.

Lecture will be conducted in English by Prof. Nayanjot Lahiri from University of Delhi and simultaneous interpretations are available in Sinhala and Tamil.

Entrance to the lecture is FREE upon registration. Call us on 0112- 69 73 55 to reserve your seat

For more details see below image


Asoka Interweaving Archaeology with the Emperors Story at BMICH on 31st January 2014
Asoka Interweaving Archaeology with the Emperors Story at BMICH on 31st January 2014

Education a Key Developing Factor of Sri Lanka

Developing the country’s education sector is an excellent investment. It will also help develop society. A formal education system will also help lead to a bright next generation to handle the country’s future, Public Administration and Home.

There is a huge demand for the skill labours in Sri Lanka upon the new investment into the Srilankan Economy; especially Srilanka needs to look forwards on Tourism, Hospitality and ICT study programme to attract the international investment into srilanka.

While Sri Lanka is an Agricultural Country, Srilanka does facing the Labour force limitation for the Agricultural industry too. Currently the Agricultural and Plantation industries are facing higher level of labour turn over than any other industry.

There for it is important for srilanka to invest on educational activities to develop and cater the labour faces to upcoming demands from the New Investments.  If not Sri Lanka may needs to face the situation of immigrate labours from other countries.

India Launches its Own Air Craft Carrier Vikrant

India launched its first indigenously-built aircraft carrier on Monday, a landmark moment in the $5 billion project that seeks to project the country’s power and check the rising influence of China.

The Air Craft Carrier Vikrant is 40,000 tons weight itself to named India as a 5th Nation having Air Craft Carrier building capacity inclusive of Britain, France, Russia and the United States.

The Government of India is looking forward to used support in land wars, defending strategic supply routes in the gulf and elsewhere.

And it is to strength the defence of the India far falling islands and safeguard Indian interests in Africa and Asia.

Click here to see the India Air Craft Carrier Vikrant Design

India Launches its Own Air Craft Carrier Vikrant
India Launches its Own Air Craft Carrier Vikrant

HSC (+2) March 2013 examination results release on 9th may 2013

Tamil Nadu, India HSC +2 March 2013 examination results will be released on 9th may 2013 at 10 am morning.
Be ready to check your result via online by just Clicking here

All the very best for all

Colombo –Tuticorin Passenger Ship Service will Re-starts this year – April 2013

The Passenger ship service between Colombo- Tuticorin will restart with using smaller ships with a capacity of 150 to 250 passengers. The Tuticorin VOC Port Trust Chairman, Nadarajan said passenger ship service between Colombo and Tuticorin was terminated due to losses as there were insufficient passengers for the 1000 person capacity ships

Factors to Consider before implementing the Passenger Ship services between Colombo- Tuticorin

  • Most of the passengers travels to India via Chennai due to cost effective, therefore the Passenger service ship should be low cost than an air travels
  • Easy access and adequate transportation faculties at Tuticorin to Chennai
  • Offer valued added services (Luxury) on requirement
  • Value for Money
  • Minimum time for transportation
  • Wide range of ticketing officers via agents and delaers for Colombo Tuticorin tickets

Hope the service will be restart at minimum price and delight the ship travelers.

Auspicious time for Sinhala – Tamil (Hindu) New Year 2013

Sighting the new moon: Sunday April 14
Bathing for the Old Year: Saturday, April 13 applying anoil made of Nuga leaves
Dawn of New Year: Sunday, April 14 at 1.29 am
Punya Kalaya: From 7.05 pm on Saturday, April 13 to 7.53 am on Sunday, April 14, Cease all work at 7.05 pm on Saturday April 13 and engage in religious activities.
Cooking meals: Light the hearth at 4.06 am on Sunday, April 14 dressed in blue garments facing South and cook milk rice mixed with ghee and jaggery and a sweetmeat with sesame.
Starting work and partaking of meals: Partake meals after starting work and making transaction at 7.05 am on Sunday, April 14 dressed in red and yellow mixed (copper) garments facing South.
Anointing the head: At 6.41 am on Monday, April 15 dressed in white garments anoint with a mixture made of wood apple leaves facing East standing on Imbul leaves under a canopy of wood apple leaves.
Leaving for work: For essential duties – 6.53 am on Monday, April 15 dressed in white facing East after partaking kiribath mixed with milk. Normal duties: 7.42 am on Wednesday April 17 dressed in green colour garments facing South after partaking kiribath mixed with jaggery.


Srilanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai may shift to Trivandrum, Kerala Soon

The Sri Lankan Government looking for possibilities to move its Deputy High Commission in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to Trivandrum, Kerala state.

The move comes after the anti-Srilanka sentiments in Tamil Nadu in recent days. with the help of  central government of India the High Commissioner assure that police in Tamil Nadu had been advise to provide maximum protection, so srilankan and They would not face any untoward incidents as past.

AirAsia India is Ready to Fly

AirAsia has found an Indian partner to open an AirAsia India operation in India for Domestic and International operations.

The AirAsia has teamed up with India’s Tata group and Hindustan Aviation to set up a new airline to be known as AirAsia India.

In the deal, the Indian parties will take 51 % equity stake while AirAsia will hold the remaining 49 %. Which is the equity it normally takes in its foreign joint ventures.  Of the 51%, Sources said Tata Group will have 30% stake and Hindustan Aviation 21% equity stake.

The three parties is said to have signed the partnership agreement this week and have submitted a proposal to the Indian government to seek a domestic air services licences also this week.

St Anthony’s Kachchathivu on February 23, 2013

The Defense and Urban Development Ministry with supervision of Sri Lanka Navy made facilitations to place to hold the annual feast of St Anthony’s Church in Kachchathivu Island on 23rd February 2013.

Over 10,000 Indian Devotees are expected in this year St. Anthony’s Church festive this year. This is one of the traditions festive from ancient where Sri Lankans and Indians are take parts of the festive.


JAIN University in India, Degree Programmes

The Jain University invites applications for the following degree programme from the students,


  1. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  2. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  3. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
  4. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  5. Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS)
  6. Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)
  7. Aerospace Engineering
  • Information Science and Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering



  1. Master of Science
  2. Master of Commerce
  3. Master of Business Administration
  4. Master of Arts
  5. Master of Visual Arts
  6. M.S. in Communication
  7. M.S. Engineering
  8. Master of Technology (M.Tech)
  9. MS (Information Technology)
  10. Master of Computer Application
  11. P.G. Diploma



M.Phil and PhD degrees in a number of subject areas

For more information contact Jain University International Students Advisory and Admissions Center

Jain Knowledge Campus,
No. 44/4, District Fund Road,
 Behind Big Baziar,
Jayanagar 9th 8lock.
Bangalore – 560 069,
Tel: +9180 4343 0942;
Fax: +91 80 4343 0945;
 E-mail: Intl.admin@jalnuniversity.ac.in

see below image for more infomation

JAIN University in India, Degree Programmes
JAIN University in India, Degree Programmes

TechCamp Mumbai 2013 – Digital Capacity of NGOs focus on Youth Development in South Asia

The U.S Consulate centre, Mumbai organizing TechCamp Mumbai 2013 a South Asia regional conference on February 19- 21st 2013. The event will be focus on the theme of youth empowerment through 140 international technology experts for highly motivated NGO participants from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Maldives.

The TechCamp Mumbai 2013 will provides low or no cost new and online technology training to help them address some of the most pressing social changes in south asia.

See below image for more information about TechCamp Mumbai 2013 and process to participate.


TechCamp Mumbai 2013 – Digital Capacity of NGOs focus on Youth Development in South Asia
TechCamp Mumbai 2013 – Digital Capacity of NGOs focus on Youth Development in South Asia

Mihin Lanka Flies to Madurai, Tamil Nadu from 15th December 2012

The Srilanka Government Own Budget Airline Mihin Lanka expands its New Operation to Madurai International Airport from 15th December 2012.

The Mihin Lanka would be the first international flight services commence in Madurai International airport.

Mihin Lanka scheduled to fly 3 times weeks as follows


Departure from BIA (Colombo)

Arrivals to Madurai


14.00 Hours

17.10 Hours


14.00 Hours

17.10 Hours


14.00 Hours

17.10 Hours


The Prices are starting from

One way LKR.  10,450.00
Return LKR. 16,700.00


For more information see below image or contact Mihin Lanka


Mihin Lanka Flies to Madurai, Tamil Nadu from 15th December 2012
Mihin Lanka Flies to Madurai, Tamil Nadu from 15th December 2012

India Grant Rs. 215 Million for Vocational Training Center for Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

The India Grants Rs. 215 Million for undertake and implement Vocational Training Center in Nuwara Eliya. This Vocational Training Center would support to the youths of the Nations to develop their skills on Machine Shop; Industrial and Domestic Electrician or electronics, Hardware and Networking, information technology lab, Automobile and Aluminum fabrication.

This is an 5th Vocational Training Center in Srilanka alone with Hatton, Puttalam, Vantharamullai, and Onthachimadam in Batticaloa.

Starbucks Open 1st Outlet in India

The Starbucks will open its 1st outlets in India by October in an upscale neighborhood of Mumbai. The Starbucks operating in India through a 50:50jointventure with Tata Global Beverages, with new name of TATA Starbucks ltd.

The TATA Starbucks ltd aimed to open 50 TATA Starbucks outlets in India by January 2013. It’s an opportunity for Indians to enjoy their Starbuck Coffee at TATA Starbucks.

India through Sri Lankan Eyes – A Photo Exhibition

The High Commission of India and the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka organized a photographic exhibition with theme word of “India Through Sri Lankan Eyes” at J.D.A. Perera Gallery, Colombo 07.

The Photo Exhibition is an opportunity for Srilankan to enjoy the India Photographs and landscapes.

Date: 10th August 2012
Time: 6.00 Pm onwards
Venue: J.D.A. Perera Gallery
46, Horton Place,
Colombo 07.
Dress : Smart Casual


For More information see below Image

India through Sri Lankan Eyes – A Photo Exhibition
India through Sri Lankan Eyes – A Photo Exhibition

Carrefour India Holds Its Expansion in India

The Carrefour; the second largest retailer in the world has hold it expansion plans in India. The world Economy downturn leads to the unfavorable to conditions in World retail market including Indian consumptions.

The Indian Sharply Slowing Economy and String of government corruption scandals are leading to the Carrefour to hold its operation in India.

The Carrefour were open its first cash and carry store in India 2012, and planned to open an outlet in western city of Pune, but the total plans of Carrefour have been hold for period due to the unfavorable conditions.

Indo – Srilanka IMBL Meeting at Off Kankesanthurai

The 21st International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) Meeting between India and Srilanka was held in sagara, the Srilanka Naval Ship at Boundary line off Kankesanthurai on July 6, 2012.

The IMBL meeting is it held to strengthen naval relationship between the two neighboring countries on matters of mutual interests related to naval operations and fishing activities.

Pakistan Tests Nuclear Capable Missile

The Pakistan said Tuesday, it had successfully test fired a short range nuclear-capable ballistic missile. The Hatf IX has range of only 60 Km and can carry a ventional warhead.

It’s a 3rd time Pakistan has test fired a ballistic missile since archrival India last month launched its new Long Range missile of Agni V, capable of Hitting targets anywhere in Chine.

Agni V Comparison with Other Missiles

The Agni V is one of the Newest Missile of the Indian Defence System, its recorded a successful launched and Enriched Indian Security levels in International Standards.

It’s a Quick Revision of Agni I to Agni V basic Comparison of Details

Agni Missile Series

Agni I

Agni II

Agni III

Agni V

Ranges (Km)





Payload (Kg)





Height (M)






This is clear Missiles which can be further developed for Submarine launches and Expansion of the Ranges.

Domino’s Pizza and India’s Pizza Market

The Domino’s Pizza is unbeatable leader in India with wide range of networks alone with huge Market share. The Domino’s Pizza is currently holding 50% Market shares of India Pizza segment and 70% Market share in Pizza Home delivery.

According to the Domino’s Pizza records India catering 429 Stores in 100 Cities and 9 sub cities alone to India. According to India Pizza market the Home delivery services had been differentiated by Domino’s Pizza.

The Domino’s Pizza is looking forward further invest into expand operations in India.

Is India Developing Agni VI?

After the Successful Launched of Agni V Missile the whole world turn around to India’s side an questioning is India going to Develop Agni 6 Missile with capacity to travel 10,000 Km.

It’s a real valid question by over all worlds, where the India Launched its Agni 5 Missile after the successful launched of Agni 4 in 4 months after.

Therefore the world keep eye on whether India will prepare the Missile or get ready their research team to Agni Vi.

According to Sources, the Agni V Having capacity attack

  • Any Places in Pakistan
  • Any Places in China
  • East Europe Countries
  • North African Countries
  • East African Countries
  • Australia ( From Nicobar Islands)

If the India going to research on Agni 6 Missile, it may be in range of 6,000 Km to 10,000 Km. Be proud to Say India becomes developed country as Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Thought.

India’s Agni-V a New Long range Missile will be Test this week

India become one of the Intercontinental Missile holders in the World by end of this week, the Defence research and Development Organisation (DRDO India) has schedule a launch of the Agno V Missile, which has a range of More than 5000 Km.

In 4 months ago India successfully tested their Agni IV Missile, which is cable of traveling 3,5000 Km. once the Agni-V a New Long range Missile launch; India Will Join one of the Long Distance Missile Holders of China, Russia, France, United State, Great Britain and Israel.

The Agni-V a New Long range Missile will be empowers the Indian Security and maintains its position in the South Asia region.

Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was initiator of the Indian Missile Projects in his period and he creates more innovative and security systems in Missile development to India’s Security.

The Whole Indian has a duty to respect Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam for his Forward thinking and position of the nation. with Missile systems and India’s Space Development.

Airtel India Offers 4G Service in India

The Bharti Airtel Made an announcement, that the Airtel India becomes the 1st Company offers 4th Generation (4G) Service in India.  The Wireless Broadband Service will improve the potential to transform India.

The 4G Network allow the mobile phone users to stuff the internet, Video Conference, Downloading and uploading Music, Video and other contact much faster than 3G services.

The India is Huge Market for Telecommunication and Data devices and there are still erecting infrastructure to support services. Therefore the 4G Services are expected to reaches every corner of India effectively.