Hybrid and Electric Car Price in Sri Lanka – February 2015

Here is quick view of the Customer Duties of all Hybrid and Electric Car available in Sri Lanka,the below table shows the previous and current taxes and how much has increase or reduce in taxes.

in overally the Hybrid prices has increase and electric vehicle prices has reduced. for more details see below table,

Car Model Customer Duty before 2015 Custom Duty after Budget Proposal Difference
Honda Fit 1.04 Million 1.665 Million 0.625 Million
Toyota Aqua 1.12 Million 1.79 Million 0.67 Million
Honda Fit Shuttle 1.045 Million 1.670 Million 0.625 Million
Honda Fir 2014 Model 1.080 Million 1.725 Million 0.645 Million
Honda Vezel 1.56 Million 2.50 Million 0.94 Million
Honda Grace 1.29 Million 2.06 Million 0.77 Million
Toyota Prius 1.63 Million 2.61 Million 0.98 Million
Toyota Corolla Axio 1.225 Million 1.96 Million 0.735 Million
Toyota Town Ace 1.56 Million 2.56 Million 1 Million
Outlander Hybrid GG2W 2.165 Million 3.465 Million 1.30 Million
Nissan Leaf Azed (Electric Car) 0.76 Million 0.19 Million 0.57 Million
Nissan Leaf ZED (Electric Car) 0.80 Million 0.20 Million 0.60 Million
Mercedes Benz e-class Saloon 4.65 Million 6.28 Million 1.63 Million

Above duties are approximate and subject to differ from seller.



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