Wild Elephant Census in Sri lanka to be held in 2023

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Most of us, having a question how elephants are in Sri lanka? as per now the official information available date 2011 which is 5,879 elephants. but unofficial counts said there are about 7,000 Elephants in 2019.

Ministry of Agriculture, Wildlife and forest conservation said it has been decided to conduct a survey on wild elephants after 12 years. 

This survey is expected to be conducted in 3rd quarter of 2023 when country experiencing the dry season and it will take about an week to conclude the survey. 

1st wild elephant survey conducted in 2011 and they findings as below 

Sri Lanka have 5,879 Elephants in Total 

122 Tuskers 

1,107 Claves 

However there is an unofficial statistic shows that around 7,000 wild elephants in the country by 2019. 

 Source:  News

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