The recent IPO of Panasian Power Limited oversubscribed at the date of open to trade. [December 7, 2010]

 Panasian Power Limited have been Oversubscribed by 7.34 times.

The details as follows based on Colombo Stoke exchange

Payment made by Bank Draft and Cheques,

Number of Shares Applied300,183,000
Value of AppliedRs. 900, 549,000
Number of Applications15,529

Payment made by Bank Guarantees,

Number of Shares Applied  1,168,100,000
Value of AppliedRs. 3, 504,300,000
Number of Applications45

 Total of

Total number of shares Applied1,468,283,000
Total Amount of shares AppliedRs.4, 404,849,000


And CSE announced the Singer Finance IPO is also been Oversubscribed on the first day [today December 15, 2010]

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