Micro Panda Cross for Rs.1,825,000 all inclusive – September 2015

The Micro Holdings is one and only of the auto mobile manufactures in Srilanka Automobile industries in Srilanka have range of Micro Panda Cars. due to a more popular and demand Micro Has launched Micro Panda Cross.

Micro Panda Cross well known for best fuel efficiency and easy maintenance for Sri Lanka road condition. Micro panda Cross now available for sale island wide dealer shops at a affordable price of Rs. 1,825,000/- all Inclusive.

Micro Panda Cross

Micro Panda Cross Specification

Engine type: 1342 cc 1.3 Gasonline, DDHC, 16v
Max. Power 63/6000 Kw/Rpm
Max. Torque 110/5200 Kw/Rpm
Top Speed 151 Km/ Hour
Transmission 5 Manual transmission
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 Liter
Minimum Fuel Consumption: 13.8 Km per Liter
Maximum Fuel Consumption: 15 Km Per Liter
Dimension 3815 x 1648 x 1530 mm
Wheel Based 2340 mm
Front: 1420 mm
Rear: 1410 mm
Curb weight 973 Kg


Standard Features of Micro Panda Cross

ABS/EBD Remote Central Locking
Power Windows Roof Luggage rack
Power Mirrors Rear door child safety lock
CD/MP3 Player/ USB Port External spare week
Power Assisted steering system Rear spoiler
Xenon Fabric seats (dual Color)
Reverse Sensors 15” Alloy Wheel
Dual air Bags Optional Features
DVD Players


For more information call to Danidu 0773 667 658, Dhanushka 0777 715 122, Geeshan 0773 667 698, Thanuja 0773 667 678

or see above image

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60 thoughts on “Micro Panda Cross for Rs.1,825,000 all inclusive – September 2015”

  1. Mr. Prasanna,

    I check the comments & review on the net, most of them are not in favour of Micro. Many complaints about the weak body, finishes & durability.

    I am realy confused about which to be baught. I like Panda Cross, Alto, Picanto as well. Their prices are within my limit. Would you suggest me which one is good, considering durability, fuel consumption and facilities.

    Thank you

    1. Dear Mr. Tissa Abeysinghe
      I would says Micro is Value for money those who seeks vehicles at affordable cost,
      As per my view all the durability and facilities are depend on your needs,
      The Maruti, TATA and Micro are producing same quality of Vehicles.
      Best regards,

    1. hi prasad,
      the price of Rs. 1,980,000 is all inclusive price. You can drive your own micro panda cross as above price.

      But its subject to change any moment, with due to USD exchange. But current price is as above.

      Best Regards,

    1. Hi Chandana,
      The Initial Down Payment will be 20% of Value for booking the car, and balance should be paid once your car is ready to deliver.
      Approximate the delivery will take 4 months from order,
      Best regards,

    1. Hi Rumais,

      you are absolutely right! I have ordered Panda Cross in January 1st week and not even the parts have been come to sri lanka yet. So i’m guessing end of july will be the delivery for me. time period is really a suck!


    2. Dear Rumais,

      The Prices are Increase now by Rs. 1,980,000.00, when i post the article on April it was 1,890,000.00

      I got confirmations from Micro the Prices are Change now as Rs. 1,980,000.00

      Thanks N Best Regards,

  2. plz, can u send real photos of panda cross, for select colour, bcz now iam satay abroad. if u can send it immediately. I’ll be happy.

  3. Hi Prasanna

    i am from Nittanmbuwa can you tell me what is the nearest branch me to work on for the booking

  4. thanks for reply. what it is the USD value of this car?

    where the Engine and other parts are made in?

    How many Panda cross cars are delivered in this year?

    1. Dear Chandana,
      Please Contact to Mr.Dhanushka Colombage on 077 771 5122 for more technical information other than above,
      Best Regards,

  5. Dear friends,
    At the moment any body using panda cross,pls let me know about the vehicle.when drive mounted area how is the the pic up.how is the comfertable and what are trubles giving it

  6. Mr.Dhanushka

    Can you say the real fuel consumtion of panda cross card. I am in a line to purchase

  7. Sirs,
    I am interested in Panda Cross and Perodua Elite. Can anyone advise me which one is better. I really like Panda but i have great doubt about the future of this vehicle, specially the spare parts. Is there any alternate part for this?

    1. Dear Wijitha,
      Both are good vehicles, Micro do have enough spare parts available in Srilanka and still its cheaper than the any other cars which are imported,
      Again it Elite is produce in Malaysia, and I would say Micro panda would cost for value in Srilanka

  8. Tell me why Passion Orange Colour of panda cross car not available now micro company. But thay are promote that color before last 4 month.

  9. i am gunasiri . i book panda cross car now all ready 7.5 month still i no get wen I book the say withing 4 month provaid but now all teday going to 8 month plese have look

    Ianm book kandy branch with MR . sanjeewa

    MY IDC NO:711154191V

  10. Dear Prasanna,
    I want to buy that Black colour panda car. Can you please let me know 1. Is that the Panda Cross?
    2. What is the Price?
    3. Is it have riverse camera? or Can we adapt it?


  11. Dear prasanna

    pls lat me know .now with tax what is the price of total include all factions. do you have black colour.and if i plan to get this car how long time i have to wait .
    in cash .


  12. Dear All,
    I checked the used vehicle condition with some few panda cross users, they said nothings wrong with it. I highly recommend Mr. Dhanushka Colambage’s valuable service to the customers & wish that service will provide after delivered it to the customer.

  13. Dear prasanna

    I’m looking for panda cross in this month. But i would like to know the time it spend for the all operation??
    Thanks & regards
    Isuru Aloka

    1. Dear Isuru,
      I hope the Micro will take some lead time according to the order in Hand, so its will take some time to delivery. pls call on above Tel No and get more information about it,


  14. Hi ,
    Could you pls advise me of the current market price of Both Panda and Panda Cross ? Also if i make an order in April ,would i be able to get the vehicle delivered by August ?


  15. Hello…
    I ordered panda cross car last december n im goin to have it on this week.Company confirmed the delevery in this week.So I just want to tell everyone the expected period of delevery will be 4 months from the ordered date.
    Now the market price of panda cross is Rs.2,075,000/-

  16. I have requested my panda cross by advancing on 28-11-2012.still i did not received my vehicle yet.At the time of advancing they confirm me that the vehicle will received us on March 2013.Still it pending.what is the reason for this delay.

  17. dont buy this disaster vehicle. if you want get information plz call me and I can show video with my panda car. micro repaired it 4 times, still I have done only 2500km

    1. Pl. Send me the details of this vehicle.I am going to buy a Panda Cross.
      Thanks .
      My mobile Number is 0777660220.Pl. provide this detail as a help.
      Best regards

  18. Hi Mr.Prasanna

    I would like to purchase a Micro Panda Cross car.Many of my friends are concerned about the cars 2nd hand market. Pls advice on this

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