Yamaha Motor Bike Prices in Sril anka – Updated April 2017

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The Associate Motor ways (Pvt) Ltd an authorized dealer for YAMAHA Motor bikes in Srilanka, the Yamaha is well known brand for stylish and power of youths.

AMW offers range of Yamaha brand new bikes in Sri Lanka at a special price. these bikes are made in India with Yamaha (Japan) Technology.

Model Engine Capacity Price (All Inclusive)
Yamaha Alpha single tone 113cc Rs. 231,700/-
Yamaha Alpha Two tone 113cc Rs. 237,700/-
Yamaha Faseino 113cc Rs. 243,700/-
Yamaha Ray ZR – Drum 113cc Rs. 253,900/-
Yamaha Ray ZR – Disk 113cc Rs. 271,500/-
Yamaha Saluto without Crash Bar 125cc Rs. 235,300/-
Yamaha Saluto with Crash Bar 125cc Rs. 237,700/-
Yamaha FZ 16 Version 2 150 cc Rs. 408,900/-
Yamaha FZ -S Version 2 with Single Tone 150 cc Rs. 424,900/-
Yamaha FZ -S Version 2 with Two Tone 150 cc Rs. 438,900/-
Yamaha Fazer Version 2 150 cc Rs. 459,900/-
Yamaha R15 Version 2 150cc Rs. 641,500/-


Special offer – Free riding jacket

Warranty – 24 Months or 30,000 Kms whichever limitation occurs first

After sale service – 3 labour Free Service.


Registration Fee –

Normal Registration: Rs. 5,500.00
Motorage Registration: Rs. 5,700.00
Leasing Registration: Rs. 7,500.0

Yamaha Motors has confirmed that they do only sale above 5 model at the moment, even though there are many new models introduced in India, AMW offers these 5 Selected Motor cycles in Sri Lanka.

For More information call AMW Yamaha Sri Lankaon 0112309300

For leasing information Call AMW Capital Leasing 0774 870 155 or SMB Leasing 0773 606 970

for more information see below image

Yamaha Motor Cycle Update Prices in Srilanka - February 2015
Yamaha Motor Cycle Update Prices in Srilanka – February 2015


Yamaha Motor Cycle Update Prices in Srilanka - April 2014
Yamaha Motor Cycle Update Prices in Srilanka – April 2014


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163 responses to “Yamaha Motor Bike Prices in Sril anka – Updated April 2017”

  1. lilantha Avatar

    how to sale by bike

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Dear Iliantha,
      What is your requirement is about?

    2. Suganthan Avatar

      YZF R3 is available now in Srilanka?

  2. nilupa Avatar

    May wanna know who is the brought yamaha ybx125 to sri lanka and how i can find a speair part for my yamaha ybx125?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Dear Nilupa,
      i hope the AMW is importing Yamaha Bikes,
      hope they can help you on this,
      pls contact them,

  3. nilupa Avatar

    How i contact theym.they dont have a official web site? If u can send me a contact number plz

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Hi Nilupa,
      pls call AMW on 011 4 718603

  4. Hashem Avatar

    How much petrol does fz 150cc bike work.

  5. Hashem perera Avatar
    Hashem perera

    can i know the petrol eficency of a fz 150 bike?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Sorry Hashem,
      I haven’t used FZ 150 Bike before,

    2. chethiya akalanka Avatar
      chethiya akalanka

      It’s around 30-35 km… Cuz my brother got one

  6. Ilham Avatar

    i need fazer 150cc kick & self start what is last price u can give

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Pls check above prices and Visit to Yamaha,
      * Prices subject to change.

  7. prasad Avatar

    please give me new price fz-s bike

  8. gayan Avatar

    please give me new yamaha fz s bike price…hope to buy this bike next month…thank you

  9. Thilanka Avatar

    Want to buy a yamaha virago 125cc m\bike. is that model available in srilanka?

  10. loga Avatar

    hi, I want to buy a yamaha fz 16 bike from leasing. can you tell the procedure with the details?

  11. Priyantha Avatar

    hi, I want to buy a yamaha fz 16 bike from leasing. can you tell the procedure with the details?

  12. azeer Avatar

    when yamaha r15 launch in sri lanka

    1. gayan Avatar

      i’m also waiting for R15 =(

  13. Akila Madushan Avatar
    Akila Madushan

    hi, I want to buy a yamaha fz 16 bike from leasing. can you tell the procedure with the details?

  14. Prashan Avatar

    Plz say fz 16 for 1st downpaymet money

  15. isuru Avatar

    Can we lease also

  16. shantha Avatar

    two days before (jan/05/2013) when i asked price of SZ – X in the shop, they said 280,000. with the disk break 298,000
    Is that the market price now..? can you ensure this information?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      you could check with AMW, they are the only one importing Yamaha Motor Bikes

      1. shantha Avatar


  17. shantha Avatar

    what about sz-r price..? let me know as you can possible..

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Yes, i need to gets new Updated Price soon, i will update all prices soon as possible

      1. sanjitha Avatar

        Yfz 125rr i need get this bike. I cant find yet yamaha showrooms

  18. thariq Avatar

    i need serow 250& 225 pirce

  19. Ramesh Avatar


    Can you tell me how can i buy a KTM Duke 200
    Is there a agent in Sri lanka.
    Or do you know any method to import the bike from India…??

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      In sri Lanka no KTM Importer, but if you import individually its cost you lot.

  20. ishan Avatar

    what are the types of fz bikes?are they only 16 and s?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      yes only those available in Sri Lanka

  21. janith Avatar

    Hello how much is a Yamaha R6,R1

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Dear Janith,

      i am not Sure they do Imports Yamaha R6 and R1,


  22. janith Avatar

    bike engine capacity law is over in sri lanka

  23. Dhushaan Avatar

    Is Yamaha Ray Z bike available in Srilanka?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Yes Ray Scooter is available in Sri Lanka

      1. chethiya akalanka Avatar
        chethiya akalanka

        Hey Mr Prasanna is that Yamaha yzf r125 in srilanka ….
        And plz let me know who are the dealers of KTM Dukes in Sri Lanka…

        1. Prasanna Avatar

          Hi Chethiya

          Yamaha is not importing YZF 125 and there is no one importing KTM Dukes in Sri Lanka,
          if you like, you have to import your personal. but that is very expensive process.

  24. Saba Avatar

    I am looking forward to buy a Yamaha FZ16 by next month. How much is the current price of it. And also advise me if I go for a lease to pay the total within 6months how much it will cost in total?

    Thanks for the early reply,


    1. Prasanna Avatar

      you needs to contact them we have updated by last july only,

  25. manoj kumara Avatar
    manoj kumara

    do you have any branch in Hambantota?

  26. msdushan Avatar

    pls give me a list of yamaha show rooms in sri lanka. I live in minuwangoda.

  27. arshan Avatar

    hiii….im from gampaha distric…is there any yamaha sales dealers or service centre …..in gampaha distric????

    if i want to buy yamaha…. should i hv to cm to colombo only?? i serched through internet…bt i couldn’t findout any yamaha sales centre in my distric other than colombo……

    heyyy…..how can i buy r15…. is it avilable now or in 2014…. why they dont import it… 🙁 im waitingggggggghhg……. its awesom……

  28. arshan Avatar

    hii…is there any way or any dealer import r15 vr.. 2.0 to sri lanka….most powerful bikes in sri lanka by other brands….such a Cbr 250, pulsar 200….etc… but why yamaha still import r15 v2 to sri lanka to battle wt cbr & Ns…..

    r15 is really awesom….. bt why nt import…. 🙁

  29. janith Avatar

    i want to buy a yamaha Fz bike for leace plz give me information i want imediatly 0725660104

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      you can check above prices bro

  30. mathu Avatar

    How much new brand yamaha ttr250 bike?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      yamaha ttr250 is not available in Sri Lanka

  31. chathura Avatar

    Wanna buy a yamaha Sz bike for lease immediatly. Can you plz give me more information soon as possible? thank you! 0778516762. (From Longdon place,Col 7)

  32. sujan Avatar

    I want to know the monthly installment payment of yamaha fz-s

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Yes u can, but Prices change based on your down payment

  33. saad Avatar

    Dear all i was founding, yamaha fazer brand new bike, bud still i am not get, i whant now, where can i get?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      you can buy from Yamaha( AMW) for Rs. 405,000.00

  34. jana Avatar

    There is no available Yamaha R15. I want to know price also plss help me

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Yes u can, but Prices change based on your down payment

  35. supun Avatar

    I want to know price of yamaha fz1 in sri lanka. I think thise model you import in india

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      i hope you refer FZ 16 price is 348,000.00

  36. Chandima Avatar

    Is 2014 june edition of yamaha fz available in sri lanka now?then what is the price of that?Thank you

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Yes it is bro, check above uodate price

  37. shiranjeevan Avatar

    i want to know yamaha fz price plz help me

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Dear Shiranjeevan
      the prices as below

      FZ 16 is Rs. 348,000.00
      FZ S is Rs. 359,900.00
      Fazer is Rs. 405,000.00
      Thanks for contacting us

  38. stephen Avatar


    Can you send me the full leasing detail about yamaha fazer bike.

    ssraj993@gmail.com this is my email , urgnt

    pls help on this

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      contact amw leasing

  39. Mayuran Avatar

    May i know the latest price of Yamaha FZ? thus means after the changes in vehicle tax and VAT

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      FZ S – 359,900.00

  40. kasun Avatar

    I’m hopping to by a Yamaha sz-r bike with a lease facility. please tell me it is available in AMW stock as at date. and kindly request you to provide me a quotation for fz-r red color. thanks

  41. H.Kasun Sudarshana Avatar
    H.Kasun Sudarshana

    Can you please send me a quotation for a Yamaha SZ-R (Red) if it is available in your stock.. Thanks

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      i think Yamaha SZ-R not available in Sri Lanka

  42. Asitha Avatar

    Is FZ-S version 2.0 available in Sri Lanka? If not when will it be available??

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Yamaha FZ-S is available the price is Rs. 359,900.00

  43. Yohan Avatar

    Can you please tell me do you have new neon headlight available for FZ-16


    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Hi yohan,

      i don’t think Yamaha would says addition lights of neon, you should try somewhere in importers or like Panchikawatha.


  44. pirunthan Avatar

    i live in jaffna
    how many days can give registration book?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      i hope the process in same number of days, no delay due to a location changes.

  45. sanjitha Avatar

    How can i get yamaha yzf 125rr bike. I cant find any

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      yamaha yzf 125rr is not available in Sri Lanka

      1. Prasanna Avatar

        yamaha yzf 125rr is not available in Sri Lanka

  46. axim Avatar

    Is there a motorcycle named yamaha EXCITER R or EXCITER RC

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      i think that model is not available in srilanka

  47. wajira hapuhinna Avatar
    wajira hapuhinna

    Please tell me Yamaha FZ-S have or not arear disk

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Yamaha FZ-S will be Rs. 359,900.00 All Inclusive

  48. Tasneem Avatar

    Hello sir, When will you update the new 2015 price of bajaj and Tvs bikes?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      I will Update TVS by Tommorrow and Bajaj is quite update, because there was no price changes there

      1. Tasneem Avatar

        Thank you Mr.Prasanna !

        1. Prasanna Avatar

          Dear Tasneem,

          as per word, pls find the TVS Prices here now, i will Update the Bajaj Prices ASAP.


          Thanks to be with us

  49. Isuru Avatar

    Do you have Yamaha Ray Z ?


    how much it is?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      only above list is available there

  50. Jeevan Janithra Avatar
    Jeevan Janithra

    Hi, Is “Yamaha FZ-S version 2.0 Fi (fuel injection)” Bike available in Sri Lanka ???

    I’m stricly asking about the version 2 Fi in below links.



    Thank you.

  51. Abbas Avatar

    Hi, Can help me to get the price of Yamaha SZ R with a contact please..?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Only few bikes available in yamaha stores but you should contact them to obtain it SZ R

  52. Abbas Avatar

    Hi, thanks for your quick response. I would like to clarify Price of Yamaha FZ as per below link. Is this price accurate?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      yes this is accurate
      FZ 16 150 cc Rs. 348,000.00
      FZ -S 150 cc Rs. 359,900.00

  53. Derick Avatar

    Hi how about srilankan new tax reduction at 2015 budget. when will reduce it

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Hi Derick,

      Tax Reduction only Motor Cars, thats not applicable to Motor Cycle or Three Wheeler.


  54. fazmi Avatar

    can i import the FZs FI v2.0 to srilanka through AMW???

    1. Derick Avatar

      I also need that one FZs v2.0 how much will cost

  55. ruth Avatar

    how can i buy Yamaha R1

  56. Sirinimal Peiris Avatar
    Sirinimal Peiris

    Kindly let me know price of YAMAHA SR 125 bike. If not available with you, I need to be purchased through AMW. Kindly me reply to my E-mail.

  57. Sirinimal Peiris Avatar
    Sirinimal Peiris

    Kindly let me know price of YAMAHA SR 125 bike. If not available with you, I need to be purchased through AMW. Kindly reply to my E-mail.

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Hi Sirinimal,

      we Synergyy is publish AMW Prices only, because they are the sole agent for Yamaha Motor bikes in srilanka,


  58. priyashan Avatar

    whats the price of yamaha r3???

  59. nafas Avatar

    What’s the price of new Yamaha fz – s

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Rs. 359,900.00

  60. nafas Avatar

    I think Yamaha better bike is fz – 07.i want price for Yamaha fz – 07/ mt 07.

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      FZ 07 is not available in Yamaha AMW

  61. janaka Avatar

    please let me the name of the latest fz bike and its price

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      FZ Version 2 – Approximately Rs. 378,000/-

  62. janith Avatar

    What’s the price of yamaha R3 & R4 ??

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Hi Janith,

      In AMW is not imports R3 & R4,
      but Yamaha R3 Internation Price would be about as below
      $4,990 – Raven – Available from April 2015
      $4,990 – Team Yamaha Blue/Matte Silver – Available from April 2015
      $4,990 – Rapid Red – Available from April 2015

  63. Dilshan Avatar

    yamaha 250 cbr nedda

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Yamaha doesn’t import any 250cc motor bikes

  64. rasanga Avatar

    What’s the price of ymaha fz S and fz 16(not version 2)

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      the current price of Yamaha FXs is Rs. 387,500 and FZ 16 is 377,000.00

  65. Kasun madusanka Avatar
    Kasun madusanka

    I like to buy yamaha FZ 07,it’s possible buy in sri lanka??? If it’s possible I like to know price as well…if u don’t mind I like to get your reply to my mail..tnx

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Hello Kasun,
      Sorry at the moment AMW offers only above 5 models. if you wanted to buy, you have to import as individual cargo via shipping company


  66. ruwan Avatar

    Can you tell me how can i buy a KTM Duke 200 or 390 ?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Unfortunately no one is importing KTM 200 or 390 in Sri Lanka, you can import motor cycles upto 350cc,
      if you interested talk to some importing companies they would help you to get quotation after all taxes.

  67. madushan Avatar

    How can I get a yamaha n max 125 scooter ?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Dear Madushan,
      Yamaha nMax still not reach to Sri lankan market, Sri Lanka do import from Indian Made Yamaha Motor bikes, so if you need Yamaha NMax you should import personally from Europe.

  68. madushan Avatar

    How can I get a yamaha n max?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      you can’t get Yamaha Vmax in Sri lanka

  69. Narth Avatar

    What about Vmax Yamaha..? Can i get it in Srilanka. what price is.?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      No Yamaha Vmax is not available in Sri Lanka, you can import only for motor racing purpose only..
      not for daily usage.

  70. Vishal Avatar

    can i buy yamaha R3 or R25 from srilanka? how much is this?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      i am not sure about it Vishal

  71. Hassan Avatar

    hi.can i buy r25 from srilanka?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Dear Hassan,
      as per my knowledge you can’t buy that from AMW Yamaha Division. But there are some Yamaha R25 running in Sri Lanka; that would have been imported by personally.

  72. Chandana Avatar

    can i buy Yamaha tmax in srilanka?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      AMW is not import it, ou can buy second hand in Market

  73. pradeep Avatar

    can i know update prize in fz v2 ,fz s v2,fz fazer??

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      All Above prices are still valid

  74. Manjula Dias Avatar
    Manjula Dias

    Hi, My girl friend living in canada and she like to give me a present as a bike. Is it possible to pay her from there? Because she want to use her credit card.

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      dear Manjula,

      please talk to Yamaha, they may have some alternative for this,


  75. Malshan Avatar

    Please send me the brand new prices for Yamaha TW 125cc, 200cc and 250cc.

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      above price is update price malshan

  76. hasitha Avatar

    is yamaha m-slaz availabale in sri lanaka ?? if its not when it is going to come

  77. Sujith Avatar

    let me know can i get Yamaha M-Slaz or Mt types bike in SL

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Yamaha M-Slaz not available in Sri Lanka by Yamaha Motors

      1. Dasun Avatar

        What is the reason for that?
        What will be the next release of that type of bike and when?

        1. Prasanna Avatar

          Yamaha Sri lanka imports only certain models, if you like you can import as sole importer under your name, mostly the cost is very high

  78. Shafraz Avatar

    How much Yamaha R15 for leasing, tell me the down payment amount .

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      please do contact to above given number,

  79. ragu Avatar

    hi yamaha fzs versoin 2 what price in lanka

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Rs. 424,900 single tone
      Rs. 438,900 two tone

  80. Dayalan A Avatar
    Dayalan A

    I need to know which is the currently available yamaha cruiser bike in Sri Lanka

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      AMW Doesn’t import any of yamaha cruiser bike , but if you like you can import personally; yes you can as your person requirement,
      contact to Prakash on 0777320296


  81. mhommed yoosuf Avatar
    mhommed yoosuf

    first payment how much

  82. Anu31 Avatar

    I am planing to buy fazer bike by using leasing method. So is there any leasing method its monthly payment is about rs 9000?

  83. krishantha Avatar

    sir i want to know r15 v2 colors in srilanka..

  84. krishantha Avatar

    how can i get gird gold r15 v2 in sri lanka

  85. riyaz mohamed Avatar
    riyaz mohamed

    i need to know about finance Yamaha Fazer Version 2

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  87. R.P.L. Rathanyake Avatar
    R.P.L. Rathanyake

    give me leasing and price details about yamahar15 v3. send me email

  88. Rahul Rema Avatar

    Excellent and decent post. I found this much informative.
    I’m impressed by the details that you have on this website. Thank you for this post

  89. Seyedfouse Avatar

    Hi! Can I buy yamaha yzf r125 bike from srilanka,and how much is it?

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