Interim Dividend

Today 17th January,2011. Cargills (Ceylon) PLC announced Colombo Stoke Exchange a Interim Dividend for the Financial Year of 2010/2011.

The dividend worth of Rs 0.50 per Share and payment will be paid on 07th February 2011.


Today’s Trade and confident of Cargills (Ceylon) PLC

Today the day ranges of the shares with about Rs.199 to Rs.204.50. and the trade started with Rs.202.40 and close the day by Rs.201.00.

Snap shot from

Cargills 17.01.2011

It seems a 0.69% downward movement from the beginning. But the Share price capital gains are much better for the Cargills (Ceylon) PLC than their Dividend announcement.

Even through the dividend announcement is made confident to shareholders about the company’s performance and market trends.

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