Kerosene Oil Cart

December 20, 2010


Srilanka is a Full of opportunity of business. When I see a small [smallest] businesses, I thinks those will be a good entrepreneur than me. The person who is working under anyone is a poor man than a single entrepreneur.

I have seen some Kerosene Oil Carts in Colombo area. The worker is normally an old man, who is maintains their carts from their generations. But they use to do small businesses. Like collecting Kerosene from the petrol Stations and distribute the shops around the area.

Kerosene oil cart

Kerosene oil cart

Financial benefits

When that cart man distributing to the shops they charge an addition of Rs.2 per litre for the distributions. They can easily distribute 500 litres per day. But the distributions may restrict with more or less 10 days per month.

In the same time they get the special discounts from the petrol station for their bulk purchase. Therefore their total revenue exceeds to be about Rs.3000 per day. So their monthly income is more than a 30,000 per month [consider only 10 days he works].

Most of the Cart is doing this business as a Part time; therefore it’s a part of their total income.

Limitation of Kerosene Oil Cart business

  • Limited demand for Kerosene from the local shops.
  • Risk of maintain relationships,
  • Price sensitive,
  • The other expenses

Benefit of the Kerosene Oil Cart business

  • Utilisation of the available cart
  • Can do some other business in the same time[free time]
  • Utilising the available cart for other transportation.
  • Better relationship with local shops
  • Easy to exceed business with the better value added services

Critical success factors

  • Communication skills
  • Better relationship with shop owners
  • Negotiation skill with petrol station owners
  • Expansion of business to other areas too.


Anyone can think is this a business, but this is a business, when a person is not realised there is a business like that, the existing businessmen enjoy the monopoly of distributions.

Once they realised the profits market may not support to them….

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