Warren Buffett: Panak Kadavul is a Kizhakku publication book. The book wrote by Mr.Chellamuthu Kuppusamy.

When I was searching a book call snow ball an autobiography of Warren Buffett in recent book fair in Colombo, but unfortunately I got that book. Therefore I brought this Warren Buffett: Panak Kadavul to get a basic idea about the Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett: Panak Kadavul front Page

Warren Buffett: Panak Kadavul front Page

Book Review

 The book is Constance of 15 chapters with the pages of 189.the book price is INR 100 or LKR 350.

This book has changed my real thinking about the share market. Especially the Warren Buffett financial strategies and investment predictions are gratefully explained. Till I read this book, I thought the share market is for buying and selling shares and made quick money. But this book changes my thought totally and advice me so many factors which should be consider before investing in share market.

Warren Buffett Contant Page

Warren Buffett Contant Page

And the writer is well experience in share market is explaining though this book. The heading of each chapter is well organized and very plan to be written. It’s had proper way of explanations and description about Warren Buffett.

When a person start reads this book will get a total picture about the Warren Buffett investment strategic and techniques.  And the way he explain with his small stories which Warren Buffett mention to his shareholders letter added value to this books to be read.


In over the book is greatly added value to me and I focus to buy shares for long term perspective than a short term.

Warren Buffett Back Page

Warren Buffett Back Page

No one can match to Warren Buffett. But anybody can be fan of him.

Specially thanks for by Mr.Chellamuthu Kuppusamy and Kizhakku publication to produce suck a good book like this.

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