Abans into Home Decors

Abans introduce their new company of Abans Homes inStyle for the home luxury furniture and fittings at a special price. Abans Homes inStyle brought you a now recreate the stylish, non-toxic & harmonious home of your dreams with an exclusive range of furniture as below price.

Isabel Sofa Usual Price: Rs. 227,970/-, Special Price: Rs.163,990/-

Bottega Sofa Usual Price: Rs. 227,970/-, Special Price Rs.163,990/-

Allan Sofa Usual Price: Rs,188,970/-, Special Price Rs.133,470/-

For more detail of range of sofas and prices contact Abans Homes InStyle at Racecourse: 011 577 6197 / Kollupitiya: 071 402 0799 / Welisara: 011 293 3516 / Kalutara: 077 268 3522

Or see below image

Abans into Home Decors
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