Hybrid vehicles Relief (No New tax for Hybrid vehicles till March 16) for those who Open LC

The Government has provided conditional relief to individuals who had opened Letters of Credit to import hybrid vehicles before the interim budget. Financial Ministry officials said they would not be charged new taxes until March 16.

The decision to provide relief to the individual importers of hybrid vehicles came after a series of discussions with the Finance Ministry. The relief will apply to those who have ordered hybrid vehicles below 2,500cc engine capacity.

Accordingly, individual importers will not be able to transfer the vehicle for four years from the date of registration. The vehicle should be registered under the importer’s name.

In the interim budget presented to parliament on January 29, those importing hybrid vehicles were required to pay additional taxes of more than Rs 600,000.

The move drew protests from individual vehicle importers and car sale owners. However, no relief has been provided to car dealers.


Is 15% interest rate for Senior Citizens’ Deposit is active in Sri Lanka? ( Highest Interest Rate Earnings in Sri Lanka at the Moment)

There were many confusion over 15% interest for senior citizens’ deposits, where the Sri Lanka Banks’ Association (SLBA) stated that they are going to meet the Deputy Governor, Ananda Silva on Monday to get few clarification about this scheme.

There are many Senior citizens are facing problem due to a less interest rate earning for their deposits which made them after their retirements. Therefore the past government has suggested to offer 12% per annum to Senior Citizens’ who deposits more than Rs. 2.5 Million (25 Lakhs), but the present government has increase the interest rates to 15% per annum and reduce the  minimum amount for senior citizens fixed deposits of Rs. 1 Million to deposits to obtain a higher interest rates.

TVS Motor Cycle and Three Wheeler Updated Prices in Sri Lanka – February 2015

TVS Lanka is an authorized dealer of the TVS Motor Bikes and TVS Three wheelers (TVS Autos) in Sri Lanka announces their updated Prices,



Model Engine Capacity Price (All Inclusive)
TVS Motor Bike Prices
TVS Apache RTR 180 180cc Rs. 344,000/-
TVS Apache RTR 150 150cc Rs. 293,500/-
TVS Metro 100cc Rs.  155,000/-
TVS Flame SR 125 125cc Not Imported Now
TVS Phoenix 125 125cc Rs. 219,000/-
TVS Star Sport 100cc Not Imported Now
TVS Wego Dream 110cc Rs. 206,900/-
TVS Wego Refresh (Degital Meter) 110cc Rs. 215,900/-
TVS Wego Disk 110cc Rs. 222,000/-
TVS Jupiter 110cc Rs. 218,000/-
TVS Scooty Pept 90cc Rs. 195,000/-
TVS Scooty Streak 90cc Rs. 199,000/-
TVS Scooty Zest 110cc Rs. 204,900/-
TVS Heavy Duty 70cc Rs. 102,000/-
TVS Champ 49cc 49cc Not Imported Now
TVS King Three Wheeler Price (TVS Auto Prices)
TVS King 200cc Rs. 484,900/-
TVS King SLD Fully Loaded 200cc Rs. 529,900/-
TVS King Max with Fiber Roof – Metallic Finish 200cc Rs. 566,900/-
TVS King Max with Fiber Roof – Met Finish 200cc Rs. 556,900/-
TVS King Bakery Delivery Auto 200cc Rs. 575,000/-

the New Budget has no impact to the Motor Cycle Prices because it was only impact to the Motor Vehicles of less than 1000cc

All the Prices are subject to change and warranty and serving metering are different between bikes to bike.

For more details and ordering TVS motor cycles contact to TVS Lanka on 0777220550


Hybrid and Electric Car Price in Sri Lanka – February 2015

Here is quick view of the Customer Duties of all Hybrid and Electric Car available in Sri Lanka,the below table shows the previous and current taxes and how much has increase or reduce in taxes.

in overally the Hybrid prices has increase and electric vehicle prices has reduced. for more details see below table,

Car Model Customer Duty before 2015 Custom Duty after Budget Proposal Difference
Honda Fit 1.04 Million 1.665 Million 0.625 Million
Toyota Aqua 1.12 Million 1.79 Million 0.67 Million
Honda Fit Shuttle 1.045 Million 1.670 Million 0.625 Million
Honda Fir 2014 Model 1.080 Million 1.725 Million 0.645 Million
Honda Vezel 1.56 Million 2.50 Million 0.94 Million
Honda Grace 1.29 Million 2.06 Million 0.77 Million
Toyota Prius 1.63 Million 2.61 Million 0.98 Million
Toyota Corolla Axio 1.225 Million 1.96 Million 0.735 Million
Toyota Town Ace 1.56 Million 2.56 Million 1 Million
Outlander Hybrid GG2W 2.165 Million 3.465 Million 1.30 Million
Nissan Leaf Azed (Electric Car) 0.76 Million 0.19 Million 0.57 Million
Nissan Leaf ZED (Electric Car) 0.80 Million 0.20 Million 0.60 Million
Mercedes Benz e-class Saloon 4.65 Million 6.28 Million 1.63 Million

Above duties are approximate and subject to differ from seller.



Perodua VIVA Elite and Perodua Axia Prices in Sri Lanka after Budget Proposal – February 2015

Unimo Enterprise Limited an importer of the Malaysian manufactured Perodua Cars in Sri Lanka said that the Unimo Enterprise Limited stop importing the Perodua VIVA Elite to Sri Lanka and there won’t be any new Prices for the Perodua Viva Elite with reduction of tax stated in budget.

But instead of Perodua Viva Elite Unimo Enterprise limited going to import brand New Perodua Axia car to Sri Lanka. the official confirm there is no pricing has done yet but the car is expected to be Rs. 2.5 Million, where Perodua VIVA Elite was Rs. 2.235 Million before tax reduction.

Click Here – Perodua Axia Prices in Sri Lanka

Three Wheeler Prices in Sri Lanka after New Budget

There is a huge expectation from threewheel driver about the price reduction of three wheeler after the budget implementation. But the reality was the tax reduction of 15% was reducing only for motor vehicles which less than 1000cc.

This tax reduction has not impact to any of three wheeler or motor cycle prices in Sri Lanka. The Brand New Bajaj Three wheeler (Auto) will be Rs. 492,380.00 all Inclusive.

For more details about

Bajaj Prices Click Here

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Three-wheeler fares, Bus Fares and School Van fees reduce from today

Three Wheeler (Auto) fare reduction by 10%

School Van Fate Reduction by 5%

The Internal Transport minister  has released a statement that In line with the government’s programme of providing relief to the public, three-wheeler fares and school van fees will be reduced by 10 percent and five percent from today (1st February 2015). He stated that ministry has negotiated with the All Island Three Wheeler Drivers and Owners Association and the Sri Lanka and AD Ceylon School Van Drivers’ Association to bring down school van fees and three wheeler fares.

Measures will be taken to sort problems in the three wheeler and school van transportation as requested by their owners and operators. Measures will be taken to regulate the two transport modes by introducing rules and regulations.

He stated action will also be taken to reduce bus fares of both SLTB and private super luxury buses plying on expressways.