As I finished reading some books of self developments, I got the book of Anil Ambani written by N. Chokkan. After I read a book about Ambani, it’s a good meaning full to read this book. Specially both books written by N.Chokkan and published by Kizhakku Pathippagam.

Total 12chapters and 133pages

Book Review

After reading of Ambani, I interested to read about his son’s stories as well. But fortunately my brother brought this book from India in his vacation.

Anil Ambani Front page

Anil Ambani Front page

While I read this book I feel Anil Ambani is a childish person, who is not suitable for business. Until I read first 8 chapters I thought he [Anil Ambani] is not suited for a business; and the purpose of this book is zero.

From the chapter 8, he talks about Anil Ambani’s talents and his business techniques. From that to the ends it value addition to the heading of book Anil Ambani.

But when I reading this book I felt the Mukesh Ambani is an excellent business man. But I am sure both of them are develop business from his dad levels. Because Ambani haven’t reach the level of the world richest man, but both of their sons are reaching world richest man list.

If both of the Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani’s wealth get together Ambani family will be the 1st world richest man in the world. 

If Mr.Chokkan talk about his wife support and business technique, because she is also a partner of success of Anil Ambani’s success; and the hospital management. Than book may most valuable.

Anil Ambani Back page

Anil Ambani Back page


It’s a good book to read and under about Anil Ambani. But the person who want know about characteristic Anil Ambani this book only is not enough. For me it’s valuable.

Who ever read this book, better read about Ambani’s book and get a basic of their businesses and their family background will help to understand more.

This book is INR 80. Competitively is value for me of 4 chapters from 8 to 12. And wait to read Mukesh Ambani’s books and business techniques.

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