Dishwasher Prices in Sri Lanka – Rs. 89,999/- Upwards

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The Hoover Dishwasher relieves you of the time and effort spent washing and wiping dishes, and leaves you with more time for other important household chores, and time to relax with your family. Moreover, the Hoover Dishwasher automatically heats up the water to 70 °C which gives you a much more hygienic, cleaner and germ free wash, while using only a fraction of the water required for washing the dishes by hand.

  • Germ Fighter
  • Saves Water
  • Saves Time


Hoover HDW1400x

Normal Price:     Rs. 119,899/-

Special Price:      Rs. 107,999/-

Monthly:             Rs. 5,395/-


Hoover HDW1200W

Normal Price:     Rs. 99,999/-

Special Price:      Rs. 89,999/-

Monthly:             Rs. 4,750/-



Large 14 place setting dishwasher is ideal for ‘ bigger families it will wash all your dishes in one go. Reducing water consumption and saving you time.

Rapid Wash

Perfect for quick dishwashing or a tableware refresh, allowing you to pull out all the stops when the guests show up.

Intensive Programme

This dishwasher’s intensive programme with the Sanitize option washes your dishes at 70C, blasting away germs and grime for a sparkling, ultra-hygienic clean.

20 months 0% Interest Free installment exclusively available for Nations Trust Bank American Express Cardmembers. For more details see below image

Dishwasher Prices in Sri Lanka – Rs. 89,999.00 Upwards
Dishwasher Prices in Sri Lanka – Rs. 89,999.00 Upwards

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