15% off from Damro

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Damro Announces seasonal discount of 15% off on appliances of TV, Rice Cooker, lElectric Kettle Sandwich maker, Irons.

Damro LED TV 23”

Normal Price: Rs. 25,900/-
Special Price: Rs. 19,900/-


Damro LED TV 32”

Normal Price: Rs. 34,900/-
Special Price: Rs. 29,600/-


Damro LED TV 43”

Normal Price: Rs. 112,900/-
Special Price: Rs. 95,900/-


High Pressure Washer

Normal Price: Rs. 12,990/-
Special Price: Rs. 11,000/-


Rice Cooker

Normal Price: Rs. 4,490/-
Special Price: Rs. 3,800/-


Electric Kettle

Normal Price: Rs. 3,090/-
Special Price: Rs. 2,650/-


Sandwich Maker

Normal Price: Rs. 2,290/-
Special Price: Rs. 1,950/-


Dry Iron

Normal Price: Rs. 1,490/-
Special Price: Rs. 1,250/-


Steam Iron

Normal Price: Rs. 2,990/-
Special Price: Rs. 2,550/-


For more details contact to Damro on 033 4 678 678 or see below image

15% off from Damro
15% off from Damro

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