KFC Srilanka Menu and Updated Prices – 2023

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KFC Srilanka one of the renowned fast food restaurant in the world, operates with its wide range of foods and services in Srilanka.

Everyone of Srilankan is delight with the KFC and Especially on Burgers and Local customize food KFC Chicken Buriyani.

see below table for the prices of the KFC Menu

Products Price
Burger & Wraps
Veggie Burger Rs. 780.00
Veggie Burger with Cheese Rs. 860.00
Zinger Burger Rs. 990.00
Zinger Burger with Cheese Rs. 1,070.00
Double Decker Burger Rs. 1,590.00
Snacker Rs. 430.00
Snacker with Cheese Rs. 510.00
Twister Rs. 1,080.00
Twister with Cheese Rs. 1,160.00
Submarine Regular Rs. 650.00
Submarine Regular with Cheese Rs. 730.00
8 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Bucket Rs. 3,880.00
12 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Bucket Rs. 5,650.00
1 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Rs. 680.00
2 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Rs. 1060.00
4 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Rs. 1990.00
2 Pcs Chicken Crispy Strips Rs. 630.00
3 pc Hot Drumlets Rs. 490.00
9 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Bites Rs. 940.00
20 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Bites Rs. 1,930.00
6 pc Hot Drumlets Rs. 1,090.00
20 pc Hot Drumlets Rs. 3,490.00
Add Ons
Onion Sambol Rs. 180.00
Grevy Rs. 80.00
Smart Combo Meals
Zinger Burger Meal Rs. 1,630.00
Twister Meal Rs. 1,630.00
Double Decker Burger  Combo Meal Rs. 1,900.00
Rice Pillaf Rs. 290.00
Chicken Buriyani – Reguar Rs. 470.00
Chicken Buriyani – Large Rs. 700.00
KFC Sawan Rs. 4,690.00
KFC Chicken Spicy Rice Rs. 990.00
KFC Vegie Buriyani Rs. 470.00


Now you can order your KFC fast food from KFC Sri Lanka Website – Click Here

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  1. Rismiya Avatar

    Kurunagala branch very poor qulity and vary bad crispy chiken. Vary poor management

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