Introduction about the books

 Book is published by the Kizhakku. The Kizhakku is a well-known brand for the book publishers for self development books and knowledgeable books. As fan of their books I fund a book of “Iraq plus Saddam minus Saddam”. The time I choose this book I was getting ready for an exam, so I said myself read this book only when you finish studies and having a time.

Iraq Plus Saddam Minus Saddam front page

Iraq Plus Saddam Minus Saddam - a book Review

But fortunately I finished this book within 3 days, because of the writers made this book to be read interesting. Therefore I should say my best wishes to Mr.Pa.Raghavan for write this book to make us to be known well about Saddam Hussein better.

Review of Iraq plus Saddam minus Saddam

The book is containing a 21 chapters and 3 additional reading. Each chapter is well explained and makes readers to be interesting. The whole chapters are explaining about Saddam Hussein characteristics and the strategies follow in his life time and his powered period.

 The book stays in an independent position and explains about Saddam Hussein’s positive and negative Habits. How he handle USA and USSR in sometime, and his government policies and the leadership skills.

And the writer talks about more on Saddam Hussein good Habits and make his as a role model. But whether if he [writer] brainstorm or not, I became a biggest fan of Saddam Hussein after reading this book. I made Saddam Hussein as my profile photo in facebook. But the writer wrote about his other side as well of oil bribes and the killing their own people for self benefits.

But whatever it is, an USA involvement is Iraq made Saddam Hussein as a hero, who against to USA’s Military operations.

But I learn a following from this book [Saddam Hussein],

  • Leadership skills,
  • Delegation of the power,
  • Management skill of public and staffs,
  • International business policy making,
  • Quick decision making skill,
  • Dedication to country,
  • The ways to handle foreign countries delegations,

Short and sweet of this book

The book is explain3 main topics,

  1. How the Iraq was before Saddam Hussein taken in Power
  2. The changes after Saddam Hussein taken Power
    1. The political stability in Iraq
    2. Educational development in Iraq
    3. Infrastructure development in Iraq
    4. Other facilities in Iraq
    5. Same time political violence in Iraq.
  3. After Saddam Hussein vacate from his post of president of Iraq.
    1. The difficulties they faces
    2. Loses of businesses
    3. Lack of political stability
    4. Lost of oil resources due to war
Iraq Plus Saddam Minus Saddam Back page

Iraq Plus Saddam Minus Saddam


The books is very much value for money [INR 100 OR LKR 325], compare to get a maximum knowledge of about the Saddam Hussein and Iraq. I suggest this book for all level of students and professionals.

I strongly suggest to public the Kizhakku Publication books are more satisfactory for people who concern to knowledge gaining.

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